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  1. DokiLoki

    Applejack Fan Club

    Hooves down, cutest art of Applejack I've ever seen.
  2. DokiLoki

    Why hello

    Hey there Fliby and welcome to the forums! Your favourite pony is Fluttershy? Thats coolio! She's awesome. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here and make some new friends.
  3. DokiLoki

    Hello there!

    Hey there Kogy and welcome to the forums! Happy posting and I hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. DokiLoki

    Sleeping alone

    Yeah, I know. I was being captain obvious.
  5. DokiLoki

    Why do you think schools teach history?

    Probably because its ''interesting'' and we get to know how humans acted like back then.
  6. DokiLoki

    Sleeping alone

    Sleeping alone is awesome. You get to do whatever you want. I find sleeping with someone especially with my sister kinda awkward.
  7. DokiLoki

    Why are there no Crystal Pony OC's?

    Crystal ponies are very detailed and even though they are quite unique from other ponies, there's nothing much we can tell about them. All I know is that they're crystally and they have no wings or horns whatsoever. I also forgot to add they wear alot of mane accessories.
  8. Go to your profile and click on the button on the top right hand corner 'Edit my Profile' then click on the tab on the left 'Display Name' and then create a new username. You're only allowed to make three name changes per month though. Hope it helped.
  9. DokiLoki

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    I was joking Pinkie Pie Rules x yayayayayala
  10. DokiLoki

    Rarity Fan Club

    Happy Rarity is best Rarity.
  11. DokiLoki

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Pinkie Pie Rules x Pinkeh Pie
  12. DokiLoki

    Do dragons raise their young?

    Maybe Spike was found as an egg in the middle of nowhere and was raised in a nursery in Canterlot. Just my theory..
  13. Well yeah, Equestria is a fictional world place full of magical, mythical creatures, what do you expect? I wouldn't imagine it being all sunshiney and happy. Besides, being in the risk of danger by different villians is awesome especially if its Discord 'cuz his chaos is fun and entertaining.
  14. DokiLoki

    Do dragons raise their young?

    I think dragons in Equestria are like one of those animals that give birth to a baby, look after them for a week or so and then take off. Seems pretty much pointless to me but i guess they're just doing whats ''best'' for their children.
  15. DokiLoki

    Movies/TV Favorite cartoons besides MLP

    Powerpuff girls, Total Drama, The Simpsons, Futurama, Famous Warriors and Adventure Time.