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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. The other thing I want to say is, I hope they do something with the other sisters instead of just Maud. She's a one-joke pony, and while it's a good joke, I can't help but think that it will become stale. I didn't think about the possibility before, but after watching Jessie Wood's most recent review, I have to agree- this plot could have been far more interesting if we saw a new character being played with rather than a character that we already know everything about. Like Limestone, or Marble. Why Maud? Because people like Maud. Idk. But the CMC episode was promising. So now 3 strikes for laziness and a strike taken back for a good episode. So now 2 strikes for laziness? We'll see more going forward.
  4. SpongeBob has no continuity, and the Status Quo is God. Nothing ever changes, characters never grow, and the show has no overarching plot. You can't have a really long show AND a worthwhile plot. if a show has a meaningful overarching story, then it can't go on forever. If you try to make it go on forever, characters will get flanderized, or become Mary Sues, you run out of ideas for big storylines, and overall seasonal rot sets in. The reason is that a show with a meaningful story must reach a meaningful resolution. If we watch something with a storyline, then we want a resolution. Keeping it going on without end, trying to delay and delay the resolution of the main plot can only go badly. SpongeBob, Family Guy, and the Simpsons can go on forever because their plots are contained with a given episode, and there is no real need for growth and development of the characters. Dr. Who and Star Trek go on forever because they constantly have full refreshes of the cast. They don't add a character or two- they completely finish off a character(s) and then start with new ones. Those are the two ways to keep a show going. Have no continuity and no growth and no development OR completely replace the main cast every few years, starting a new story. Trying to keep a story going with the same characters forever just won't work.
  5. Still seems like they plan on trying to "get away with" the way her redemption went. And they will.
  6. @@snowflame, @@SaburoDaimando, @, From a story writing perspective, it's a little different. In real life, a person can have hundreds, thousands of personality traits. But writing a character that complex necessitates most of the focus be on that single character, and to be a more introspective style of writing. In a show that follows multiple characters, making them all deep enough to be interesting, but not some complicated that you can't follow them all, is a delicate balance. Particularly for a light-hearted, large cast, child oriented show as MLP is, you can't give them struggles as subtle as the conflict one might get following a show focused on one character. Even adults would find that much complexity overwhelming with a cast as large as this. In addition, it's important to remember that with a large cast, each one needs to have unique goals and flaws. Sure, you can write a story about, say, Rarity being arrogant with her success and her vision. But that story has been done with RD. The other thing is, there's a limit to what conflicts are believable for a given character. And even further, MAYBE there could be something besides Rarity expanding shops. And MAYBE you could write a sequence of stories about RD going further up in the Wonderbolts. But in an ensemble cast, such furthering of goals is really just grasping at straws. At a certain point, you can't do the subtleties of long-term goals for a given character. And with some characters, what do you see beyond the now? After Twilight has learned to be a good teacher, what's left? At that point, she will effectively be Celestia's successor. Become more than Celestia ever was? That's going to approach Mary Sueness. As for RD and Rarity, what do you see? Rarity is already expanding. If we start seeing her trying to become a multinational corporation, it just takes us way beyond the comfortable scale for MLP. RD going up the ranks- I suppose. But that's such an involved plot, there would need to be a lot more screen time given to her to achieve it.' New goals- I mean. What other goals do you have in mind? People don't have 500 dreams and achieve them all. That makes it less relatable,and less realistic. In real life, you pick a dream or two, and pursue them. I understand that people don't want MLP to end- but it won't. Too much money for it to die. But trust me, as somebody who knows about story writing- a given story needs an end. And some of the best shows ever, do end. They reach a conclusion- because that's what people want from a story. It's dull if it drags on forever. All good things must end. Anyways, that's my piece on the subject of character goals. I feel like the time of the current Mane 6 should end soon, and maybe start a new story with a new cast in the same world. That would probably be best for the health of MLP, and the fandom.
  7. I will say the humor is on point, and I only cringed a couple of times. Pinkie Rarity is best Rarity lmao. But I was more stating the plot as an example in a string of meh storytelling decisions. By itself it was an okay episode. @@Wind Chaser, As for my comment about Flurry Heart- it's that she was used not once, but twice as a lazy plot device.
  8. You're right, but the reason is because Twilight's character has just about reached the peak of its growth. She can't really develop any more than she has already, without becoming a Mary Sue. Same for some of the other characters. They're all achieving their goals, and reaching their cap of growth. Any focus on them is becoming very tricky without flanderizing their characters or making them too perfect. This is the reason seasonal rot occurs. As characters hit their respective story ends, the show runs out of material. And then new characters are stuffed in in an attempt to find new threads to pursue. The only characters that really still have room to grow are Fluttershy, whose goals are still unknown to us; Spike, who could use some help; RD, who has one more goal to obtain- and it's coming soon; and Pinkie Pie, whose goals are also unknown to us. AJ never had much room to grow from the start, Twily is in the same position Celestia was S1-3, Rarity now has multiple shops, and the CMC have their Cutie Marks. When character goals start being met for the main cast, the show is starting to run its course.
  9. So, today's episode was a complete rip-off of Gift of the Magi. Despite good humor, I cringed every time I saw a cloned plot point from this classical tale of gift-giving. Aside from basically stealing a story and putting ponies in it, a completely predictable plot, and a moral that could be known verbatim without even finishing the episode, it seems like the third strike in a row that shows the beginnings of less involved storytelling in MLP:FIM. The other strikes were how Princess Poof was used in the season opener, and the redemption-forgiveness arc that lasted all of 5 minutes, and doesn't look like it's going to be given more screen time after the opener. What do you guys think? Does it seem like the writers are starting to get a bit lazy? Any other occasions that I missed? Or do you disagree with the qualms I had with Flurry Heart screeching a conflict into being, an unsatisfying redemption of a promising villain, and a carbon copy plot? Let me know below.
  10. yeah. As long as there's never an episode where the premise is "Oh noes, Sunburst's spell is wearing off" I'll be content in that department.
  11. I'm glad they nerfed it. So, the contrivance of the OP baby will only be contained to the opener. Spike was written very well, and Tia and Luna did something. Sunburst was interesting, and I kind of liked him. I was disappointed that the S5 finale is going to be the extent of Starlight's redemption. In all, there were goods and bads. Hopefully gong forward, Spike remains in this "assistant teacher" kind of role. And hopefully they don't do anything like "the spell is wearing off! princess alert!" for easy plots. I'm still nervous at the lack of the old writers tho.
  12. So, the S6 opener was today. And you guys will have seen me skitzing out a bit in the weeks leading up to it, so here is a discussion thread for my thoughts, and everybody elses. Addressing the elephant in the room that is Princess Flurry Heart, her role in the opener was every bit as contrived and Poof-like as the doomsayers predicted. But, thankfully, they nerfed her with a spell, so going forward, it should be fine. No Poof. Good. Fingers crossed that they don't do something like "the spell is wearing off" for lazy stories going forward. Spike was written very well, and showed a bit of maturity, kind of being an assistant teacher to Starlight now- a turn that was unexpected but makes for a nice fresh of breath air. If Spike is written this well going forward, as somebody who learned from Twilight, and is now helping someone else learn as well, this could make for a good change. Speaking of Starlight, I was still left in wanting for more attention given to her redemption, given that a 30 second montage for Starlight was equivalent to all of Rainbow Rocks for Sunset. I was hoping they would show some kind of regression, or more explanation on how she got from "Friend leaving" to "Karl Marex" but there was not. Less time was given to her and Sunburst than there should have been, and he just completely moved past her confession, and I feel the whole plot with the baby and the Crystalling took away from these two. Might have been more space without the blizzard plot. Unfortunately, this is the real minus of the opener. It seems like the writers want us to accept the little song as the entirety of Starlight's redemption arc. So, while the problem with the baby has been reduced going forward, the fact that they are going to force us to accept the bit of lazy writing in the finale has given me new inhibitions. There won't be any struggles with acceptance like Sunset had, nor any struggle internally as Discord have. We are supposed to accept Starlight as is, everything forgiven, immediately shoehorned into the "Twilight's pupil role," and while that role is something I can get used to, the fact that the entrance into that role was so lazy is something that will remain as a bitter taste in my mouth. Anyways, those are my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think below!
  13. It was disappointing that we didn't see the Starlight Forgiveness montage retconned, and I'm not happy that the writers are going to get away with a lazy redemption, but her role is something I'll get used to. As a friend for Spike, seems interesting
  14. He was good in the opener. Probably the best part of the opener TBH. Though Tia and Luna were good too.
  15. So, at the end of the premiere thank god. So, the opener was kind of eh. The plot was every bit as contrived as we expected it would be, but going forward, it looks fine. Also, Starlight told her cringeworthy backstory again, and there is no further addressing of this point. Nor will there be I think. But at least the biggest problem has been dealt with.