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  1. fluttershy probobly because she is just used to taking care of a bunch of other creatures already, and the quiet voice always helps : 3
  2. loved to see the main six in the super bowl ad, that was awesome!

  3. even though I like a snow day, I sometimes miss summer

  4. I do miss the feeling of having new episodes I have not seen yet in the bank and what not but this fanbase never ceases to amaze me.
  5. Well I like many others just found the flood of pony memes and other things of the sort on the internet interesting and confusing . . . hours and 2 seasons later i came out the other end with more understanding of why many including my self now liked it.
  6. I live in New Hampshire, which if i say so myself isn't half bad. Quiet saburban life yet Boston isn't that far away if you want to go to any event. i e - concert,basball game, convention etc
  7. It feels like its been a while but at the same time also feel like it was just yesterday that the season 3 premier was about to happen.
  8. MusicPon3


    *looks at painting* . . . . . . . . HNNNNNNG. . . . . . . . . . . SIGN ME UP! this looks great, good lucky to every one else entered in this contest and happy Halloween!
  9. What Type of Brony are you? well I am a bit creative in the sense that i play around with songs on guitar and occasionally saxophone because it feels satisfying. How do you contribute to the fandom? Part of it is by joining a forum like this, other wise I may have plans for adding music here as well. Are you in the closet, or out of the closet? ​60% out my friends know and don't really care (have pony Skype pic steam pic etc.). my parents don't and i also don't have any shirts or anything but i do have a doctor whooves vinyl figure and a brony lanyard for my keys. How
  10. I love the kind of pumped up atmosphere this remix gives. And i can agree that this is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head.
  11. MusicPon3

    hi! I'm musicpon3

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I really appreciate good communities like this.
  12. Hey, I've been on other forums but not brony/pony ones and I decided to be a part of this one. This place looks nice and I'm glad to be here! I do enjoy a good role play but I have never been in a pony related one yet ill take a look into it. See you all around!
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