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  1. Watching the Walking Dead then MLP:Fim, seems right haha

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  5. These are so pro love one and three, hope to see more kinda tempted to ask if ud make me a signature like urs,
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  7. Of all the best things to happen, that was the best finale Ever :D loved pinkie's Mini-Twi-Gun

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  9. 2 more weeks :(

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  10. I apolagise for the long MultiQuote, but wished to talk to those who commented and maybe for you to skim over these replies quickly. You all make valid point, even some i foolishly forgot to consider and probably should have gone into depth about and would've as a responds to all this but reading all these replies i saw a 'Pattern'. It would seem that as bronies we accept that Love and tolerance is the 'creed' (if you will) of who we've chosen to be but none of us seem to believe strongly in the Love part. Perhaps this comes from a better understanding of how delicate and unique that particular emotion can be as it is, from my understanding, being the only emotion that appears to spawn the other emotions we know as resultant of its own conception. Ill put this briefly, It appears we can all agree that Love is too strong of a word and tolerance is common among'st bronies anyway and should be part of a descent human being so therefor it becomes a hollow statement that we would follow regardless of its existance. This brings a small dilemma: Do we stick with this empty shell of a code? or do we find. in agreement with an understanding of not just loyalty to the show but the wish of putting hope back into humanity, a new more suited code? Or as a third choice and in my opinion the more difficult: do we drop the phrase of Love and Tolerate and not live by words but by morality and common sense, allowing our actions speak for us instead of leading in to the world with words we do not truly believe in ourselves? On a less serious not, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this article, I hope it has brought some, even if small, enlightenment.
  11. Cirrlow Nile
  12. As any Brony will know the bases of being a Brony is the saying "love and tolerate" seems pretty simple. But it looks to actually mean don't give into/fuel the haters which is not love or tolerance but resistance. quickly- In my experience and as best I can put it: Love; To care deeply for another so much that you would put their needs above your wants regardless of how indifferent they are to you. "To love is to often receive no love in return and yet remain true to the emotion" Tolerance; To tolerate or have tolerance to another is to look past the aggravation and or ignorance of both them and your own short comings and Ideals. If you are willing to tolerate another person it mean your willing to forgive past misgrievances and still cooperate and work with each other. "It is impossible to know everything, simply by knowing something means you don't know what it is to not know. So understand that you do not know everything and then have sympathy, not anger, have understanding, not thoughts of superiority...." So to say that we love and tolerate does not give us the right to say we are better than the haters or that it is our duty to change their mind either, but to understand that at some point we thought like them but made a choice they have not yet reached. We must not Resist them and their insults but try to understand why they feel they need to insult in the first place. On a side not: I wish to start a youtube channel dedicated to similar thoughts, but not just, on Ponies, Brony culture and general human interactions but would first like to get your opinions based off this and any of my previous articles if I should even bother. Any feedback/input is welcomed and if you feel Iv been to.....'Preachy' here then say so and ill remove if need be.