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  1. As the professor came into the class, Nova ended his attempts to contact Blazing. Huh...Did I piss that dude off that much? He thought, slightly down that he may have succeeded in pissing off the first pony he met. He shuck it off, and took a notepad and ink and quill out, just in the even that something happened.
  2. ((OOC: Damn school and bowling, got me way behind in the RP...)) @ @@Bronyette @ Nova smiles and nods to Cinder. "Alrighty. See ya in class!" He says to the mare, acknowledging Pixie as well, but not seeing Blazing...UNTIL he gets into class. When Nova sees Blazing, he smiles and waves a little to him. "Hey ya blaze!"
  3. @ @@Bronyette Nova finally catches up with Cinder and sees her with the other mare, and looks to her. "Woah, what happened here Cinder?" He asks, using his magic to diagnose the injured mare. "Huh... A mild concussion.. That's not good. " He looks to her and asks, "have you been treated yet for this?"
  4. @ @ Nova is about to starts trotting after Cinder, but looks back to the ponies that had accompanied them at the table. "See ya later Doug. Pleasure meeting you." He says to the stallion, and trots off, eventually catching up to cinder and the notice board. "Hey ya." He says, and looks to the board also. "Hmm...something catch your eye, Cinder?" He asks, stopping his trot close to her.
  5. @ Nova smiled and stands up, holding a hoof out to the mare as a semi-chivalrous way of helping her out of her chair. "Sweet! That'll be nice." He is excited, even though it may not seem like a huge occurrence. He loved being in the company of Cinder, and the longer he could spend with her, well, the better. "Shall we be off then?" He asks, still holding his hoof out.
  6. @ Nova looks at the map and puts a quick circle on the room. "Hmm.. I got it. Well... would you like me to accompany you to your dorm, maybe help out a bit? It's the least I can do for you." He asks, bowing his head slightly. "My room, I believe, is on the way there as well, so it'd be a win-win, not to mention, I still need to drop my stuff off, and un pack."
  7. @ Nova nods to Cinder. "Okay. Sorry if I had been over the top with the compliments.. my apologies. I was simply stating what I believe is the truth Ma'am." He smiles to her once more, then leans his head back, shifting the pack still on him. "Hmm.. Say. Have you got unpacked and such? Found your room and what-not?" He asks, pulling his map out of the pack.
  8. @ Nova looks down a little, but looks back up again. He was slightly disappointed, but it's fine for him. "It's fine, I understand. Whatever it is though, I'm sure it's great. Especially from such a creative and innovative mare like yourself." He said, still smiling.. Wow..I am sure going a tad over the top with the compliments. Eh, oh well. He chuckled at his thoughts.
  9. @ Nova smiles and puts away the trash from his lunch back into his pack, then looks back to Cinder. "Hmm.. Interesting. It does add quite an intriguing...and...well, cute character to you Cinder." He smiles to the mare, looking calmly to her mane, then back to her eyes. Okay...hopefully this won't screw anything up now. That would blow. He thought. "Maybe I could help you with a project of yours here and there? Tinkering is always fun. " Nova says, chuckling.
  10. @ "An inventor, eh? Hmm... What kind of things do you make, Cinder?" Nova asks the mare, then sees her sneeze. "Oh, hahah, blessh you." He wipes some of the dust that landed on the table, off of it. He tilts his head slightly again. "If you don't mind me asking, but, how come dust clouds from your mane here and there?"
  11. @ Nova chuckled. "Well, I wasn't paying attention too much." He smiled and kept looking at the mare, making sure to not stare....TOO much. " Most I can remember is the dismissal for lunch, and the word, 'Dorm'. " @ Nova looks back from Cinder, and to Doug. "Well, personally, I enjoy the study and practice of different sciences and magics. Other than that... just hanging around and occasional parties."
  12. @ @ Nova chuckles when Doug brings up the speech again, but extends a hoof to Doug. "Pleasure to meet you Doug. My name is Nova. And my lovely accomplice over here is Miss Cinder." Nova looks over to Cinder, and smiles. "I...don't really think Cinder and I really payed much attention to the Speech, and the part, that I at least remember, is the 'you're excused for lunch' part. " He says, laughing a bit.
  13. @ @ Nova smiles to Cinder and nods. "You're always welcome. The least I can do the first day, eh?" He chuckles then looks over to Pegasus that had just came to the table and nods. "Sure, I'm alright with that. The more the merrier, eh?" He chuckles some more, drinks some soda, and slides a cookie to each of the ponies who just came to sit down. "Cookies for all!" He says with playful glee. (OOC: Two ponies did just come to sit down, correct?)
  14. @ He laughs, then shakes his head, no longer laughing. "Um...hmm.. well.. since there are a lot of ponies here, and that is a smoke device... " He shakes his head again. "Nah...If we were to ever use that device for a prank like that, we'd have to save it for a while later. No use in getting kicked out instantly, eh?" He chuckles and pulls a lunch from his pack, and slides a cookie over to Cinder, smiling.
  15. @ Nova smiles and looks back up to the mare, eyeing the vial, just in case it was to accidentally slip out of her hoof. "Yeah, I am okay. Just a small twinge of past. But Im fine." He chuckles and smiles, looking into the mare's eyes. "So...a smoke screen huh?" He looks around the semi crowded cafeteria, and grins semi evilly. "Sayy... You know what we could do with said vial of smoke... Hahahah." He keeps chuckling a little.