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    Since I breath, I know will die. If I die, why should I be in constant fear of when?
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    I like making music and video games, youtube channels are cool. Coffees lit, yea.

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  1. Happy Yay Day! It's a day where we compliment all those we meet and care about!

      I have always treasured your creativity and sensitivity. You're quite a sweet lad, one who's not deserved quite all that they've had to live through, but in that is a certain kind of quiet strength.

  2. sorry if i'm not as  active as usual, just figuring things out

  3. this is the last bit of the Kay series. I might make an album on this later. But life's hard, ya know?

  4. So I made this one as well, just in like a half hour because I was going through some stuff, thanks.

  5. How the hell does my worst song to date have the most views...

  6. booping the boopers @Widdershins@Mirage77@dragon4111@Alexshy *boops you all, individually*
  7. lmao I haven't been here in a while but I made a 2 minute song that could've been 1 minute


  8. My goals include getting to this level of skill.

    1. Hastur


      Oops I forgot to put tet in there, Anyway, Please give me validation as an artist.

    2. Widdershins


      Well, truly one must come to accept their own work first in order to be able to accept that validation. If you can't respect your own view of your own work, then what would someone else's opinion matter? But I do relate.

    3. Hastur


      Lmao it was over exaggerating, but I feel ya

  9. Lmao I'm shaking and might throw up since I thought putting money into promoting that last song was a good idea

    1. Widdershins


      Well, depends on how much. Never been able to do that myself, make myself vomit or faint, but I've certainly felt like it before.

    2. Hastur


      Well, it was just from nervousity, not much self induced 

  10. ok, i'm gonna sttempt to sleep


  11. Luckily I don't work in the morning....

    if that's the case why are we still up?

  12. lmao I got tired of getting late to work so I just don't sleep on the nights before my morning shifts so I know I'm awake on time.

    I mean the way you feel is shit but you gotta get that C.R.E.A.M.

  13. who wants to give me a listen??

    1. Widdershins


      That... can't be all just you doing the music, right? That's way to elaborate for one person to do, right?

        You... really do have a natural talent for... wossnames... Tone... You're a good word-weaver. You're a dang good writer. ...that your voice?

        Would this be called "spoken word, beat poetry?" If there's anything bad I could say, is that your dissatisfaction is quite apparent in it and you sure do say the words "The Parents" a little too often.

    2. Hastur


      Yea dude, I do everything in my music, all on the laptop with the . Thanks tho, glad you liked it.

      And I produced it all yea, just have the midi files on my laptop and arrange both the placement to make chords modify the velocity to make it sound like I have the physical instruments, or at least as close as I can get to that without blowing a hole in my wallet lmao. So I'm not technically playing the physical instrument, but I do compose it in a way ^^


      Also, thanks for the advice, I'll take that into account for the thing I'm writing currently <3

      You inspire me dude you have no idea <3