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  1. Got this blanket from my parents (apparently they paid way over 100 dollars for this, on ebay, my mother said she had to fight like a horse to win that bidding. plus shipping to sweden of course.) ->http://www.walmart.com/ip/My-Little-Pony-62-x-90-Twin-Plush-Blanket/21128114 I luv eet :3
  2. All the ponies: Because somepony will dislike him/her. (uuh... I just felt like saying this... I mean... if this thread would continue for say, 100 pages, we would probably have someone mention EVERY single pony in the entire series at some point). I like Trixie mostly because the colour combination, to be honest she's a pretty flat pony, I mean the personality, as she's just a background pony they haven't given us much of her personality, the way she acts could very well be a side effect of her having a bad self esteem, and therefore tries to hide that by acting as she does. I don't know about any ponies in particular that I would say would be "overrated"...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqW3yTpj9sM I saw this sometime this year, and it's just... amazing. Got to show this to my family on christmas, and make it tradition, it's hilarious!
  4. "I'm a christian, I'm a feminist and best of all. I'm gay." I think I love you right now.

  5. "this woman" happens to be your mother... Jeez you really have no respect whatsoever for the woman who happen to be your mother... As I said earlier, you already made up your mind, and this thread is completely useless. Nothing good will come out of this... I'm sure... It doesn't matter if you're mentally ill, it looks like you're just trying to use that as an excuse or reason for your actions. Which is a very silly thing to do. A cosplay or your mother? Cosplay goes first? How much fun will you have out of that? maybe a days worth of fun. Your mother will be with you for many years to come... Maybe just "this thing" won't be such a big deal, but the way you're talking sounds like you are plotting to do more than just this against your mother... I know nothing about you, and you know nothing about me, but I must say that this is not looking good at all for you...... I see no good things happening out of this.
  6. Even if you earned the money yourself and by legal rights you have the right to use them for whatever you want, it would be unwise of you to spend it on someting they forbid you to spend on. It will only cause troubles, major troubles.... Uh... I'm suspecting you already made up your mind on the question when you made the thread, you only seek the confirmation of other people to justify your actions. It might not be "completley fair" of them to forbid you or whatever, and yes, go ahead and spend it on a cosplay, but don't come crying when you get major troubles with your mother... I would suggest just wait, move from home, do whatever you want. Or you could do as you planned, spend the money, argue with your mother, argue some more... Arguing is no good.
  7. People probably already said this but: If you live at home your parents are in charge. When you move from home you can do whatever you want, but be prepared to face the punch of the police if you break the law. No mother can tell you what to do and what not to do, when you've moved from home, until then, you will have to listen to her. Money is evil. I admit my greed and try to fight against it, but unfortunately there is a human thing to desire more, so it is unavoidable for me. Doesn't matter if the money I gain will be used to give to charity, I still demand that control and need of the money pile which is completley useless. I'm not a supporter of cosplays, they look nice, surely, but I'm no a person who would advise to buy one or buy one myself, for various reasons, but if I was your parent I wouldn't forbid it, I would let you have the fun. But as I said before, your mother in in charge... Not much you can do about that. Revolting will only cause more trouble
  8. I haven't watched the actual show, and I'm not interested in watching FiW either. But the Gypsy Bard/Pinkie's Brew are REALLY catchy and good songs, good enough for me to go through the mess of download -> put on my MP3 -> listen. Not many songs and pieces go all that far, I really like those songs. The parts I have seen of the actual show seems like, meh.
  9. I've waited for almost 1½ month for this. I ordered it from hong kong, economical shipping. It was very cheap, the shipping was cheap too, so I knew i would have to wait for a long time, but since these are not sold anymore usually (except on ebay, which is where I bought it) it's well worth it! So far it's my only brushable.
  10. Going to cheat - turning on S02E21 of MLP now, I just can't wait!

  11. Actually, people say it smells BETTER without schampoo. Believe it or not. Nooo! Nooo... So much enviroment-destroying shit in dandruff schampoo!
  12. Well, that's very illogical... Regular schampoos contain lots of crap that makes your hair dry out and all. Dandruff is after all, skin that is falling off your head, because it's getting too dry. If your scalp is literally filled with grease, there will be no dandruff. But hey, i'm no doctor.
  13. I don't like Gilda very much... I own her as a blind bag figure, so it would be good if they made me think good of her, or atleast "respect" her as in "Well, she was a good villain-ish". But now it's just... WHY DO I EVEN HAVE YOU IN MY SHELF GILDA:.... Well it was an accident, I looked up the wrong code on the bag OKAY! It was supposed to be Big Mac... Brr.
  14. I haven't seen the movie, and I won't see it in a looong long time, even if I know what happens in it and all... She's one of the best villains! Why? Because she has style... I just like her looks, that's all. I'm not much of a villain-fan overall, never really grasped why people are so into Discord and all. I guess, I can somewhat understand it, but I can't relate to it, I mean, I've never gotten that interested in a vilain. Sunset Shimmer just looks good, period.