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  1. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with what monitor would go well with this PC build? Thank you in advance? It's Austin Evans' $400 build.
  2. A really fun episode. The mystery was no mystery at all but they never are in these shows without something completely unexpected like the end to Mmmmystery. The mystery was an excuse for Rarity to be silly and act out a film noir. And I enjoyed how the clues with which she solved the mystery were presented, that was well done.
  3. Good episode. /mlp/ is arguing that Rarity should have gone with the assembly line in a move I call "missing the point." Why isn't there a poll about how you like the episode?
  4. Whatevs

    Rarity Fan Club

    Hey fellow rarifans. How are things?
  5. It seemed like Rarity (in particular) turned on her friends in a manner inconsistent with her character. She's never been so petty, even in the comics she has been very supportive of AJ (their Friends Forever)
  6. Is this the comic where all of ponyville gets into a fight over who was the first building?
  7. thanks to earlier recommendations from thsi thread I am going to be using this build for my gaming PC So I would like to thank you all for that but also ask if there is anything I should be aware of when building a PC. Any sort of rokie mistakes to avoid that would be damaging?
  8. Whatevs

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    So, where's Ghosty? He left?
  9. Whatevs

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    Wasn't there a poll Rarity was in and made it to the final round?
  10. At first I did not like this episode. But it was amusing and people took it as funny
  11. 1. Applejack. No need to continue 2. Twilight. Princess but doesnt seem to handle herself as well as AJ 3. Rarity. Lots of people say she is too much of a drama queen and gets easily frustrated. The former is clearly humorous liberties being taken. The latter is true. However she can take care of herself and also is the only character who consistently identifies her own misdeeds without needing to be informed beforehand. Taking it upon herself to do better. 4. Fluttershy. Takes care of animals BUT has gone ballistic over things in ways no one else has. Examples like PYHD where she was the least mature I have seen anyone. And being timid as she is is not maturity. 5. Pinkie Pie. Nuff said 6. Dash. While improvong I would put her at the bottom since she is more juvenile over all.
  12. Whatevs

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    It has been a long while. One thing after another. Holidays, computer broken, internet out. Will return to writing those Rarity blogs. Sweet and Elite is next I think.
  13. Whatevs

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    Darn, so close on the attractive pony poll