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  2. happy day of adulthood, random pony! hope it's filled with balloons and rainbows and...idk, cigars and hookers if that's your style! whatever makes you happy, cuz the world is now your oyster!

  3. ~Yay For Mass Effect Art too!

    1. Commander Urdnot
    2. Neikos


      At first I was like "Oh hey nice pic."

      then I looked a bit more and my mind got blown.

    3. Gaupa95
  4. I've doing some painting... well it's Normandy and it's and WIP

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gaupa95


      I'm going for the SR2-look.


    3. Twiliscael


      Yeah, I can see it. I'm not art critic so I can't give you any real recommendations, but it looks pretty good. It looks a bit unfinished in some areas, however.

    4. Gaupa95


      As said. WIP.. and I've never painted anything alike. And This is also great practice for details.


  5. Confound this fandom.. it's driving me to serious procrastination.

  6. we're mostly PC Players. though a few of us own Consoles (sadly not me. ;_; ) also.. I updated the link. we realized we had to use Youtube.. well.. if we get somewhat knows.. I'll create an site to play it from
  7. Funny how you writing skills improve when you start taking part in communities

    1. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      *your j/k but yeah, same with typing.

    2. Gaupa95


      :I Shush.. you saw nothing...

  8. updated post. but.,.. we will mostly be talking about diffrent things we'd seen and done. but we have games as the main theme. We're still working on some things. so can't say everything would be perfect ( I had to re solider and remove the mic adjuster.) and we're doing a little more preparations.
  9. Hi. Me and Some Friends Started an podcast last weekend. And since It's all new and none of us are really known on the internet. so we kinda need some help getting a bit known. we Called the podcast "SteveCast" There is at least two members in it from this group (me and midnightive) We're most bronies in the group.... but the ones that's not.. does not approve ponies in the cast... so don't hope for ponies in the cast. thought We will mostly have Games, Movies. tech/news and have masses of ...random... So. that's all for now. we're probably going to upload cast's for a little while.. and upload each Monday/Sunday.
  10. Colored the Celestia painting I did earlier. Think?

    1. Concord


      Yes. Celestia is best pony.

      Good work!

  11. Personally I also Love the gray scale. since it's fully focused on shadows. witch make it look really kinda. realistic? and artists who are good with it.. ..they also make amazing paintings because of their knowledge in shadowing.
  12. Hey again.. Did some more painting today.. I'm getting good at this (at least I think) another 4hour project. I used an old drawing of mine (pencil) for inspiration. Done in CS5 Photoshop What'ca think?