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    We would have a battle of wit, but it seems you have been disarmed.
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    Hey everypony, and welcome, firstly i discovered Mlp at ID Tech Camp. Its like a programming/gaming camp. A friend encouraged me to watch and before i knew it i was up till 3 am watching episodes. Also my real name is Peter for those who dont know.
    Leauge of Legends
    D & D
    Formula 1

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    These are some of my favorite people on the fourms who i have met throught out roleplaying, and i just love talking to

    Charcoal Embers
    Mint Drop
    Blue Blur

    ((All amazing ponies))

    Mane 6 from favorite to least favorite


    2. Rainbow Dash

    3. Twilight

    4. Pinkie Pie

    5. Applejax

    6. Rarity

    Princesses favorite to least favorite

    1. Cadence

    2. Twilght

    3. Luna

    4. Celestia

    ((I love them all,but orders))

    Background ponies favorite to least favorite

    1. Vinyl

    2. Dr.Whooves

    3. Derpy

    4. Lyra

    Villians favorite to least favorite

    1. Sunset Shimmer

    2. Discord

    3. Queen Chryalis

    4. King Sombra

    Also getting into art
    DA: http://lasktime.deviantart.com/
    Guardian Unicorn OC: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/guardian-r5038
    Ambrose Unicorn OC: http://mlpforums.com..._/ambrose-r4626
    Dusk Shadow Pegasus OC: http://mlpforums.com...sk-shadow-r4871
    Essence Flux Pegasus OC: http://mlpforums.com...nces-flux-r4774
    Crimson Shifted Changeling OC: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/crimson-shadowshifted-r5255
    Crimson Star http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/crimson-star-r5411

    Feel free to message me about any of this XD

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  1. Ello, i would love to join with Guardian if possible. Thanks! http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/guardian-r5038?do=edit
  2. Timeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. ((Can you guys please slow down a little bit)) ((Back a bit)) Ambrose hugged him back. "you are fantastic," she corrected him. "I dont plan to lose you yet again" she said. ((Okay now)) Ambrose nodded along with the conversation not really paying much attention. "Sorry, wait, a clone?" @@Cimarronboy,
  4. "That sounds like a lovely idea, lets get going" she said checking the mechanics on her crossbow. She had managed to retrieve her cloak from Midnight along with her wings. Those two items would help her immensely in combat against Sombra. She looked up, "And you are?" @@Cimarronboy,
  5. @@super2379, She nodded "then lets go get Sombra" she said. Light had mentioned something about a castle and a plan. She saw no reason to go ahead and get started with this fight, the sooner the better. Ambrose hugged him briefly "Thank you for everything" she whispered.
  6. Ambrose stood, Light had come to talk to her, but had been pulled away instantly. She wished that she had some time alone with him for once. Then the singing began and she fell silent. She stood and walked over to Light. "T-that was beautiful" she said quietly.
  7. Firstly, that is the best avatar ever. Now, i really hate Diamond Tiara, she is just a jerk. Especially in the episode where the make fun of Scootaloo for not being able to fly. It just really annoys me.
  8. Ambrose had been relatively quiet lately, she was still amazed by her wings coming back. It was a rather amazing to have something coming back after its been lost for so long. She looked up to see the new pony in the group. This was good, the more ponies there were the easier it would be to take down Sombra. She spoke up "Don't worry... Abadon was it, Blood Wing likes pointing weapons at everything." @,
  9. The Time Pony

    Open Across the Globe

    "I vote we follow the river, we can always duck into a town to find more supplies if we need more. We don't want to go looking for trouble if we don't have too" he said. He glanced again at Ever, he didn't want her getting hurt. She was his number 1 priority, above himself
  10. The Time Pony

    Open Across the Globe

    Crimson stood and offered a hoof to Evergreen. "Let's keep going, dawn is almost here" he said as the first ray of light appeared. "Those turned don't like the sun, so we should t waste anytime. Let's go" he said. He hefted the spear as snapped the shaft in half so it was more daggers sized.
  11. Sorry, this sounds perfect can't wait to start this rp. Let's get going. Also I would send out a pm to people
  12. The Time Pony

    Open Across the Globe

    While conner was distracted Crimson leaned over to sharpwit. "Conner will have to be delt with... talk later" he whispered. Then to the group. "Napalm is fairly easy to make conner, i think your just bullshiting us. Making yourself look good so we become scared of you" ((Napalm is fun though))
  13. The Time Pony

    Open Across the Globe

    "if they try to attack anypony in this group, we fight back. Unless they had a very, very, good reason to do so" he said to the group. He stood and retrieved some candy from the minibar. "Anypony want a snack?" he asked the group in front of him. He munched on one himself. "
  14. The Time Pony

    Open Across the Globe

    Crimson glanced over "sorry Ever, but he does have a good point" he scooted a bit closer to her. It felt nice to have at least one pony beside him, he warmed him, giving him a little flicker of happiness inside this twisted world. "Shall we head out?" He asked
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