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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. ReverieRiver

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Loud Opinion It had all happened so quickly, in her perspective. Silver had been standing outside the temple with the others, and then... something... happened. Something that had stolen the breath from her, and she had faded from consciousness before she'd even had the time to truly question what was happening. She had simply flickered out, like a candle in too strong a breeze. And she drifted in nothingness for a while. The only thing that reached her from the outside world was voices. The voices of those she had met earlier, and new ones. Vaguely, she wondered if the apparent new
  3. @Loud Opinion I am so sorry. I really do keep meaning to reply, but I've been very distracted and spacey lately... I'm going to reply today, promise. That being said- @Califorum Would you mind holding off on posting until I get a reply in? It's getting a bit overwhelming trying to keep up while trying to think of a reply...
  4. @Loud Opinion Oh! Yes! I'm more than ready to hop back in. I meant to respond earlier, but then the site went down for maintenance and I was just sitting here.... then I forgot again by the time it came back. Silly me
  5. @Loud Opinion, Hm, the more the merrier, I say! Also I do apologize for dropping off the face of the earth 'round here. Sometimes I just get absorbed in real life matters such as work or other interests, but I'm here again, hopefully to stay So do I uh... just make Silver wake up whenever I feel like hopping back in?
  6. ReverieRiver

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @ExplosionMare, @Loud Opinion Silver Tongue smiled, then turned her attention forward again as the small group proceeded, almost at the temple now. What Starlight said next made her pause, though, a hoof hovering midstep as an ear flicked towards the other mare. Silver looked at her, sincere confusion apparent in her expression. That was an interesting topic to bring up right now, and perhaps kind of personal depending on which pony you asked. She genuinely wasn't sure what Starlight was trying to get at, and that threw her if only for a moment or two. She contemplated Starlight's words c
  7. @Loud Opinion Sorry for the holdup! Been caught up in real life things, finding a job specifcally.... blegh I'm gonna go ahead and put out a reply real quick, and then we can advance the story!
  8. ReverieRiver

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @ExplosionMare, @Loud Opinion Silver greeted the two with a polite nod of her head as she introduced herself. "The pleasure's mine. I'm Silver Tongue." She then looked to Starlight, keeping a carefully schooled expression of mild interest as the other unicorn went through her spiel about 'beautiful friendships through sameness.' A misguided attempt at equality, she was sure. Not that equality was something she was interested in, anyway. Silver didn't wish for equality - she wanted control. But she didn't want to stir up any trouble this early on, didn't want to raise what would likely be
  9. ReverieRiver

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Loud Opinion, @ExplosionMare Silver took another moment to herself to calm her nerves as the bell tolled, breathing slowly. Now wasn't the time to let her emotions get away from her, no matter how thrilling the prospect of achieving her dreams was. That would only serve to cloud her judgement. And if there were other ponies to compete against - which, clearly there were, she noted as she heard the voices of others approaching - then she needed to keep a level head. More importantly, she needed to familiarize herself with the competition, if they were indeed here for the same reason as sh
  10. ReverieRiver

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Loud Opinion Silver found herself holding her breath as the unseen thing shifted and moved through the grass, ears swiveling as she followed the sounds of its movements. Careful, she reminded herself. It wouldn't do to come all this way only to get assaulted by some kind of creature from the nearby forest. She stayed still until the mystery had passed, and the night was quiet again. Tense muscles eased just slightly, and she released the breath she'd been holding. Only then did she light her horn, charging it with a pale aura to illuminate the immediate area. Not that it was needed, with
  11. @Loud Opinion Oops! Yeah, I guess I must've misread Silver will have come and waited until the time of the event
  12. ReverieRiver

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    Ruby eyes surveyed the structure before her, gears whirring inside her head. The unicorn's long, slender tail twitched as she stared, silver hair catching glints of pale moonlight. Well, this was the place. Power laid in wait, for the pony ambitious enough to seize the opportunity. (That pony would be her, she was certain of it.) Her heart pounded with anticipation; even if she felt it safe enough to rest here, she would get no sleep tonight. Everything she dreamed of was here, right within her reach! Silver Tongue took a few steps closer to the building, particularly curious of the tower
  13. @Loud Opinion I'll get right on it! And whoops lol, small world am I right? Ah well, the more the merrier! (Though that might not be a GOOD thing for everypony else, my Silver isn't exactly a very good pony )
  14. I'm intrigued by this plot! It's been a while since I've tossed my hat into the RP ring rather than just watching as a staffer, but I think I'd like to join this one As for my character, I think my lovely Silver Tongue would be perfect for this! She's an attractive unicorn mare with big ambitions, and doesn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to reach her goals. Her special talent is, of course, her silver tongue; she can charm most ponies with her words, and her skills of persuasion are unparalleled. What does she want, you might ask? Why, what any ambitious pony wants - power. So
  15. Merry Birthiversary! 

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