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  1. Helicopters, airships and locomotives exist in Equestria so a jet isn't that much of a stretch XD
  2. Malinter

    Spoiler Think big macintosh might wish he were a unicorn?

    Apparently Cadence was a pegasus before becoming an Alicorn according to her book. Also, I think Mac's dreams of being a unicorn stem more from the fact that magic makes doing manual labour alot easier XD
  3. Yeah. Thats how I've seen Hispanic used as it is always used to describe what they look like, not what they sound like, even tho Hazard Time explained its actual origins.
  4. Malinter

    General Is modesty just as dead as chivalry?

    I'd say no. Also don't let media distort your views on modesty. Media is *designed* to get a reaction out of you. You wouldn't get the same response from a full dressed or naked person as you would a person wearing sexy clothes which are usually designed to either shock or impress a given audience.
  5. Well mongoloid sounds like "Mongol" and as we know the Mongols did a pretty good job zerg rushing every army in Asia that opposed them so I'm guessing thats how that name came about. There is also another term you missed; Hispanic. Which I usually see used to refer to anyone who isn't quite whit but not black either.
  6. Only donators/subscribers to the forum's up keep get to have animated gifs as avatars. They also get custom titles as well. There names appear in gold.
  7. Malinter

    Forum users you wish would come back?

    Well technically you haven't been banned yet XD
  8. Malinter

    Experiences With The Banhammer?

    I've had a few warning points for calling an other member an asshole (he was making constant jokes about unsuccessfully killing himself, totally worth it), As for incurring the wraith of the Banhammer, i've so far managed to avoid it's loving embrace, hell I even got one guy unbanned... but I didn't count on the fact that he was a bit of a derp and got himself banned again 24hrs later... ah well, I tried. XD
  9. Malinter

    Derpibooru, is it taboo?

    Its a hosting site for all forms of pony art and from my travels around the website is the only one that as filters active by default and not vice versa. If your wanting to get pictures without seeing any of the more adult stuff, it isn't a bad site.
  10. Malinter

    loneliness :(

    Filly Luna: fear the adorableness of the night XD
  11. Malinter

    How to escape a brony cult There are easier ways of leaving the fandom... XD
  12. Malinter

    Castle cleanup but no payoff?

    Technically the only ones visiting the castle for salvage were Twilight looking for books to restore and retrieve and Rarity who came to restore the tapistries/banners (and possibly copy the designs for bits XD). AJ and RD were there on a dare. Flutters was there because Angel is a little b***h and Pinkie Pie was there... well, because Pinkie Pie.
  13. Malinter

    Okay, I suck

    If I had a scanner, i'd draw you a pony so awful you'd cry tears if joy over how much better your art is in comparison XD
  14. Malinter

    What is your Achievements for your life?

    1. Be self-dependant 2. Go camping 3. Learn to grow something 4. Live long enough so that I can complain as miserable old bast**d. 5. Find a partner. 6. Smite all my enemies both real, imagined & inanimate (i'm looking at you, wardrobe that stubs my toe....) 7. Drink tea... forever. *scratch one off the list XD
  15. Malinter

    Entry #17 Holding on for dear life

    The job market these days is pretty rough at the moment. Don't get too discouraged if the lack of openings/interviews is rather lackluster. You aren't the only one experiencing this atm. You should try volunteer work if you don't manage to land anything in the near future, keeps your skills fresh and can help you get work experience and references which can be abit of a hurdle for peeps fresh out of college.