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  1. Well, one day I was asked to make a wallpaper. So I did. I think it's missing something. It's my first hand at digital painting too. What do you think of it? Full resolution here: Click!
  2. Oh... I was hoping too much then. Oh well. I'll be waiting though... Let's just hope I can remember. Or you can probably tweet me about it if you can. Maybe Skype too. Anyways, good luck on the production! All the best! - John "Wishdream"
  3. Wishdream

    Another Pegasus OC

    Oh wow... that is AMAZING! Well then. I would probably be never be good as you but you sir are now my role model. Other than that, it's a nice design. I love it~! Now for a name? Why no Skye Freight? Or maybe Zoom Carrier?
  4. No love for Sylveon? Well, I'm for Sylveon. Sure the style is different but it's what makes it unique Though before Sylveon is Glaceon or Umbreon.
  5. Finally, it's time for the auditions! Well then Dreamsong, I'll be waiting for the lines and characters to voice~ I'll make sure I'll do it perfectly as portrayed~ I hope you find me for fitting.
  6. Thanks everypony Thank you for the warm welcome I'll certainly enjoy my time around here.
  7. Me in Halloween? Well. I'll be with my twin brother in our lotus and aloe fursuit with fallout equestria gear. There's gonna be a LARP here in halloween and it involves a monster hunt and we're going there.
  8. I actually use a Genius i405X. It's pretty decent and cheap altogether. I still am using it up to this day. But if you want a decent amount of space, then go for the Wacom Intuos5. I've used it once with my cousin and it is nice to use.
  9. Hello everyone and everypony~! I'm Wishdream from MyLittleGameDev.com and Proect Dash! And if you go on Second Life, I'm the same Wishdream/Flow Moonsoon there~! Or if you go on SquirrelNET, I am the same Wishdream there too. Probably on YouTube as the person who made the SecondLife tutorial video and the Rainbow Dash in Sonic 2 Emerald Hill Act 1. If you go on Tumblr then you probably seen my wishdreamarchives, askexcite or highschool-shiningarmor blog over there too ^^ It's been two years I've been here on the fandom and I have been helping the community undercover. Nice to meet you al
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