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    Free Hug! -hug-
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    More stuff that I can't think of right now.

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About Me

Hillo! -hug-


Not a hugger? Too bad -hug- *i am*


Pink is the coolest color just cuz I say so.


I "Know My Meme," and have been featured on the cheezeburger network 33 times for original memes


I play French Horn.


Soundtrack is me favorite music---TSFH is best soundtrack artist


I'm weird. A big percent of that is genes, and I like to be, but other is weird in a weird way. Idk, me brain just works weird. Like sometimes I wake up one day, and I can do something I could never do before. Like snapping my fingers (way above average-I can play songs with my fingers-Also with hands and making that silly farting noise, I make beats). Also I has trouble reading to myself. Brain not like to learn that way. I not completely stupid, but me likes to talk likes this sometimes cuz me likes too. I can talk normal too. That isn't that hard. And if ever an occasion were to occure in which I may ever need, or so choose upon my own behalf, I can write and speak with my words in a most fine and sophisticated way.


Me also likes computers, and playing with codes in CMD.


Umm...I collect lots of stuff like coins for examples.


Pink is cool, and I felt like saying that twice.


And the biggest thing you need to know about me is sadly me is not completely mentally stable. I has a brain problem called "Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)" which is basically like multiple personalities.


Pink is cool...ok 3 times I guess. Last time I promise.


I isn't so good at spelling. That no good. Maybe why me likes to talk like this. Don't need to use spelling or gramer proffesionally.


I has more stuff I could say, but guess don't wannna take up all your time. So I stop now.


Oh. And heres some of me stuff as well. I'm big in the memes, and have been featured on popular sites such as failblog. I also got onto EQD, with a video me made. This is that link:



Me most recent video on YouTube, is a really good one if you are wanting some background music to listen to right now. Go ahead and put in your earbuds, and open this in a new tab, and hear what epic truely sounds like:



Also, umm if you wanted to see some of my memes, you can visit my cheezeburger page. I've been featured 39 times on sites like MLP, Cartoons &amp;amp;amp; Anime, Fail Blog, SchoolofFail, Memebase



Here's a preivew of some stuff:


"She is VERY Appreciated"





"Bad Luck Celestia" For the s3 finale.





"Who Needs Free Water?" In honor of my first feature (featured twice it was so popular).