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  1. I feel like this would be a good place to put this. It is the first episode of a series about how the US Constitution actually came about... and all the bullshit that people had to go through in order to get that far.
  2. Strong Copper @skycoaster @pathfinderCS Strong Copper couldn't help but bashfully reach up to rub the back of his head as it became clear that Princess Luna remembered the last time the two of them had met... and had made something of a fool of himself when he asked her if Prince Blueblood was actually related to either of the royal sisters due to his claims of being Celestia's nephew. It wasn't his grandest moment to be sure. Still, past was in the past so there was no point in bringing that little bit of it back up again. "Well considering that I have never attended the Grand Galloping Gala myself, I cannot fairly compare the two... through if you have selected the talented Lady Lulamoon to be your Mare of Ceremonies then I can trust that the first Winter Moon Festival shall be a night to be remembered for many years to come." As he was asked if he knew Trixie, Strong couldn't help but chuckle almost shyly as he admitted "We have actually, through it was a little while ago. We met in a small cafe and after talking for a little while she convinced me to watch her perform her act. No pun intended but it was absolutely magical. I was entranced by your talented performance Lady Lulamoon, through I was somewhat saddened that we didn't get to talk afterwards, what with the autographs and all that." He couldn't help but look away, a small blush on his face as he admitted all of that to not just the mare in question, but a Princess of Equestria as well! Thinking fast to try and change the subject, he asked "So... how did the two of you meet? That seems like it would be quite the story."
  3. Totally newb question I know, but how do you tag people in posts these days?
  4. I think I might withdraw from this Rp. I don't get to post enough to really... well, keep up with everyone.
  5. And our characters are meant to know this IC... how?
  6. The zebra frowned a little with thought as he looked over Moon's current state... the whole 'spirit' thing was strange, enough it would make one as educated on strange melodies and curses as himself pause to ponder its true nature. The fact that the mare in question seemed unable to speak in this form... but could still physically interact with the world via drawing in the dirt with her horn only added further questions as to what was currently taking place. "And where did you hear that rumor?" He asked, curious about whom else he was going to have to happen to for failing to keep their mouth shut about the general area of their headquarters.
  7. Let us just say that considering the events that led up to her setting off the large flash of light that the guards noticed, he isn't sympathetic right now.
  8. ...Kabra'za has only said one thing aloud. It's the sentence with the speech marks that's colored.
  9. Yeah, Kabra'za is really angry right now. He expected professionals and he got kindergartners fighting over a stick.
  10. Considering that the rebellion was at least three years old, Kabra'za had entertained the thought that those whom had volunteered to join him in raiding would have at least been semi competent in order to have stayed free and alive all this time. How wrong he was... While the others bickered, fought and went all out to screw his mission up before it even had a chance to get underway Kabra'za took a moment to take a moment to close his eyes, take a deep breath... and decided to wait until they were all somewhere remotely safe before figuring out who to punish first. Taking advantage of the teleport provided by Moon to escape the very guards she alerted to their presence in the first place like the freaking moron that she was, the zebra had hopped into the circle alongside the others. Reaching up to hold his top hat steady as he forced himself to stand still and recover his bearings after the teleportation, he sighed a little as he glanced around at the area and tried to work out where the hell Moon had taken them. Taking a leadership role because clearly no one else was able to do so, he turned to those present and barked in a tone of voice that easily expressed the barely restrained fury that was building up inside of him "Secure the parameter and figure out where we are. Now!" he barked through gritted teeth. Orders given, he walked over to the downed Moon and allowed his gaze to wonder over her, attempting to get an idea of what her current condition was and thus the correct course of treatment to offer her.
  11. ...People are posting -why- to quickly. It's hard to keep up or figure out who's present and what's happening.
  12. Alright, anyone who wants to be apart of Kabra'za raid, you're more then welcome to be there.
  13. Kabra'za didn't know what the small town was called. It seemed like the kind of place that sprung up on the road in-between the actually important places because the road stretched on forever and a traveler could only travel so far before they needed to stop to rest, cook up a nice meal to fill themselves up and generally prepare themselves to hit the road again; In the grand scheme of things it wasn't an important or strategic location beyond being a resting place for travelers. As such, it had largely been ignored by the occupying forces; While Sombra and Chrysalis liked to give the public presentation that they had eyes and ears everywhere and that all were under their iron horseshoes equally, the truth of the matter was that they only had so many troops in order to cover all of the lands that they had occupied and keep the very large population in check and thus garrisoning forces had to be divvied up based on value and importance. Towns like this might have had a squad of solders at most and even then it was more for the look of the thing then anything else because the best and brightest weren't given guard duty in a nowhere town unless they had screwed badly enough to be punished, but not so much as to be executed or imprisoned. This was the kind of posting that the useless and hopeless ended up at. This made it perfect for Kabra'za purposes; It was a wonderful target. Giving the buildings one last look over from his position in the bushes, he quietly drew back in order to check on those whom had decided to join him for this rebellious raid.
  14. Okay, I feel like this is a very important question to ask; What exactly is a Sombra/Chrysalis controlled Equestria like? What is day to day life like for the average citizen?