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  1. I would say: Fluttershy Considering I'd be terrified and what not, it would be nice to have her as a mom, considering shes quiet and caring, she wouldn't ask many questions and hopefully take me in like one of her animals, mos tare saying apple jack but I think AP would be a little confused about why a human just appeared, where I believe Fluttershy wouldn't wonder as much as just take me or any other lost human in.
  2. What would you do if Pinkie threw you a party BUT, unlike most of her parties, it was horrible, (the cake was your least favorite, the music they played you hated, when they surprised you you peed your pants, so on and so on.) Would you be mad, thank pinkie, pretend it never happened? What? And say this was all in the pony world.
  3. PINKIE! why? because you can't NOT be happy around her! If we could spend a night together we would throw a party and have lots of cake and more cake and food and pop and everything!! after the party we would have a sleep over and blow up balloons and have a jolly ol time. (and no, we wouldn't sleep, we'd be up partying)
  4. HECK YEAH! I got my math done so for all of tomorrow in math, I'll get to waste my hour on here. :D

  5. Anypony still play with MPL dolls from like 06? I sure do!

    1. ToonLink


      There's mlp dolls? I never knew they existed.


    2. Moonlight_Tale


      they were well i guess nit dolls but pony dolls before anything

  6. so today at target when i was browsing their dvd's I came across a 5 dollar dvd of the my little pony back when I was a kid. I remember my first pony i ever got I was five and in toys R us and I got Apple Jack because I used to have an apple tree. I got slightly sad when I started to think about this because I wasn't my age to know about all the ponies from the first generation or whatever. (I'm only 14) But what I'm getting at is how do you feel about how much they've totally changed about the series? Don't get me wrong I love FIM but has anyone else watched the older stuff pre-FIM? I hav
  7. Mass wise, either Roid Rage or Big Macintosh, but in my head, I kinda like to think Pinkie is a cute little chubby thing because I mean c'mon LOOK AT ALL THE SWEETS SHE EATS!!
  8. goodnight Danzxc123 and im sorry for making your head hurt forgive me? and does it bug you too when people say their 'bronies' but dont actually watch friendship is magic?
  9. Moonlight_Tale


    Aww thanks guys! You all seem so FABULOUS. I feel so lame, I'm not even a muffin yet. *snifflesniffle* I cant wait till I can use the roleplay section because thats a big reason why I re-joined, plus I met a brony at my school. And Danzxc123, dont make your head asplode!!
  10. Does anyone else strive to be happy all the time like Pinkie? I sure do...

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    2. Moonlight_Tale


      its like my life goal. Shes just always so happy and so cheery. I will, one day, throw a party as great as one that Pinkie throws.

    3. Grand_Finale


      Awe, my life goal us to attend that party!

    4. Moonlight_Tale


      there will be cake and cupcakes and punch and party cannons!!!

  11. Moonlight_Tale


    *peaks head around corner* hey guys im new. oop. or kinda new. lets just go with new because i have like 12 bazillion accounts but i keep forgetting their info but i wrOTE THE INFO FOR THIS ONE DOWN! (in my school agenda book so lets pray to the world no one puts two and two together) But I just wanted to drop by and say hi. My real name is Emily but you can call me moonlight.
  12. Heey danzxc, im kinda new too! I know the feeling of being able to count the bronies and pegasisters on your fingertips, or at least the ones who actually watch the show.
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