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  1. The other thing I want to say is, I hope they do something with the other sisters instead of just Maud. She's a one-joke pony, and while it's a good joke, I can't help but think that it will become stale. I didn't think about the possibility before, but after watching Jessie Wood's most recent review, I have to agree- this plot could have been far more interesting if we saw a new character being played with rather than a character that we already know everything about. Like Limestone, or Marble. Why Maud? Because people like Maud. Idk. But the CMC episode was promising. So now 3 strikes fo
  2. SpongeBob has no continuity, and the Status Quo is God. Nothing ever changes, characters never grow, and the show has no overarching plot. You can't have a really long show AND a worthwhile plot. if a show has a meaningful overarching story, then it can't go on forever. If you try to make it go on forever, characters will get flanderized, or become Mary Sues, you run out of ideas for big storylines, and overall seasonal rot sets in. The reason is that a show with a meaningful story must reach a meaningful resolution. If we watch something with a storyline, then we want a resolution. Keepin
  3. Still seems like they plan on trying to "get away with" the way her redemption went. And they will.
  4. @@snowflame, @@SaburoDaimando, @, From a story writing perspective, it's a little different. In real life, a person can have hundreds, thousands of personality traits. But writing a character that complex necessitates most of the focus be on that single character, and to be a more introspective style of writing. In a show that follows multiple characters, making them all deep enough to be interesting, but not some complicated that you can't follow them all, is a delicate balance. Particularly for a light-hearted, large cast, child oriented show as MLP is, you can't give them struggles
  5. I will say the humor is on point, and I only cringed a couple of times. Pinkie Rarity is best Rarity lmao. But I was more stating the plot as an example in a string of meh storytelling decisions. By itself it was an okay episode. @@Wind Chaser, As for my comment about Flurry Heart- it's that she was used not once, but twice as a lazy plot device.
  6. You're right, but the reason is because Twilight's character has just about reached the peak of its growth. She can't really develop any more than she has already, without becoming a Mary Sue. Same for some of the other characters. They're all achieving their goals, and reaching their cap of growth. Any focus on them is becoming very tricky without flanderizing their characters or making them too perfect. This is the reason seasonal rot occurs. As characters hit their respective story ends, the show runs out of material. And then new characters are stuffed in in an attempt to find new thre
  7. So, today's episode was a complete rip-off of Gift of the Magi. Despite good humor, I cringed every time I saw a cloned plot point from this classical tale of gift-giving. Aside from basically stealing a story and putting ponies in it, a completely predictable plot, and a moral that could be known verbatim without even finishing the episode, it seems like the third strike in a row that shows the beginnings of less involved storytelling in MLP:FIM. The other strikes were how Princess Poof was used in the season opener, and the redemption-forgiveness arc that lasted all of 5 minutes, and doe
  8. yeah. As long as there's never an episode where the premise is "Oh noes, Sunburst's spell is wearing off" I'll be content in that department.
  9. I'm glad they nerfed it. So, the contrivance of the OP baby will only be contained to the opener. Spike was written very well, and Tia and Luna did something. Sunburst was interesting, and I kind of liked him. I was disappointed that the S5 finale is going to be the extent of Starlight's redemption. In all, there were goods and bads. Hopefully gong forward, Spike remains in this "assistant teacher" kind of role. And hopefully they don't do anything like "the spell is wearing off! princess alert!" for easy plots. I'm still nervous at the lack of the old writers tho.
  10. So, the S6 opener was today. And you guys will have seen me skitzing out a bit in the weeks leading up to it, so here is a discussion thread for my thoughts, and everybody elses. Addressing the elephant in the room that is Princess Flurry Heart, her role in the opener was every bit as contrived and Poof-like as the doomsayers predicted. But, thankfully, they nerfed her with a spell, so going forward, it should be fine. No Poof. Good. Fingers crossed that they don't do something like "the spell is wearing off" for lazy stories going forward. Spike was written very well, and showed a bit
  11. It was disappointing that we didn't see the Starlight Forgiveness montage retconned, and I'm not happy that the writers are going to get away with a lazy redemption, but her role is something I'll get used to. As a friend for Spike, seems interesting
  12. He was good in the opener. Probably the best part of the opener TBH. Though Tia and Luna were good too.
  13. So, at the end of the premiere thank god. So, the opener was kind of eh. The plot was every bit as contrived as we expected it would be, but going forward, it looks fine. Also, Starlight told her cringeworthy backstory again, and there is no further addressing of this point. Nor will there be I think. But at least the biggest problem has been dealt with.
  14. Idk. I was still unsatisfied with her redemption, and it does indeed look like that 2 second montage at the end of the finale will be the only redemption process we get. Since she's jumping right in with the main cast as if nothing happened. I really wanted more time to her forgiveness arc like sunset in RR, but nope.
  15. Levinger left too. And Haber has some pretty big misses. @, But with the 3 best writers gone from mlp, and one completely invested in the movie, that leaves only two writers who we know, and both of them have had average-to-bad episodes, with maybe a couple of hits. And neither of them has really been completely on point with characterization- something which is especially important for the success of this show. I am not saying the show is doomed with certainty, but a few recent storytelling decisions, some of the plot premises for S6 episodes, and the loss of the best writers all br
  16. That might terrify you, but if he wrote what I consider to be one of the best episodes, then maybe there is still hope. I loved flight at the finish. It was very relatable and heartwarming, and covered intense subject matters of bullying and disability. The only flaw is that they didn't really answer the question of will Scootaloo fly or not- but I understand that this was to prevent divisiveness and controversy. But great songs, great characters etc. But opinions. I loved that episode so I have faith in him.
  17. Slice of Life was always the meat of the show, but I am referring to a specific brand of slice of life- namely the kind of random, whacky kind of slice of life. MLP's brand of SoL was character focused, growth-focused, and moral-focused. Josh Haber's brand is more of the random goofy antics kind of SoL. they're different kinds of stories. Obviously it's possible that it will stay along those lines, but so far, it looks like more random antics based on the synopses we received. And as I said, whether the SoL will be good largely depends on whether the new writers can do well with long-stand
  18. Personally, it seems like the show is going in the direction of a random, slice of life (but also fantasy adventure) comedy. Which is a type of show i love, and a show that Josh Haber can write. But it's not quite the MLP we normally expect. MLP is a slice of life show at its core, but we love the adventure stories as well. That said, Josh Haber doesn't do adventure well, so it should honestly go back to a more season 1 feel, or it will tank under Josh Haber's inability to write a high quality adventure. The key is also whether the new writers can maintain the characterizations we know and lo
  19. I have gone from slightly concerned because of the Flurry Heart thing, to more concerned. At this point in time, I am not going to hold S6 to any standard of storytelling and morals. Hopefully the characters remain well-written, with good comedy and slice of life soon. But as for good stories and relatable morals? I'm not expecting much from S6. I think there is still hope we'll have an enjoyable season, but I predict that S5 will have been the height of the show, with S6 ranging from potentially enjoyable to utter garbage, as possibilities. However, that cautious optimism took a hit w
  20. Everypony. Natasha Levinger and MA Larson have both left the show. That makes me even more concerned. At this point, I'm not resting on any real story quality of the tier that we're used to. Hopefully the characters are still entertaining enough, but I'm setting my expectations very low for everything besides comedy and characterization
  21. That's how a baby story should go. You actually pointed out one of the things I've been trying to say the whole time. What you just said- well, that's the ideal. But the issue is, they went for "OP baby causes a problem, other ponies have to fix it." Rather than have the conflict focus on caring for/rescuing/ saving the baby, which would be wayy better, they made the conflict "Baby creates blizzard." Which is a ridiculous idea, and incredibly lazy. That wasn't any better. It just wasn't this magnitude of bad writing. If only. Much doubt. But I would only like
  22. I said if she becomes a Deus Ex Machina. Nowhere did I imply that she already was one. And her being a pseudo-antagonist because of "oops baby magic" is pretty bad too. Babies have problems with them that make them easy to write badly. I've said what I mean by it several times in the thread, but in essence, a well-written baby doesn't do much. They shouldn't have waves of impact on the world around them like summoning blizzards (hint hint). They should be pushed to the side a bit, and they should just sit there being a baby. Laughing, giggling, smiling, crying, etc... And the story potenti
  23. Several have said they are waiting until the premier before they make a final decision. It is perfectly acceptable to have low expectations, and it's even more acceptable if people have logical reasons which have driven these expectations. You are very much overgeneralizing here. There is an active discussion here about why we have misgivings and concerns. It's not like this is a blind OMG DIE PRINCESS FLURRY FACE! That may be the emotion many of us have. But people are offering logic and reasoning as to why we feel that way. You say it's designed to "bash" as if we are making a game o
  24. @@SBaby, Having misgivings and concerns doesn't mean we aren't calm. It means we are thinking about things from the perspective of what the baby can possibly be, and not many of the possibilities are desirable. What desirable outcomes are there? Outcomes that don't involve the baby being a hollow plot device, existing only to provide conflict, with no other merits to it?
  25. I don't agree with the word Mary Sue for baby Flutter Face. She doesn't have any characterization. No flaws, no strengths. Because she's a darn baby. Babies can't have character and still be believable. The fact that she's "just a baby". Is a large part of the concern. Babies are not characters yet. They are more like objects, to which the show and the characters react. Which is why it's so important to not make them powerful or special. It's pretty much like adding a really cute, happy rock to the show. A cute happy rock could function the same way, and has in past media. But if you give
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