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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. No. Such a massive Twitter account can only get around to so many tweets before yours gets buried. Wouldn't read too much into a lack of a response
  3. It's the same as the old spoiler tag. Put whatever you want to hide within: [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] Without the spaces at the beginning.
  4. Ooh, what a cute little topic! I'll put my story in here to contribute! My OC, Silver Herald, is generally a more reserved and shy kind of stallion. He doesn't open up to other ponies often, but when he does, he tries to be the best possible friend he can be. As a colt, his little sister Feathersong was his best friend by far. Since she was only a year younger, they could play together and mess around without getting the whole "ewww, I hate my sister!" sort of dynamic going. Her more outgoing and confident attitude brought out quite a bit of the stallion- it's like he was a different pony when he was around her. Never shy, never stammering, never afraid to mess around with his playful younger sibling. One night, as the two siblings were trying to get some sleep, a strange pony broke into the house and tried to kidnap Feather. She cried out for help, which awoke the young Silver, who looked out the window to see a masked pony running off with his little sister. He yelled at the stranger, and made the split second decision to jump out of the window and topple the kidnapper, sending all three ponies tumbling to the ground. All of the commotion caused other ponies around the neighborhood to wake up and look our their windows to see what all the fuss was about. With the eyes of the whole community on him, the kidnapper ran away empty-hooved. From that moment on, the Silver stallion would bear the cutie mark of a blue heart, symbolizing the care and affection he had for others. He's a rare kind of pony that prefers to put others before himself, a quality that embodies itself within his rather simple looking cutie mark. Here's a picture of the two, for reference!
  5. This style is adorable! How open are you to drawing Pokemon?
  6. That's odd- the spoiler is working in your quote, but not in the original post. What is this sorcery?
  7. Oh good, another Trump bashing thread. I was starting to worry that the internet was getting short on those.
  8. The It Crowd, without question. It's absolutely phenomenal.
  9. It's been a while since I've opened up to roleplays (blame Ponysquare for my long drought of activity), but I'd like to see if I can get back into it with some more laid back slice of life RPs! I have to OCs (who are both based in Ponyville) for this, so I guess I'll give a little info about each of them here. The silver stallion is accordingly named Silver Herald. He's a bit of a quiet, outspoken sort of guy who's used to a more reserved lifestyle. No risks, no adventure, just taking it day by day. It's a bit tough for him to make friends, but when he does, he makes every effort to be the best friend he possibly can be. He's the (recently appointed!) owner of a niche sandwich joint in Ponyville, where he makes a living to support himself and his fiance! The pink headed mare is named Feathersong, and just so happens to be the sister of the pony mentioned above. Contrary to her brother's personality, she's much more of an outgoing socialite. A bit on the energetic and hyper side, this pegasus has a special knack for tickling other ponies. To her, it's a fun, playful way to get another pony to smile, and sort of come out of their comfort zone a little. She refers to herself as Equestria's resident "Princess of Tickling," a joking title referring to her unusual talent. So those are my two pones, I'm open to any RP ideas that would involve a more laid back tone. If wither of these two sounds intriguing to you, let me know! ^^
  10. Traditionally I'm a massive Bears fan, though in full honesty I defaulted to Chicago (where my parents are from) since my own hometown of Las Vegas didn't have any major sports teams. However, I've heard that there's apparently some weight with the whole "Raiders moving to Las Vegas" story, and if that ends up being the case, I might have a new team to get behind. It would sort of double down on my excitement, seeing as how my favorite sport is already expanding into the city, as well!
  11. I'm only done with one semester at the moment, but overall it feels much more chill and laid back from high school. Haven't taken anything major specific yet, so I can't say anything about anything Computer Science related, but overall classes feel much....easier, to be quite honest. Everything you need to know for the course (in terms of grading) is lined out for you in a syllabus at the very beginning of the course, which makes it very easy to stay on top of things as long as you stay organized. Nothing can really surprise you. Maybe I'm not really the lively type, but an average day for me is pretty boring. Wake up, go to class for a few hours, eat lunch, and then I'm off to do whatever I please. Homework and studying hasn't felt overbearing at all, and all of the free time feels nice and relaxing. When the weekend comes, there are a lot of student clubs and stuff that make it easy to get involved in something you're interested in. This also helps sort of cure the boredom from having so much free time. I guess in general it's really slow, or laid back. When people say you have a lot of free time in college, they're not kidding. Hell, I'd say they're understating it.
  12. Sounds good to me, might as well give my little guy a shot at getting in!
  13. A friend and were having this discussion the other night, and were wondering what the sort of common consensus is. Do you like it when someone else tickles you? Personally, I kinda like it when a friend tickles me to cheer me up a bit. My friend, on the other hand, absolutely hates it when someone even comes close! What do you guys think?