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  1. Sunlight OTP, I didn't really ship, but with the new movie they have become too adorable together not to ship.
  2. I feel like they all would fall into the independent category of American politics, fighting for more government power but an actually non laughable means of checking the much more powerful singular authority. I.e. much closer to Equestrian
  3. You can always do what I am planning on doing and building a pipboy 3000 phone case yourself after you get the game. You could even set up speakers and stuff and get a radio app (for background purposes)or download all the songs (and radio announcements) into a play list and play it on shuffle. In the end, it is a cool collectable, but you can do better for "the ultimate cosplay experience"
  4. I thought about this a while back, and I can find no reason for the nomenclature people are using for a rediculous rivalry that probably doesn't exist. Actually, my question is why isn't it reversed. Luna was raised and only knew about the equestrian government she ruled in 1000 years ago when this whole thing got started full force (post nightmare night from what I can tell) which is backed up that it was a much more traditional monarchy by such traditions she used like the royal voice and the Royal We, as well as still brandishing the power to make snap decisions on a national level. Contrast to Celestia who from what we have seen may have the power to make the same kind of decisions Luna did (banishing a holiday) she actively goes out and talks with local (presumably elected) officials. Their behavior is further cemented in the comics (since we haven't gotten much more on either of them from the show) where Celestia spends sun up from sun down working as a politician more as we see it, i.e. working with other officials to work out long term plans, while Luna takes on a more militant role in fighting the monsters and such, and the fact that over a year after her reformation she hadn't even been corrected once about calling the general population the Peasantry, and the game of living chess that she set up against Fancy Pants, citing her authority as princess as what should entitle her to be able to do such things (Luna Micro Comic) So the question should be Solar Republic or Lunar Empire in a strictly government speaking. Also, am I right for basically just thinking that this was a thing started by 4chan to try and vilify Celestia while glorifying Luna in spite of the former having still received a generally more positive characterization?
  5. There's also, and then any general fanficiton websites that are out there.
  6. I'm surprised nobody brought this up here, but I have to agree, if I could see into the future, I'd spend my time watching what suceeds Friendship is Magic. Especially if they have better music. Honestly, in terms of the music alone (not what's going on in the background) it has to be about like this. 1: Tricks Up My Sleeves 2: Under Our Spell 3: Awesome as I Want to be 4: Battle of the Bands 5: Welcome to the Show
  7. I smell a fan theory about this, namely that Octavia is a part of the Pie family, again based on the color scheme and the fact that the pies are farmers and have massive families in order to divide up the work, which as of Pinkie Apple Pie, connects the Pies to the apples. As a result, that does linke Octavia and Fiddlesticks. @@GrimCW Lotus
  8. I get that they didn't get any punishment, nobody knew they did anything wrong. If they were less descrete about their plans, ala Sunset Shimmer turning into a litteral demon, than they would have been caught. I still don't understand the Time Dialations behind the mirror. The sirens got sent there over a thousand years ago, and only now start doing anything, being about as powerful as someone who just got banished would be. Another thing I don't get is why they started sucking. I get that they didn't have magical powers any more, but they should have been at least as good as the average Equine.
  9. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Pinkie already knew about human Twilight in the first place. She's homeschooled, as she said, and lives in the cities, where as Canterlot high is more in the Suburban paradise. And I think that she's going to be more of a scientific skepticist that we havn't seen since feeling pinkie keen. I mean, she has an analogue seismometer, so she has some kind of technical know how to replace equestrian Twilights magical abilities. Arguably, I think that she would lurk in the shadows, watching the mane 5 and Sunset (6 of the mane 7?) as soon as her lurking led her to realize that they were the center of the odd goings at the school that year.
  10. Well crap... I knew that being grounded for a week would be the end of me. Well, that's the last tie to the site I have.
  11. I'm always ready, but the posting is really fast paced... (Slow typist)
  12. Yeah... Since I'm going to be killing ponies, it doesn't matter where I'm at... Just that I'm killing a good number of things.
  13. @ Chain Mail lifted his thin leather mask, and chugged half of the beer. "It's hard to find a better moment than a beer after a kill, unless you do something like drink it out of a skull." He said, "Granted, there aren't many easy ways to get a bleached skull that's clean for consuming things from. "Also, this has been bothering me, but are you a fighter in here?" Chain Mail asked the guy he was around there. "And what's up with that crazy redhead, he looks like he'd die in half a second... Or maybe just old... Yeah, he acts like some weird old ponies." (I'm sorry I took all day posting this. I got pulled away by school earlier, and wasn't able to get a minute to myself until just a few minutes ago.)
  14. @, "I guess that that saved your life." He said, turning around and not pulling out a pistol. "As for a drink... Why not, I could drink a barrel of some beer.." He said. "And yeah, although, the world won't become a lifeless rock... For reasons that you may or may not learn about later. I guess."
  15. "Welp... It's been to long since I've done something... Any way I can get some target practice in?" Chain Mail asked another Attendant. "I want to shoot SOMETHING, after all, I've been arranging a deal with the Bartender for a fuckton of drinks." He added. "Although, I would understand if they weren't living targets... That would just be wasteful." "And there is a difference... The ponies in this competition, are all willing to die for the prize. The ponies in the stands are there to SEE us kill each other for money. Besides, you need to let go of all that 'Death is an Evil Notion' thing you have going on, 9/10's of everything has to die EVENTUALLY, so why not speed up the process, besides, it's a hell of a lot of fun."
  16. Sorry, I had meant to say Link in description (because it is) but here you go...
  17. (Curses... This got started when I was at school, so I couldn't post here. Otherwise I'd have been trying to place bets on myself.) "Man... That Diamond Dog, It's a shame, I wanted something that had huge weapons like that... More fun that way." Chain Mail said, he was wearing his best red suit. Namely so nopony would be able to tell when he was bleeding. He had his mask up, revealing his gray fur as he waterfalling a beer as he stayed lying down. "More fun means happier crowd, happier crowd means more clients, more clients means bigger guns, bigger guns mans happier clients, etcetera etsetera, so on and so forth, infinite recursion and the like." He elaborated to himself.
  18. Makes perfect sence in my eyes... So I think I'll take you up on this idea, since I'm getting paid, Oh, and the bloody time will stay fun. @@nx9100,
  19. I like this idea... I want to be a Mercenary on the front lines, as a truly bizarre pony... He would be the element of Death.
  20. This is honestly less eerie than it should be, but on another site I have an OC named Death... And he's death incarnate... The biggest difference is that your Death seems to not kill things with the reckless abandon for sadistic joy that mine does. Also, Can I join as Chain Mail (whom my death OC was inspired by...) as one of Celestia's loyalists... Prefferably in the army, but as a Merc... And also insane. Link in desc.
  21. What... Griffons eat horses... Honestly, it makes sense that they would eat Dead Ponies over living ones. It would taste worse, but be a lot easier to catch, and better socially.
  22. @, You are posting at speeds that shouldn't be possible... Are you a wizard?
  23. I did some number crunching, and that would be a 3 round tournament (since it's 2^3)... But if there aren't 8 other ponies wanting to do this, than I'd say shafting somepony into the second round or something.
  24. So, is it possible that I can show up with a combatant that was approved for what this is rebooting (Chain Mail) Link in the description, but here are the most relevant points
  25. I think that everypony is forgetting the most obvious candidates to be faster than Rainbow Dash... Princess Cadence, Celestia, and Luna. There isn't much evidence to say that they are, I'll grant you that, but it's made clear that Twilight, when she had all the alicorn magic, was exponentially faster than Rainbow when she was trying for a normal travel speed. So, we it would stand to reason that Cadence (who was originally a pegasi) would be able to fly about 20% (Celestia and Luna taking up about 75% of that being the magic that makes up the 4) of that as cruising speed, so if she were able to fly as fast, or faster, than Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately, we won't be able to see that, because of their ability to control their powers for the populace so they don't cause massive collateral damage and death tolls. WARNING, PHYSICS HEADCANON AHEAD, MIXED WITH REAL PHYSICS That said, Pinkie, with her ability to effectively teleport, as seen in Maud Pie (When she evaporates herself), she is clearly moving far beyond the speed of light, again, as shown by her ability to move unseen in all directions, but is moving so fast that the universe can't run a collision check (Think how you can clip through walls in games) on her, allowing for teleportation through 'solid' mater. This is canon that she's much faster than Rainbow, as she can move faster than light, as seen in Griffon the Brushoff, Party of One, and Maud Pie.