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  1. 123

    Lucid's Art Thread

    Very helpful advice! I havent had a lot of experiance drawing clothing bends and I guess it's going to take practice. I also didn't notice the inconsistancy of my limbs until you brought it up! Now that you say it, i definately can see what you're talking about. So thank you for that!
  2. Well, it's been ages since I've used this forum for art stuff but here I am. This is a collection of all my safe artwork that I feel is worth showing off! Any critique or suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated. Don't worry, I can handle some criticism. After all, I'm trying to improve. Places for more art: My deviantart: http://dreamer404.deviantart.com/ My SFW tumblr: http://luciddreamthepony.tumblr.com/ Here are a few examples of my work: Older stuff:
  3. "Waaaaaaah! A person who doesn't agree with my political opinions got elected! I'm gonna keep calling anyone who disagrees with me an evil racist and state that this year was worse than 1942, that will win more people over to my cause!" JK 8/10 for me. The universe didn't explode, We Are Number One became a meme and helped a man with his cancer, Overwatch was released, I'm hearing that ISIS is losing ground in the middle east, SpaceX shows promise for getting us off this rock, Vaporwave got more popular, I didn't die and Usain Bolt continues to be the fastest man alive.
  4. Oh wow. It's been eons since I've been here. I kinda wanted to start another RP but I feel like I'm too old for that even though I'm only months older than I was since the last time I did it.

  5. SuperPower 2. Lucid Dream for Prime Minister of Equestria.
  6. I really like how you did the background in this. Perhaps I should consider collaborating in the future with another artist...
  7. I like this; Tubman would be an excellent replacement for Jackson. I'm not even the "social justice" type, but for years I wondered why we had a president who caused the suffering of thousands of innocent people and who defied the supreme court as the person to be a major figurehead on our currency. I'd much rather have an average American who did great things to be on the 20 dollar bill. I know this isn't too related but I remember this topic was discussed during a republican debate. I know that they originally where planning on changing the 10 dollar bill, and I was so confused as to why they wanted to change it when they could change 20 dollar bill. However, I do remember that Ted Cruz (I won't bring up my opinions on politics, I just know it was him who said this) opposed the notion of changing the 10 dollar bill in favor of changing the 20 dollar bill to remove president Jackson from such an important piece of our culture. Who knows, maybe they listened to him which caused it now to be the 20 dollar bill. I also remembered that in the debate, many other excellent candidates for the change we're being suggested: Rosa Parks, Abigail Adams, etc. But I feel Harriet Tubman was a good choice.
  8. A lot of people have said this already, I imagine, but I would say it only would bother me when there's no reason for it. I like cartoons that take risks, that can treat kids with better respect and maturity than just "young people we can sell toys to". If a cartoon touches on dark, taboo or "adult" issues to intellectually question the viewers, talk about topics that cartoons usually don't talk about (like death, bigotry or even sexuality) or push boundaries on what might be deemed acceptable for parents, and can have a well thought out, mature approach to this topic (and stay in the rhelms of common sense of childrens programming; a full blown sex or gore scene would obviously be going to far), I would say that it's okay. The only time it would bother me would be if it's for some low-brow joke or exploitation. Just look at abysmal shows like "Sanjay and Craig" or "Breadwinners" (really almost any modern Nick cartoon) where the whole show really is just about exploiting toilet humor on children television because it's taboo and that gets more attention (whether positive or negative). So yeah, I can easily tolerate and even embrace aspects of any children-oriented cartoon that touches on adult aspects within the realm of common sense as long as there is a good purpose behind it.
  9. @@Venomous ,@@moonshy, @@Dynamo Pad, Lucid nodded. "I approve of this, dont worry Mr. dynamo, we can discuss your recovery later." Lucid didnt like to order ponies around but for the situation he did so. "Nurse! I approve of immidiate blood transfusion. We need to do this now," he helped set up the the equipment, normally this wouldnt be his job, but he didnt want to want to waste time calling more nurses.
  10. @@Venomous ,@@moonshy, @@Dynamo Pad, Lucid sighed. "Yup, that wont be necessary Dynamo, unless you really want to impress this mare. She could get blood from almost any pony, it's the perks of her bloodtype" he turned to Wolf "We need to perform immediate transfusion." He quickly found the page with her blood type to confirm it indeed was AB positive. (edit, i forgot AB positive is a universal receiver, haha)
  11. Lucid was checking the records and charts when he noticed Moonshy's condition. After staring for a bit he quickly put the charts down. "She needs a transfusion. She's going to go into shock or worse if nothing is done," Lucid didn't like to announce a dire situation, it might risk causing a panic in the room. He checked the charts for a bloodtype, nearly panicking when he couldnt find it. "Do you know your blood type, Moonshy?" Lucid asked. He was having difficulty finding it in her charts.
  12. @@moonshy, @@Dynamo Pad, @@Venomous, Lucid quickly made his way to the source of the call. His records said the room with the source of the call was one of his patients. As he entered the room he looked over the two ponies in this medical room. "Good, the nurse is here already. They look mostly stable. At least my tardiness didn't do too much damage" "I'm here. Pardon my absence, nurse," Lucid said. His attention was quickly drawn to Moonshy, who actually didn't look too stable. "What's going on with her Nurse?"
  13. Lucid had no idea how hectic the day was about to get for him. He lazily was reading in his office, waiting to be called. He eventually started to get a bit unconfertable from the lack of commands and went to the ER. He was quickly shocked by the amount of help needed. "Why did the secretary forget to call me...." Lucid picked up a medical report that never got to his office. "Great, im late because this never got to me... Where am i needed?" (Moonshy, i'll let you decide where lucid goes to help based on where he's called or what his report says. Also, lucid is a doctor, not a nurse, haha.)