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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. @Maple Bat @MaryxMelody @Techno Universal As she continued through the obstacle course, it became clear to Muddle that she was more competent than she had originally thought. The course was still challenging, but most of the dodging and rough terrain was much easier than she had expected. The only time she would truly fail was when she tried too hard; for example, if there was gap, she would over shoot it and stumble. By the time she was nearing the finish (or half way, depending on what you want to do), Muddle's rear was feeling a little sore. "Ouch, what's with the random difficulty spikes?" In response to her thought, she heard a light snicker. It was barely audible but still there. ~ Her shadow had a good idea about what was going on and it couldn't help but find Muddle making a fool of herself funny. ~ Muddle didn't have time for this. She shrugged of the noise and continued through the course.
  3. I made that last post from my phone and corrected my mistakes. I don't know about you all, but now I'm curious to find out what zerp gravity is.
  4. @Maple Bat @MaryxMelody @Techno Universal When Woody told her start, Muddle was off. She navigated her way through the first set of obstacles with surprising ease: but before she could celebrate her unlikely success, she was confronted with an area of zero gravity. "?!" After what she had seen with Yang's course, she braced herself and struggled against the zero gravity with everything she had; Ironically, this is what threw her off balance. When she stood up, Muddle knew something was off; but she didn't have time for that now. She continued dashing through the course.
  5. (poor Witty, always late, never early.) While Steelhooves voice blared throughout the bunker, Witty remained fast asleep. This didn't come as a surprise. Because of the loud devices at her workshop, Witty had adapted to sleeping in loud environments; at the time, she thought of this skill as a blessing. However, lately it has become a curse. "..." On a normal day, Witty's parasight would wake her at this time; however, on this particular mourning, Uno was lying on table near Witty's bed. It was absolutely drained after unpacking the mare's belongings and didn't have the energy required to wake her up. Just when it looked like Witty was going to sleep in, a voice started shouting into her ear. "Ah!" She screamed and jumped out her bed, landing on the ground in a less than graceful fashion. After regretting her decision to sleep with that watch so close to her ear, Witty frantically began to look around the room, "Uno!" When she finally found the worn out parasight, she composed herself and apologized for shouting. "Poor thing, must have been up all night..." Witty replaced Uno's power cell and placed the parasight on her bed, "You can have a rest for working so hard." It managed gave her a narrow glare, almost to say 'next time, don't work me that hard!' It still has enough energy to sass her. With Uno taken care of, Witty quickly got ready, shoved her journal into a bag, packed a few other parasights for the day, and rushed out the door. ~ @silvermoon15000 @Maple Bat @OracleOfTwilight @WiiGuy2014 Due to her terrible memory, and not having Uno as a guide, it took Witty a bit longer to reach the classroom; however, she eventually stumbled upon the correct room. Heaving a small sigh, she slowly opened the door and saw everyone already gathered and "Probably waiting for me." As she made her way to an empty seat, she looked at the professor and said, "Reporting mam (or sir if I'm wrong)."
  6. alright, New job, first day's over. Time to get on with some rp posts.

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      Rp, now that's something I haven't done in time.

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      I can agree, It was nice to start up again when I had the chance.

  7. @silvermoon15000 I made a change to my post. Witty now retired instead of looking for the others.
  8. @Techno Universal She had no idea what Techno was talking about, "What's a 3D video or physics logic judge..." The only thing that made sense to her was that things were getting hot and he seemed to be the cause of it. "It's defiantly heated in here." Thankfully, he had decided to get ready for another recording... It was only then that she noticed, "He doesn't have a camera?" She shook her head and brushed it off as magic, she had to concentrate. @Maple Bat Muddle walked up to the start of the course and said, "I'm ready."
  9. @Maple Bat @Techno Universal @MaryxMelody "Well, this ought to be intresti-" Muddle snapped towards Woody, "Wait, did you just say zero gravity?" Before her question had time to be answered, Yang was off. From what she could tell, the mare was doing considerably well. The aforementioned areas of zero gravity caused her a few problems, during the run, "But I assume that's normal for anyone." When ot was all said and done, Yang was still in one piece. She shouted a congratulation from where she was standing and looked over the course. "I suppose it can't be that bad." Her response was simple, "Alright, if you say so."
  10. @MaryxMelody @Techno Universal @Maple Bat In the time that it took for Woody to get back, the three had done little more than exchange names. While she wished to learn more about them, "It was a start." Besides, there would be plenty of time for that later. For the time being, Muddle took a step back, she was content to let Yang have the first shot at whatever Woody had planned. "Well, best of good luck."
  11. @Maple Bat @WiiGuy2014 "Both of you have a good day as well..." After their abrupt goodbye, Witty raised a hoof to her mane and tried to reflect on what she had gathered from everyone thus far. "..." She hadn't really learned anything. She wandered back into her room and sighed, "This entire learn more about your teammates thing might be harder than I thought." Her parasight did nothing in response to her comment; it was either indifferent or possibly too engrossed in unpacking Witty's belongings, there was no real way of telling. Regardless, Witty continued to prattle on, "I met all of them and spoke less than two sentences to most of them..." In response to her whining, the parasight beeped six times, which cause Witty to give it an inquisitive stare. The only thing the parasight did was repeat its' beeping noise six more times. At this point, Witty made a list of everyone she had met thus far, "Myself, Woody, Will, Silver, no name... That's right. There's suppose to be six of us here." She smiled and said, "Maybe I should look for our last team member, however..." She started to stretch and loudly yawn, "I've been meaning to get catch some sleep since I got here. I'll save that endeavor for tomorrow." Before getting into her bed, Witty walked over and pet her parasight on its' head. "Thank you for being so attentive Uno... also, try and have everything unpacked by the time I wake up." With that last statement, Witty retired for the day... Of course she would leave Uno with all the grunt work.
  12. @OracleOfTwilight Witty just couldn't wrap her head around the way thing worked around here. Including Silentwing, this was the third time someone said their piece and left. "A shame as well, that mare is clearly suffering..." She wasn't known as the softest shoulder to cry on and she had just met her, but still, Witty felt like there was more she could do than just be silent. "I suppose I'll talk to her later... or find someone better than me to have a word with her." It was only at that moment she realized, that the mare hadn't given her a name. @Maple Bat @WiiGuy2014 When the dragonequus spoke, Witty was pulled away from her thoughts. She shook Woody's paw, happy to receive a normal greeting, and said, "Don't worry about it. The others will warm up eventually." She started to laugh, "Either that or they'll have to learn how to deal with me." She stopped shaking his paw and started to settle down. "As for what I can do... I'm an inventor. That's pales in comparison to magic imbued songs. I've never heard or seen this ability and I'd like to know more." It was at this time Witty noticed the changeling approaching her. She gave him a small wave and said, "Sorry if I didn't see you there for a moment. It's a pleasure to meet you as well." When she heard the changeling's plight, she did her best to put him at ease. "No need to worry, I'm not sure how hard of a time you've been receiving, but I'm a fairly open minded individual."
  13. @silvermoon15000 "Well th-" Before Witty had a chance to speak, Silvermoon had said his piece and was starting to walk away. "Maybe he's just shy?" Whatever the reason, she opened the door and called out to him. "Well, partner, I'll being seeing you around." She gave him a friendly smile and waved goodbye, but was unsure if he had noticed. "Oh well." With that, she shrugged her shoulders and closed the door. "I suppose I'll get back to unpacking... Uno!" Upon hearing Witty call for it, the parasight turned to face her. "Get to unpacking." It responded to this order with a narrow stare. "Fine, help me unpack." That was better. ~ @OracleOfTwilight @Maple Bat Some time had passed and Witty had managed to get a workshop table set up in her room. The decor was still lacking but, "You can't build a city over night... And your not going to listen to me if I tell you too." The parasight beeped in affirmation. "What am I going to do with you?" It was at this time that Witty heard another knock on her door. Curious to see who it was, she stopped what she was doing and walked over to the door. "This time, lets try and be more inviting." With this thought in mind, she opened the door and smiled at the pon- There was a pony on the other side of the door, as well as a creature she had only seen once before. "...Right, there was mention of a dragonequus. This has to be the one. Try and be cool... I guess?" She smiled at the pegasus and dragonequus standing before her and said, "Hey, nice to meet more members of the crew. How are you all doing?"
  14. As Silentwing explained what was going on, Witty found herself with more questions than answers. She didn't want to seem rude and interrupt Silentwing with questions, so for the time being, Witty remained silent. She would ask her when the mare had time. She seemed to be in a rush, which Witty could understand, she was late after all. Eventually, Silentwing finished speaking with her and showed Witty to her room. ~ Now left with an empty bunker, Witty placed her journal on a desk and leaped onto the bed. She stretched, made herself comfortable, and sighed in relief. "It's not the fanciest bed in the world, but I needed this." She then turned her head toward her parasight and said, "Uno, would mind starting the unpacking? I'd like to take a closer look at this wat~" Before she could finish speaking, Witty heard a knock on her door. "Well, there's always later as they say." She wrapped the watch around her hoof and walked over to the door. She opened it, just enough to see who was outside, and said, "Hello?"
  15. When the letter had arrived, Witty could contain her excitement. Not only did the princess recognize her work, but she offered her the chance to put her skills to the test and help others as part of a group. "This is everything I could have ever dreamed of!" She threw the letter in the air, where a creature that resembled a parasprite caught it. After jolting down what materials and belongings she would be packing inside her journal, Witty turned towards the creature and said, "Uno be sure to wake me an hour before the first train leaves the station tomorrow and..." She tore a page from her book and placed it on a workshop table, where Uno could read it. "I want you and the other parasight's to pack these items for me. I have a few repairs to finish before tomorrow, and then I will need plenty of sleep..." The creature she called a parasight rolled it eyes, because it already had an idea of what would happen. In response, Witty glared and said, "I don't need your sass Uno. I'll have the repairs done in record time and then I will be fully rested for tomorrow." ~ Witty had stayed up all night working on her repair orders. She could have cancelled the orders or told her clients that the repair couldn't be done at this time, but her pride wouldn't let that come to pass. When mourning came, Uno exhausted every tools it had to wake her, but Witty remained fast asleep. All the parasprite contraption could do was wait... When Witty finally woke up, there was screaming and panic inside her workshop. It ended with her rushing to the train station and shouting an order to her parasights, "Deliver those devices to where they need to be. Uno, you're coming with me. Love you all bye!" As she ran off, Uno flying close behind her, she looked at the parasight and said, "Not a word..." It gave her a beep and looked rather smug. ~ @silvermoon15000 Witty crested the hill, out of breath and sweating heavily. When she saw Silentwing sitting down, supposedly waiting for her, she stopped and tried to make herself look more presentable. Then she approached her, with possibly the most awkward smile she could give, "I'm sorry for my being tardy, I'm Witty Thought."