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  1. Marty McFly

    Great Scott!

    Great Scott, I'm here! I had an account on here a long time ago when the site was new, but have since lost the details. Anyways, I'm the world's largest Halo and Back To The Future fan (odd combination, I know). I also collect movie and video game props and I have an online review show, though I am still in post on my first video. Feel free to ask me anything! P.S. Do we have our own Minecraft server? I need to show off my skin that I just made!
  2. Marty McFly

    Judge My First Serious Attempt At Art I have dedicated an entire Tumblr to my new-found semi-talent. It'll get better with experience! Hopefully I have time to draw tomorrow!
  3. Right, so I previously never really seriously tried art before. Well, I just did. I put my all in to it and I need your hardcore critical responses. It's supposed to be Weiss from "RWBY". First image is the official image of her and the second is a couple of mine. (Stupid right eyes, I know)
  4. Marty McFly

    Judge My First Serious Attempt At Art

    I I've been drawing RWBY chibi stuff for the last half hour.Turns out I'm great with chibis! I'll upload pictures later! Might even start a "Ask Team RWBY" Tumblr where everything is cute times ten.
  5. Marty McFly

    Judge My First Serious Attempt At Art

    The first thing, honestly I think that's a nitpick, I mean it was first-time conceptual work lol. But the rest are the most descriptive criticisms yet. Thanks I never would've noticed the shoulders ;_;
  6. Marty McFly

    Judge My First Serious Attempt At Art

    I knew about the eyes (and even commented on them on the paper lol), and I never thought of them as quite... out of shape. Could you elaborate? I mean, the left eye on the largest picture seems okay for anime. I can see what you said about the neck, and I've always struggled with heads. And the lines are hard to fix with pencil and paper :/ Plus, the body was drawn away because I didn't even want to try to connect the largest picture with a body, it'd look stupid because I am still learning bodies. I think you see this as like it's supposed to be like a portrait or something, when I was seeing it as something like concept art so you're just spilling your brain out onto the paper. But, yes, that's what I wanted. Thanks I've always tried ponies with circles, but I can never even get the circles correctly in terms of scale and location. I've kinda shunned that tactic ;_;
  7. Marty McFly

    Judge My First Serious Attempt At Art

    Goddammit, that's the second time you got me today with Chef Excellence XD Now I feel like (and secretly hope) he will show up in every thread. I was even photoshopping pictures of Chef Excellence during online classes to stick up at appropriate times.
  8. Marty McFly

    Judge My First Serious Attempt At Art

    It is bigger, but the iPhone doesn't have a great camera, so I had to back up a little, unfortunately. And, I wanted actual criticism, not just "Keep going". Come on, you know you want to bash my awful skills XD
  9. Marty McFly

    "An Excellent Thread" - Bloody Chef Excellence

    Wait... it is? I didn't even notice. I swear I put it in "general". Can we have a mod move it? Would they even, or just delete it. Please, merciful mods, only move this beautiful, beautiful thread! It's too pretty and young to die right now! Just give it a chance XD
  10. Does anypony else here like Ashens? I would presume yes, judging by all the Brony hate in the comments of his videos. ITT: Ashens General
  11. When I think of timeless, innovative, and classic movies I think of Wizard of Oz and Back To The Future. Both movies were revolutionary for visual effects and BTTF is a sweeping quirky adventure. But, the more and more I reference it, the less people know what I'm talking it. In fact, I was at a con recently where the "Team Fox" (A team dedicated to raising money for Parkinson's disease in honor of MJF) people brought a fully done-up DeLorean as well as some really neat merchandise. But, the DeLorean was in a back secluded area of the hall and they barely sold anything! And they were great people, too! Is Back To The Future really leaving the collective consciousness?
  12. Marty McFly

    "An Excellent Thread" - Bloody Chef Excellence

    Ashens is a witty Brit who puts his camcorder in front of a couch and reviews a bunch of stupid tat he finds at dollar stores. Here's one of my favorite videos of his: He also has a blindbag series and if the figure pleases him, it ascends to the shelf of interesting items. If it doesn't, he burns it. And it's very fun to watch them melt.
  13. Marty McFly

    "An Excellent Thread" - Bloody Chef Excellence

    I wish I had the Chef Excellence mug ;_; Speaking of Ashen's merch, I learned Chuggaconroy is an Ashens fan because he has fifty thousand shades of grey!
  14. Marty McFly

    "An Excellent Thread" - Bloody Chef Excellence

    I hope that sugar in you didn't come from any tat stores! It sure sounds like you ate one of those gummy foots lol. Or maybe it's seventeen years old.
  15. Marty McFly

    Ever met anyone famous? How was it?

    I talked to a phone recording of Gus Sorola once. Does that count?
  16. Marty McFly

    Looks like a Great Forum :)

    "A Great Forum" -Bloody Chef Excellence Welcome, comrade, to our humble home!
  17. Marty McFly

    Movies/TV Is Back To The Future Obscure Now?

    Well, I uploaded a picture of me in a BTTF replica DeLorean and somebody said it was a "gangsta" car and that it's always been thuggish. >MFW
  18. Marty McFly

    Music What's your theme song? I am quite possibly the largest square imaginable. I once got asked out clubbing by my "hip" friend Madison and I declined, because what would I do in a club? Stand around and pelvic thrust?
  19. Marty McFly

    Unusual interests that embarrass you?

    Embarrassingly, I am sexually interested in hypnosis. It seems nobody else in this thread is either, oh well. But I like going under, seeing women go under, etc. In fact, I am begging my internet friends to buy this fetish porno for me... I'm a little ashamed by that. But, it's not really porn. It's just focused on hypnosis and the most you see are her breasts. That same video also tailors to one of my other interests. I really like blue hair and glasses, both sexually and non-sexually. They just look so cute together!
  20. Marty McFly

    There Are Too Many Calendar Events Day

    The premise of this event is just perfect.
  21. Back before I lost my original account credentials a year ago and stopped visiting the site, I seem to remember there being talks of our own Minecraft server. I've been bored lately and I want to show off the skin I just made, so do we have one?
  22. Once, when I was about eight, my mother shook me awake because I was "Waving my legs in the air while shouting 'Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby!'". And this was years before I even knew what sex was.
  23. Marty McFly

    What Famous Person Do You Resemble?

    I look a little like Michael J Fox. I don't have that iconic nose or those blue eyes, but my body resembles his in the 80's and I even wore his hair style for a bit a few months ago!
  24. Marty McFly

    Gaming Did Anyone Else Ever Play Phantasmagoria?

    I never played the second, interestingly. But you should totally play the first. It really picks up towards the end, and it's where I learned to say "shit" in German.
  25. I recently posted in the "Scariest Game You Ever Played" thread and that washed all sorts of memories over me. As you can assume from this thread's title, I answered with "Phantasmagoria", a curious little gem of the late nineties. It was kind of like The Walking Dead RPG on PC in terms of mechanics and controls, but it was all live-action. The game had a very demonic undertone and I would sit on my father's lap and watch him play it when I was young, so maybe that's why I don't like horror games. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else on the face of the planet ever played it. For all I know, it came from outer space and crashed into my backyard.