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  1. Rest In Peace Robin Williams...

  2. RIP in pepperonis Robinrino Forget never
  3. No. Ebola is not going to kill us all. The people who have it are being quarintined. And the chance of it spreading like wildfire are very low. Considering the disease's properties. Pic not related
  4. Oh sweet merciful lord, I have no clue. I would s**t my pants if I saw a technicolor horse. Not a pony, but a horse. Plus the fact that they are sapient. A colorful, sapient horse. I have no clue. The art was what brought me into the show. So I'd honestly wouldn't know if I would look at them the same if they looked like horses.
  5. What's up! And welcome to the herd. enjoy your stay at the MLPforums!
  6. Infomericals always show the struggles of life.

    1. Mr F

      Mr F

      lol XD true

    2. Bojo


      infomercials are cooler with Mr. T

  7. omg your avi. omg lolololololol.

  8. Zwii

    Hey, new here!

    wow amaze much wonder very music. hahahah! I love le doge of shibe.
  9. Hello everypony, I'm Zwii and I'm new to the Mlpfourms. Call me Zwii. I don't have an OC name lel. Thats all.
  10. Welcome to the MLPfourms. Coming from a new member lol. Enjoy your stay!