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  1. Crimson

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Why is it they call it a flea market when they don't really sell fleas..
  2. Crimson

    Official MLP Forums Couples

    Quick question: Is that threesome legit? :3
  3. Crimson

    Music What's your theme song?

    People say I'm chill.. so yeah:
  4. Crimson

    Do you have any "childish" fears?

    I got a really bad fear of roaches.. I get freaked, yell at them, and throw stuff at them to make them go away... I'm weird
  5. Crimson

    Is this weird?

    Bro, I get that same thing. I just assume it's just my taste in morbid humor, or something. But instead of laughing, it just elevates my mood [like, a LOT]. Now, when I see people snuggle, it pisses me off... then makes me feel lonely.. then sad. I'm sure that's normal, though
  6. Finally got a profile pic. This is why I chose it:
  7. I'd like to be a companion as well, please. Here's Crimson. [i notice I put a bit more background than most people, but whatever]
  8. Crimson

    One Wish

    I'd wish to know everything [everything :| ] I'd know what brings about everyone's joy, and make it so Also, knowing everything would make me about as omnipotent as it would omniscient, if you think about it :3
  9. Crimson

    Any Pony House Music Artists?

    I'm working on being one I'll get back to you soon
  10. Crimson

    Gaming Your Favorite Video Game(s)?

    Crash Tag Team Racing for the win!
  11. Hello everypony! This is my first attempt at Electronic Music [i'd specify the genre, but.. I really don't know] The tune will have some remixes of it, so here is a clip of the original. I'll be working under the alias Gummie [NOT Gummy] Some remixes of the tune would be much help, as this is for a project for school. [i need all I can get XD]
  12. Don't know if Archie would call it an album [or anyone for that matter], but The Magic Is Timeless is best song set. Listen to it all day every day. Love it so much. Definitely Brony Music's highlight.
  13. Crimson

    Mega Thread Unpopular Music Related Opinions

    Breakbeat isn't as popular as it should be, especially with DaVIP, Place 2B & Paimon's Remix of Crystalite by Vent just floating around. It was released 2012 and I didn't hear about it until late last year. For EDM, this is the best song to be released in 2012. Song. And Speedcore is amazing. I definitely understand why it's not as popular, but damn is it good! Especially the Brony Speedcore albums Pinkamena Party & Rainblood & Vomit. I only wish for Brony Crossbreed albums [which I'll probably have to make myself]. And Crossbreed! Crossbreed is best D&B! I honestly don't know how popular Crossbreed is, but DAYUMM! EDM is not as popular as Rock on these forums, I think.. all I see is Classic Rock & Metal Rock. I like Classic, but don't listen to it. [this is all opinion]
  14. Crimson

    S04:E12 - Pinkie Pride

    Reference! [someone probably already posted it somewhere...] 3:10 to Goof Off is a reference to a cowboy movie by the title 3:10 to Yuma I own the movie and was excited [more than I should've been] to see it referenced in an MLP episode. Excited to recognize a reference, that is...
  15. Just joking along.. [don't know if you can tell..]