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  1. I don't keep track of the schools I went to. They were bad when I went and bad when I left. As of recently I just like to take a logical approach to such discussions and keep my points simple. I deal with people every day and I wish I didn't have to but that is the reality of things.
  2. You're absolutely correct, things do change! It is possible to go from being a top ranking school to some low tier piece of garbage (probably because you left ) but all that aside the point still stands. Kids (and adults) will always find new and inventive ways to be immature, and the time, place, ethnicity, etc, etc has nothing to do with it. That's just people for you!
  3. To keep myself from giving a biased opinion I will often read the initial post and skip straight into giving my reply. After doing so I will work my way through the first few pages to see if there is anything worth replying to before leaving the thread. Sometimes I'll check back in to find new developments. Over all I would say people's comments in threads are important to me because they are other's opinions and I always find it interesting to see all the different views people can take on one topic.
  4. I'm happy you understand. I hate my generation, I did then and I do now. I also hate the one before me and the current one, and I'll probably hate the next one too. People will and always be ass hats, just find the ones you can get along with the best and stick to it. Far out example, think of Ponyville. Do you see every pony espousing the values of friendship? No. Some ponies are mean spirited (Trixie) while others are just rude (ponies who pushed fluttershy around because they thought she was weak.) Maybe you have a different perspective on it now. You used to be one of those 5th graders (not saying you were immature and disrespectful) but now that you're all grown up you can look at their behavior from a critical perspective and say "Hey, they are really immature little beings!" Growing up will do that to you. It's all about the perspective baby.
  5. Since I scrolled up from my own post and saw yours I figured I would comment. How kids act these day is no where near unique. It's always the same cowboy wearing a different hat. There have always been bullies or obnoxious dimwits. The only thing changing is their methods or whatever music happens to be socially relevant.
  6. Trust me, there is no where you are going to go in life where all the people are mature. Being twenty two and working with the general public on a daily basis has taught me that no matter the ethnicity, race, age, or gender of a person is going to help determine how mature they are. I've seen people so old they are nothing but skin and bones and they are the rudest, most foul, and unkempt nasty people there are. Like wise I have met children half my age who show more restraint, understanding, and maturity than I could hope to have within my own self. If the worse thing you have to deal with is someone saying shit, put on a smile, because at least you aren't having to clean theirs up!
  7. When I come home I don't want to be attacked by a furry, licking, barking menace. I love my cat because he is lazy just like me. He'll curl up under my feet when I get home and fall asleep. He makes the perfect companion for my lazy nature! :3 Hello again internet brother! After reading your posts I think we can definitely determine that you are not me as now our similarities seem almost entirely at odds now. That is ok though, you can be a dog person and I will still love you as my internet brother!
  8. Many children either has poor influences or none at all. Combined with a child's lack of understanding for emotions such as empathy and forward thinking this can lead to some disastrous results. Ever read Lord of the Flies? It pretty much paints an accurate picture of the exact thing OP is getting at.
  9. I find I generally act more polite and friendly online because I have all the time I need between responses to figure out what I want to say and how I want to say it. I wish I had that luxury in real life but people think it's awkward when you stare at them for more than five seconds without saying anything.
  10. My name is TJ. They will need to go back to school if they somehow manage to get that one wrong. My last name was a nuisance in middle school though. It was Flagler and many children were fond of leaving off the first L and then calling me by my last name. Bullying is no good.
  11. Sounds good enough to me! I thereby by the power invested in me by me, I do declare us to be internet brethen until death (or loss of communication) do us part.
  12. And you like hot chocolate? Hmm, we will need further investigation! Tell me, do you like to put pepperoni, mushrooms, and jalepenos on your pizza or do you think it is a good combination?
  13. Are you like, me or something? Because I do exactly those things! My fiance is the biggest complainer about that when I like to tell the details of the story. I'll never de-rail or get off topic but damn a story is better with all the details! I will also take my time to pick out all the right words! Brohoof man we're like internet brothers or something!
  14. Trolls trolling trolls who are in turn trolling trolls. Did it ever occur to you they are getting the same amount of enjoyment out of it?
  15. Don't take this the wrong way but that is something you'll want to master not doing as life goes along. It may be different for you but that is merely my experience. I find that people tend to be blunt in their own ways as well as stubborn and you can jump a lot of major social roadblocks by doing your best to smile and march on. But when you're around honest friends, don't ever stop telling the truth!