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  1. Hello!! We have a spot or two open in the mane hotel! <3 I am a vendor and I keep a clean room with 1 other! The dates are Arrival on Thursday and Exiting on Sunday- perfect for the "I want to see it all!" stay! You'll be rooming with happy friendly people, who are humorous and fun! We are always open to those who are all vendors, artists, first timers, staffer experienced or veterans. If you are interested please PM for further details!
  2. We're still open- Thursday through Sunday (Possible Sunday Night!) Exectuive main hotel Still some possibilities of weekend or any Sunday nighters, however we will not be checking PM until the evenings. Thank you!
  3. Hey there! I have a reservation at the Executive for Thursday through Saturday nights, leaving Sunday. Looking for roomies! I am a vendor and will not be in the room much- I take floor sleepers and am ok with one person sharing the bed. No drinking or smoking
  4. Vendor Looking for a space in a room Thursday- Sunday at BronyCAN. I am an established vendor/Artist Flying in. Kinda quiet, but fun Smiley Follow vendor Hall hours and will not be in the room very much but to sleep. Thanks for looking!
  5. YAY! Hey Van! I just got on the forums! And you will like it! Everyone is so nice here! I think I'll move to Ponyville! YAY!!!
  6. WOW... Well thats hard because are we talking Dark Knight movies? Original Batman TV show version? 80's Movie version, cartoon versions? I think the Penguin would enjoy Pinkie pie since he'd classify her as another circus "freak". But I still think Pinkie would annoy the joker and keep the positive attitude and problem solving on to defeat anything evil he had up his sleeve or at least distract him
  7. Thanks so much Sailor Card Knight! yes a HUGE Sailor Moon, Pony and Voltron fan
  8. Wow how many ponies are you going for? Whats your goal? Truly awesome!
  9. Its so neat to be here! I'm an artist, a cosplayer and crafter! I have Gen 1 ponies collection So you can say- yes since they were born I'm a true fan! I would like to say I have a favorite pony- but they are all so awesome YAY!