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  1. Hey guys come and check out the server the owner is giveing out staff and stuff Fations pvp raiding all that come check it out
  2. WOW i new dashie was my fav pony but dam...
  3. Well bronys are'nt rilly "furrys" given that ther is a separation from watching a show and jaking to pony/people mosters u know But i dont have enything agenst them u know what they do is ther thing who cares as long is ther not hurting enything
  4. Well this is how it is for the other million bronys out ther
  5. Knives id rather get shot to death then stabed to death you know
  6. omg is this rilly a meam come on that cane discord had serusly..... *face hoff*
  7. I have to agre the shows good and all but turning it into a relgion is a bit too far dont you think> lol what is ther to belive in ?? lol would luna and celestia be gods of some sort LoL....
  8. This was definaly one of the beter episode mainly becuse it from the normal way of saving the day to something more original like with the tree and we also had leaned more about the past of eqestria with twilights "Vizinons" so over all this is one of the best ones so far.... Remeber the box from the end you dont know what is in and right i dont even think ther is enything in ther,im thinking that the prize will the lesonss they learn form finding a 6 keys you know
  9. Well you know in the movie she never shows up for eny of her classes whats up whith that you know and then she sleeps in the libary come on you know wouldent you think some one would have notised she was camping out in the libary and skiping class you know?
  10. ya he is right but i dont rilly see spike as pet given the fact that he can talk and make his do stuff on his own but in the movie what elce would he be if not a dog you know
  11. well ther right you cant rilly get rid of one unless unless you have a replsment otherwize the elments wouldent work and eqestria would be doomed but if i had to get rid of one it would be rarity
  12. ya would be cool to meet rainbowdash see her do a sonic rainboom post it on youtube that would sure get me some veiws or pinkiepie and have a kick ass party you know the normall stuff
  13. Ya if i was rainbowdash i would be a tad bit mesed up about it first of all im a guy and rilly wouldent want to a girl and second of all it would be freakey to be a flying rainbow pony you know and what happends to the pony you swich whith do they become you or something