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  1. OMG! I'd LOVE to join! This sounds quite....interesting. I think I might play with Appleshy, for it challenges her, since she's blind.
  2. Accepted. I'll update the first post later. I'm too lazy.
  3. Name: Appleshy Age (20-30 years): 20 Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Appearance (Picture): See Page. Closer Look at Cutie Mark (If a pony): Simple. Yang. No Yin. Just Yang. Talent: Painting without sight, animals love her. Other: See my sig for the link.
  4. So, I'm planning an SOL and I need help. More info later.
  5. Meep... Anypony on Star Stables?

  6. Sign-up form: *Name Appleshy *Age 18 *Gender Mare *Species (If they have powers, list them here) Pegasus, Ability to hear and smell extremely well, and shapeshift, but only for 6 hours a day. (Or if it's okay, no restrictions?) *Appearance See OC •Place during Firestorm ??? London? (*Can be replaced by OC link)
  7. Hmm... okay. So... maybe there's a war with the Romans, fighting over unclaimed land. Little did they both know, this was where Zeus had destroyed the titans. On they raged, until the Romans won. Then, an elder walks up to the leader and tells him this. The gods are enraged, they send down their storms, trying to get their point across. And.. that's all I've got. Could I be one of the goddesses?
  8. Appleshy landed flat on the ground, kicked from the train. She turned to face it and sat down, sobbing. Suddenly, she realized she didn't know where she was. She unsteadily stood up and headed towards the sound of ponies chattering. She came to the front of a building and entered it, not knowing that it was a club. Before she knew it, she was being shoved around by drunken ponies, unaware of the fact she was being shoved towards a pony, Stardust.
  9. @, would you be open to doing a band together, or is that not allowed?
  10. I'll join with Applshy. You know, she kinda wants Celestia to die anyways. She hates her.
  11. I'll help! I love mythology! I think it should be Greek. Why? Egyptians have way too many gods. Hmm... still thinkin' on the plot. I'll get back to you about that.
  12. *sh4ugs* she's just smart like that.
  13. Wait... eight or nine in GMT? That's like, 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning for me.
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