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  1. Here is mine: Although I should draw a lot more pony art :<
  2. Whoever wrote that article hasn't watched Equestria Girls.
  3. I finally got a (small) castle for my ponies! AND found an easter egg at the supermarket
  4. I think the comics have a charm of their own, as stated before they are darker and get into stories we all would like to see the sequel of. They also go more in depth with certain characters and we see sides of them which we never will in the show. I don't think the comics beat season 1 and 2 but they are definitely better than the show for me as well at the moment.
  5. I'm not really a big fan of Chrysalis, somehow I don't find her to have much charisma over me. Also, because of her personality, I don't see her being reformed as a very logical sequel. On the other side I loved her story in the comics and it feels just right for her character. Honestly I always thought that Nightmare Moon was a lot more like Maleficent. I personally loved them both while I find Chrysalis to be a pretty awful villain (obviusly this is just my opinion).
  6. hmmm 1. I'm 27 years old. 2. I LOVE Nightmare Moon. 3. I'm always rather unhappy with my drawings but haven't given up in becoming a good artist. 4.I have a cat called Dinah, like Alice's cat from Alice in Wonderland. 5. I love insects, bees in particular. They are just so cute! 6. I'm a bookworm like Twilight. 7. I really really hate fish, I can't eat one bite without feeling sick for no apparent reason. 8. I'm quite terrified of heights. 9. As a child I was a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. 10. Somehow I doubt I'll ever "grow up".
  7. I totally would! She is such an amazing pony!
  8. Dr Martens those shoes are so comfortable and they last forever.
  9. Ah, I didn't think about the 2 playthrough, I hope it will be a possibility! I don't think the game it's particularly heavy, also it is really cheap (something like 15 dollars for the digital version) so I get the feeling it will definitely be something lighter than, let's say, skyrim.
  10. Ah I haven't played those Naruto games but they do sound really interesting! I did play Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire which are really artistic. Haha yeah, the skil tree looks awesome, reminds me of Final Fantasy. As far as I know the game is to be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox (I think) and PC. So you might be able to play it
  11. I often felt like I failed in life but I don't think it matters anymore. My parents used to blame me for quite a few things until a few years ago when I finally made peace with myself. True I don't have a really well paid job and such but to me that is not success. I learned from my "failures" and I will forever be grateful for the "mistakes" I made in life since I learned a lot from those. Friends come and go, I don't think you should try to push the making friends thing, it will happen when you meet the right people.