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  1. rainbowdashie495

    mlp headphones

    I'm glad to hear all your responses :3
  2. dragon city anyone :3

  3. snapchat is same as kik

  4. kik me I'm rainbowdashie1271

  5. My whole family knows they don't care sometimes they come home with merch. for me like DVDs books and etc they even order stuff from hot topic for me like head phones shirts and other stuff cx
  6. hey all u bronies what stae do u guys live in? i live in arizona

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    3. Skeletor Brony

      Skeletor Brony

      Look to page.
















































































    4. Mr Underhill
  7. by list!!!!!! mane 6 ^~^:rainbowdash,fluttershy,applejack,rarity,twilight,pinkipie!!!! cmc:sweetybell,appleblossm,scootaloo cameo:Vinyl Scratch aka dj`pon3,derpy villilans:sunset shimmer (duh she is the only villilan) principals:celestia,luna that's my list ^~^
  8. any one wants a bro hoof /)(\ awesome

    1. fimdash
    2. Yamato


      *takes all the brohoofs*


    3. rainbowdashie495


      BROHOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CX

  9. rainbowdashie495

    mlp headphones

    awesome guys thanks for the responses I guess I will order dj-pon3 over heads on hottopic.com I would love to see more replies from other people tho c: thanks cx
  10. Thanks for adding me :)

    1. rainbowdashie495


      welcome u seemed like a nice pony brony cx

  11. Thanks for the add, and nice meeting you friend!

  12. rainbowdashie495

    Is this too girly?

    lmfao I got the same one off of hottopic.com yester its coming in a couple of weeks cx yeah cant wait I also got some shirts with rainbow dashes famous line 20 percent cooler cx
  13. mlp headphones me want *-* !!!!!!!

    1. SmittyWerbenjagermanjense


      Mlp headphones, I want them.*

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