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  1. Lol you were only active for a month and won a day :fluttershy: .

  2. The unsure captain unicorn is unsure (and inactive).

  3. "Hi there! How are you? I'm not a vampire!"
  4. Banned for neglecting to put "good" before "morning", implying you have not had a good morning.
  5. "You can forget about everyone else. You're mine now."
  6. Banned because... Human Trixie is surprisingly adorable.
  7. Banned for breaking established thread rules.
  8. 0/10. The very idea of this pairing makes me feel physically ill.
  9. Banned because it scares me that an actual moderator is playing this game.
  10. You get a question mark. I insert my new hat.
  11. Not at all. Rainbow Dash is quite attractive, and it is perfectly understandable for you to hold such feelings for her. To be honest, I would also date her if given the chance.