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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. wanted to work on some anatomy, linework, and coloring plusssss I miss summer so here's luna in a not-well-drawn bikini top
  4. been awhile since i've drawn anything, trying to get back into the habit. decided to draw my oc Penny Snap for fun c:
  5. got the most cutest sweater from a convention, I just had to take selfies ;3;
  6. I decided since its a new year, that i'll try to make a comic to help me with drawing perspectives and help me with my art ;3;
  7. ahhh thank you!! ;3; Yep, she is a blank flank!
  8. yeahhhhhhhhh i caved in and made a design I had in my head for awhile into a OC ;3;
  9. was doodling around and found myself making a new OC ;3; meet Heaven Scent, a deer x pony hybrid! her talent/occupation is designing candles and soaps
  10. I'm ambidextrous though I only write with my left hand. I can golf and bat both ways and do a lot of other things with both hands. Though there are tasks where one hand is more dominant than the other.