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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Ah, good old useless book. Twilight, please. Books aren't always the solution!
  3. To everyone who is happy today: YOUR HAPPINESS WILL END. 13/11/15 an attack at Paris killed 153, more. I feel sorrow for all the people affected and I also feel sad for my friends who are at paris. I hope they rest in peace.
  4. Oh my... such an attack. I just browsed all the videos on the internet. It's very saddening. Deepest heartfelt condolences to all the people in the world that were affected one way or another by the attacks. May the dead rest in peace. I can only hope that these terrorists will be found and be brought to a fair, world trial. #terroristshavenoreligion #peaceforparis
  5. This would be lovely. IF only they would put that in. If they did I would be so happy
  6. 350,294. Guys, you're being teh ninja'd! Cmon, pay attention to post numbers. >.<
  7. 348906 Took a while to return to this after working 12 hours non stop to try to get to Gold Nova 1. Anyway, hi.
  8. 342980 22:38 here! wow. I dont know what to do
  9. 342944 MLP Forums just crashed? are we being attacked!?
  10. 342935 YES. VERY SLOW INDEED. Well, not that slow, but yes it's slow. VERI STEALTHI NINJA'D