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  1. Anybody catch the MJF Show premier? Was it good? I missed it :(

    1. Breeze


      May I ask what MJF is?

  2. It sucks to discover you have artistic "talent" around the same time a million new games come out. Now I have to wait four month to get a Wacoom tablet. Pencil and paper :(

  3. http://askchibiteamrwby.tumblr.com/ I have dedicated an entire Tumblr to my new-found semi-talent. It'll get better with experience! Hopefully I have time to draw tomorrow!
  4. I I've been drawing RWBY chibi stuff for the last half hour.Turns out I'm great with chibis! I'll upload pictures later! Might even start a "Ask Team RWBY" Tumblr where everything is cute times ten.
  5. Guys! I found my special artistic talent. It's not original per-say, but it's a good start for art. I'm drawing chibi's yo! Gonna make a "Ask Team RWBY Anything" Tumblr

    1. Skeletor Brony

      Skeletor Brony

      Drawing is my favorite thing to do. http://derpy.me/drw

    2. Skeletor Brony

      Skeletor Brony

      It's a little known fact that Chibi's is how I started.

  6. Or not. I can't keep up with movie. Can someone help me find the final screenplay? :)

  7. About to start recording Episode One of my Back to The Future radio play lol

  8. The first thing, honestly I think that's a nitpick, I mean it was first-time conceptual work lol. But the rest are the most descriptive criticisms yet. Thanks I never would've noticed the shoulders ;_;
  9. I will personally make sweet love to my best friend if they buy me these lolhttp://store.roosterteeth.com/collections/accessories/products/rwbyslapbands-setoftworedandwhite

  10. My parents are pushing me into fencing. Sadly, I don't think I'll have the Elemental Sword my waifu has ;_;

  11. I knew about the eyes (and even commented on them on the paper lol), and I never thought of them as quite... out of shape. Could you elaborate? I mean, the left eye on the largest picture seems okay for anime. I can see what you said about the neck, and I've always struggled with heads. And the lines are hard to fix with pencil and paper :/ Plus, the body was drawn away because I didn't even want to try to connect the largest picture with a body, it'd look stupid because I am still learning bodies. I think you see this as like it's supposed to be like a portrait or something, when I was seeing
  12. Goddammit, that's the second time you got me today with Chef Excellence XD Now I feel like (and secretly hope) he will show up in every thread. I was even photoshopping pictures of Chef Excellence during online classes to stick up at appropriate times.
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