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  1. I do apologize for my misbehavior, it really depends, my OC is based on how i would act in that given situation. i am a nuetral party, and my allegiance goes to the highest bidder so long as it does not interfere with my core values. -Integrety (honor any agreements made) -Compassion (nopony gets hurt) -loyalty (my primary allegiance is not in jeopardy) My primary allegiance is to Celestia, I would like to start off in a negative light, in become good as the story goes on... I dont get butthurt about my OC getting his ass kicked. as long as it was done reasonably (not OP) and beaten through a good story and clever fight, i will admit defeat, so long as whoever I may fight is the same. to answer your question in a few words, Evil and crossover to good. This leaves room for a much wider veriaty of outcomes.
  2. I would hate to bring this up, im not going to mention any names but there are some people in here who are very unwelcoming, especially over something as petty as grammatical mistakes of all things. how cliche...

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      Grammatical mistakes irritate myself, and i'm sure as well as others. Although, does it really matter who likes you and who does not?

  3. @Rascal61 Understanding? anyone else would have said that a few grammatical errors or a simple misunderstanding would not be this big a deal, I swear you guys have made roleplaying, something that is usually simple, into something as complicated as politics, the only thing that is missing is my social securtiy number and DOB. you shouldnt have to fill out forms make requests Ect. just to have fun roleplaying, ive already apologized, and i will take better care of my grammer, this is not my forum so i have no say in regards to the process, but in my opinion you guys are the most nit picking, OCD, and finicky people ive ever met. yet i say nothing about your grammar. and that is just one post. you dont hear me complaining. but as i have said before i will take better care of my grammar, and be more careful, get all the links, to all the paperwork, and follow the process no matter how rediculous i think it is. i apologize.
  4. this isnt a college essay, i write properly and formely when i need to. I have been a part of many forums, but i am not very familiar with this one in particular. i skimmed the rules, and i take responisbility for not being clear, a mistake i wont repeat. i have never been involved in a "FANDOM FORUM" i wish to emphisize that point before i am misinterpreted again. you have the link. and you can review my grammar skills through the fanfic original link in my sig.
  5. In the middle of a roleplay? this is an OOC and im asking if you guys have any room for me... i woulndt have said anything about this thread if it hadnt said it was searching. ill got get the link and edit this post, but rather then being defensive how about just asking me for the links. im not trying to cause trouble. but i get annoyed easily. the fastest way to do that is to disregard the fact that i AM new to this particular forum and jump straight to the conclusion that i was being vague. this goes unappreciated. however i do apologize for anything i may have said or done that may have offended anyone. EDIT: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/fenrir-galloper-r4651 there is the link to my OC proifle. again my apologies for my inexperiance here. im still getting used to it.
  6. Hey, I said in my last status update i was here originally to get some light on my fanfic http://mlpforums.com/topic/75581-grimwells-gift-by-cameron-oquinn/ its about a 20 minute read. so if you could take a minute thatd be great.

  7. i said the information could be found in my profile OC Fenrir Galloper, The Links to the fanfic are in my signiture.
  8. if yhou guys need sompony else i would be game for it, im a pretty fun roleplayer and my OC has somewhat of an interesting combination of stoic and quirky. the title alone sounds promising and im an excellent writer, we should really try to get this off the ground. obviously new to the group so im in no posistion to call shots, but i have mod experiance in Freestyle nunchuck forum XDA developers and the Werewolf Cafe, the list goes on. my point is I may be able to help... A fanfic with my oc gives a good description of how he is, not long, bout a 20 minute read. you can find either the fanfic reading or the original post to get an idea of his character. not to mention the character database. there are plenty of sources to choose from so pick your poisen. hit me up and I will be all over this shiz.. ^^
  9. I think everyone has their own preference simply because the characters themselves are so diverse. people tend to choose the character they most relate to, i personnally like rainbow dash, fluttershy however is a dangerously close second.
  10. obviously im a guy, and will be doing my oc's voice, i do great voice acting work and you wont be dissapointed, il be unavailable tommorow, but anytime after is okay. if you wanna know how my oc knows the mane 6 check out my link in the signature, id be game for doing something like this. thatd be awesome.
  11. Not a bad site, intention was to upload fanfiic and be on my way, might stick around with you ponies

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      We tend to have that effect on people :)

  12. Walking into town from over the hill coming out of the everfree forest, "Fenrir, OHMIGOSH where have you been its been like forever, ive been waiting for you to get back and" Fenrir Interupted "Rainbow, take a breath, relax... now speak" Rainbow continued "its been a while huh haha" rainbow chuckled, "yea, i suppose it has, hey tell ya what, ill race you to cantorlot and back, first one back by sundown wins. ready GO" Rainbow zipped past the houses on her way out of town. "hey guys, im going to sugar cube corner for a bit, lemme know when she realizes im not threre haha" fenrir joked "thats awful" one pony responded from a distance "you really think so?" fenrir turned to show his flank, "oh dear, what ever happened to your cutiemark" she inquired "oh why dont you ask rainbow dash where her paintbrush is, and when this stuff comes off, trust me, she deserves a worse prank" fenrir explained "i dont get mad, i get even." fenrir continued off on his own before running into an alicorn of all things in ponyville, "Excuse me your highness, my apologies OH Twilight, its you! its good to see you." "oh hi fenrir, you wouldnt happen to know where rainbow dash ran off to would you" twilight asked "uhhh thats a good question, i think she went off for a nice flying session, she should be back before sundown. "uh huh, so you dont know where she is?: twilight said skeptically, "at the moment... no... " fenrir grinned, "hey whos the new guy?" Fenrir asked "some alicorn named Broken Budz, your more then welcome to go say hello if you would like" twilight insisted, "maybe, well see, later, wheres fluttershy?" fenrir stumbled over his words as if to avoid the question. "shes, around" twilight dodged the question, "you dont know either do you?" fenrir scoffed. "not exactly, no" twilght replied solemly. "no worries, ill see her eventually, no broken budz you said it was? guess i might pass the time." Fenrir trotted off to say hello..............
  13. Grimwell's Gift By Cameron O'Quinn ~Prologue Once upon a time, long before the sun and moon were a figmant of the founding of the great nation of equestria, there was a ruler by the name of Grimwell Galloper, a powerful unicorn who seperated the sun and moon and began the circle of night and day, he was the embodiment of power. The esscence of good and evil, right and wrong, night and day. though like all things, tiime began to wean its subtle way into the old kings heart. he felt his body slowly drift into the welcoming bussom of the void we know as death. a new form of magic, one whos mystery has shrouded the minds of the great leaders to come. but the secrets, left untold, would be left in the hands of his descendants. untold to even princess Celestia herself. As the days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, months to years, a millenia had passed, but before this great king of balance had allowed his longevity to reap its final moments in this world, he wished to leave, a parting gift. he summoned all of his magic still without equeal, and condensed it into a massive sphere, from there came crystals of many forms, ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, and of course the most rare. lumensulf, in the center of the crystal sphere fell the last and most rare of the lot. The beautiful crystals blessed the darkness with a lumenescent glow, one that would never fade from this world, and from his own horn, he formed another crystal, not much different from the ones made from magic yet, from his horn he granted the wearer many gifts. Gifts of the unicorn to be handed down from generation to generation. SO IT BEGINS "Hey TWILIGHT" the ominous voice cracked like a whip in twilight's ear as she turned cringing to the effect of the shock the sudden shout caused her, only to see Pinkie Pie standing there bouncing as happily as ever. Twilight smiled "Pinkie, if you dont stop bouncing your gonna get all wobbly" "No I wont silly, everypony knows that bouncing is the best way to get around these days" Pinkie debated "Besides, I have had plenty of... wwooaahhh" Crash, pinkie fell through the old wooden floor of the old library standing completly still as if nothing happened. "Pinkie Pie! Are you alright? Say something" Twilight yelled with the obvious tone of worry and panic in her voice, paying no attention to the massive hole in the wooden floor beneath her. "What Should I Say?" Pinkie asked sincerely "Anything to tell me your alright, are you hurt?" Twilight replied "Hmmm" Pinkie observed her surroundings inspecting herself for any obvious signs of injury "Looks fine to me Twilight, but theres one problem!" "Whats that Pinkie" "haha the whole in your floor looks like a giant spiky cupcake" pinkie joked, twilight was obviously not amused by the reminder of the damge done, though it was an accident it will still be a pain in the flank to fix. Unaware of anything other then what was currently on her mind, pinkie hopped away with the broken floor still pinned to her hooves down what seemed to be a network of catacombs lit by a interesting jewel known as lumensulf placed in an intricate order equally spaced down 4 directions, north, south, east, and west. "Aha I got it I will get Rarity to lend me some cloth I will have Rainbow Dash fly down while Apple Jack and FlutterShy Pull Pinkie up from the hole, but what about the wood flo..." suddenly realizing that Pinkie Pie had wondered off many thoughts flew through Twilights head "Oh no, what if she was eatin, what if she was ponynapped, what if..." What if she was attacked by a giant cake eating goblin and they thought she was the cake queen and took her to their layer ooohhhhh." a voice she recognized immediatly as she turned around to respond. "Rainbow Dash, oh thank goodness how long have you been there" "I came in with Pinkie Pie, we had a wicked awesome idea for a game we should play and wanted to invite everypony to join" Dash explained "Then I saw her make that sweet landing and tried not to laugh while you panicked haahahahaha." Twilight grabbed Rainbow Dash shaking her frantically "This is no time for jokes Rainbow, were's Rarity?!" Rainbow Dash attempting to regain her balance falls on her flank, crosses her hooves, and blows her mane out of her face "Shes with fluttershy at her Cottage waiting for us to get there." Rainbow pouted. "Well what are we waiting for let's go!" Twilight grabbed Rainbow Dash once again, this time pulling her out so fast the wind from her whiplash managed to slam the door behind them as they raced down the street. The Hunt "Fluttershy darling, what ever is taking them so long if I must wait in this dreadful heat any longer I feel I just might" collapsing to the pillow covered ground as fluttershy walks out with birds tying braids into her hair. "faint!" "Oh, oh dear I just dont know, maybe they just, uhm, ohh." Fluttershy replied anxiously awaiting their arrival. "Rarity!" Twilight yelled "Fluttershy!" Rainbow followed. "Your not going to believe what happened to pin..." Rarity interupted abruptly "I do hope you have a most reasonable excuse as to why you've arrived after all this time it feels as though it has been ages." "Oh Please, like your the one who should be talking about being faishionably late" Rainbow Dash joked as she walked passed Rarity who was dumbfounded at the remark "Well I uhm, It's just that I, I mean we, oh nevermiind." whilst Twilight paced back and forth mumbling what seemed to be words. "Twilight, is everything okay?" Fluttershy asked. "Okay?! Theres a ginormous hole in my floor Pinkie is missing, I am running out of Ideas and you ask if I am okay?" Twilight Screams startling Fluttershy causing her to zip to the branch hanging just above her head as she trembled, "Oh goody, you found Dashie, now that were all here we can get started" Pinkie exclaimed as she hopped her way up the hill, "Pinkie Pie!" Exclaimed them all "I thought you said she had gone missing Twilight?!" Rarity scoffed "She was, Pinkie where, what happened to you?" "Well, first I we all planned this really fun game and we wanted to come get you so Apple Jack went to the farm to get some apples while Rainbow Dash and I headed to your house so we could get you to come join us and you told me not to bounce and I bounced anyway then I fell down this big big hole and while I was down there I saw this amazing cave full of lumensulf Crystals so I went down the first cave I saw and..." The FlashBack "oh wow, this is so pretty! I'm just gonna have a look around, I'm sure Twilight will be fine. haha my inside voice sounds funnier then my outside voice. haha helloo heloo heloo." Pinkie Pie kept moving forward as she trotted down what seemed to be an endless corridor. After walking for what seemed to be half an hour she came to an alter she noticed the inscription on a baren podium. "Interutis Malfunay Lignum?" Well thats a silly name for an alter, ZAP a Flash of light engulfed the poorly lit room blinding pinkie in its intense brightness, "Sweet Gumdrops that was a big Firecracker, Again again haha." She Danced around the podium hoping for a second act, but she couldnt help but notice a White Crystal Laced with Black String. "Ohh, how neat!" She picked it up and placed it around her neck, to which it immediatly changed her view on everything, her perspective, it seemed different. "I must how fell harder then I thought" Ignoring the swirl of feelings that stirred inside her she continued on her way. "Why my funny pink friend, what is it you do in a place with no end?' Zakoras voice echoed across the cave as she came into sight, "Well im stuck in a ruck with no luck cause i zoomed in this room where I loom cause I fell and went boom inside this tomb!" Pinkie mimicked humerously. Zakora laughed "I assure you a tomb this is not, but a way out I certainly have got, follow the lumensulf where the mushrooms sprout, just ahead you will find your way out!" "thanks a ton, I was afraid I was going to go bananas." Pinkie Rushed off to meet her friends to find Twilight and Rainbow Dash already there "Oh good you found Dashie, now that were all here..." Grimwell's Gift "Pinkie Pie what is that around your neck?" asked Rarity "Oh something I found insdie the cave, it just popped outta nowhere right on this.." Rarity intrueded as she ran up gazing at the crystal charm with a sparkle in her eye "It is absolutly goergous. do you mind if I uhm, Try it on?" "Sure" Pinkie quickly slid the necklaced off her neck and on to Rarity's "Oh it is simply darling dont you think Pinkie Pie?" She asked as she turned around to Pinkie Pie, Pinkie lying on the ground Unconscious Rarity then Became a blaze of an Asure Flame that Engulfed her entire body which proved to be to much to handle causeing her collapse as well. "Oh no, what are we going to do?" Shouted Twilight. "I don't even know whats happening" followed Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy cowered beneath the picnic table. "Yall' ponies better get outta here pronto" Shouted Applejack, Big Macintosh followed behind her. "The Timberwolves are tearin' up everydarn thing in ponyville" "Why."asked Twilight solemly "I don't know, but I recken its got somthin' to do with that strange fella fightin' em' off" Apple Jack explained "Fluttershy you Stay here with those two." ordered Twilight "Rainbow Dash you ready to kick some tough timber tail?" "I uhh" Rainbow Dash was lost for words. Twilight grabbed the necklace and suddenly felt a surge of powerful magical energy flow through her. she speed off to the town with Rainbow Dash Leaving Big Mac and AJ behind. The Confrontation As they arrived in Ponyville they beheld the sight of a white pegusis with a black mane spiked in the front and a flowing tail crested with a royal blue streak standing his ground against six snarling timberwolves, "Look out!" Twilight screamed. The stranger's ear twitched at the sound indicating he noticed the voice in the distance. The wolves drew closer barking, snarling, and drooling. "Your in my way!" the stranger uttered as if speaking to them. The wolves didnt Flinch. the Stranger stamped his hoof in the ground with great force and anger "I said Move!" He shouted as he stepped forward. The wolves howled as two were hesitant and began to attack, rushing towards him yet the stranger never broke stand. Effortlessly He raised his hoof, and plowed it right into the skull of the first wolf, then the second, the third jumoed on his back followed by the fourth and fifth. He jumped into the air and spun like a hurricane throwing two of the three into a tree shattering them both. the fifth wolf merely fell to the ground barely injured as the sixth ran in from behind. Without even looking, only hearing the sound of the charging, immeadiatly raised his rear hoof smashing the sixth as he started towards the fifth. he stood over the fifth wolf with intense anger and pride and whispered "Move!" Whimpering the wolf ran away towards the everfree forest. Imeadiatly his mood changed and turned to look at Twilight and Rainbow Dash. just ahead, "hey, you two alright?" he asked "you know its safe to come out now right?" "uh, yea haha sure thing." Twilight said insecurly. Rainbow Dash blew past Twilight directly towards the Stranger"Wow that was awsome, you were all like bam boom, then the wolves were like rawr, and then you were all tch I'm not scared, then you were like zoom and that was sooo coool!" The Stranger smiled a half smile "Actually, I was terrified" he confessed "but courage is not the abscence of fear, its the ability to face them. I'm Fenrir Galloper and your...?" "Rainbow Dash and that egghead over there by the bridge is Twilight Sparkle." he looked in her direction as she stepped forward only a few feet away. "My neckalce!" he yelled "Where did you find it?" he ran towards her coming to a screeching halt, Twilight took several short steps back causing her to lose her footing and fall. Twilight Blushed "uhm, sorry its just I, well it is kind of a long story. Twilight spent the next few minutes explaining what had happened. "Oh I see, well first may I have my necklae back?" he pleaded "Ya know he could always just take it!?" Rainbow teased nudging her elbow on twilights shoulder. "What is it, I have never seen anything like it in any of my books?" Twilight asked "It's a great many things, I am not suprised you couldn't research it considering it has supposedly been deemed a myth for millenia, for the sake of its protection. I am suprised your able to control its power, but you feel it dont you, the stir of emotions that arent your own. this amulet holds the key to the secrets of life and death itsefl, with the ability to Create Life or Take it. it also has the power to grant anypony the power to weild magix like a unicorn, but at a cost, the amulet has a spell that ensures only its guardian is able to wield such power, this generation. has recognized me as its vessel, many other gifts or curses come with it, its in a matter of perspective, things like immortality, incarnate knowledge. but even know you feel it draining you. please, give it back." twilight removes the necklace and faints immediatly. "Twilight!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash "Shes Fine." Fenrir assured her, shes only resting. he closed his eyes and focused. the necklace shined a mixture of black and white Streams flowing from it, into Twilight. she jumped up soon after "I know what we need to do!" Twilight shouted "What, you were out cold! how, could you have thought of anything." A Whirlwind Swept Through the town as Rainbow Dash finished her sentence, thunder and white lightning struck in every direction, "Whats happening?" Twilight asked "The balance has been disrupeted, quickly, take me to your freinds there isn't much time before this world merges with the void. the necklace glowed again, this time like a unicorn's horn. a bright azure blue, like Rarity and from thin air appeared two metallic sticks held together with a chain. "Rainbow how Fast can you clear this storm?" asked Fenrir. Rainbow smiled wide as "ha, in ten sec..." Twilight intruded "probably around 9 or 10 seconds, now lets go!" "Great, I need you to get that done as quickly as possible catch up when your done." Fenrir told Dash "Lets go!" yelled Twilight. The Merger "C'mon SugerCube wake up" Apple Jack begged "Fluttershy please hurry." fluttershy quickly floated across the room with two warm towels and layed them across each of their heads. "I sure hope they will be okay." fluttershy began to cry "Easy there girl, I am sure those girls will be back quicker then Rainbow on Cider Season!" AJ tried to reassure her, but had little confidence in those words herself. "Hey everypony I brought help" Twilight spoke happily it's hard to explain, but, I spoke with Rarity and Pinkie in whats called the astral plane and their fine. the room began to darken, as if the light from the world was fading. "Twilight I need you to go back inside and show them the light, take these everypony, Fenrir handed each of them a lumensulf crystal necklace, "these were infused with magic and formed naturally in the lumenia caves that grow underneath certain regions of equestria, this will keep us from getting lost in the void." each of them slipped on the necklace with reluctance. but as soon as they did the room as they knew it had dissapeard, and they found themselves shrouded in a endless room of Fog "Where are we?" asked Twilight. "The Void of the unknown." Fenrir told Twilight "We do not belong here because we are of the living. therefore we must stay together." Fenrir went on leading the other ponies into the infinite cloud, "Pinkie Pie!" they shouted "Rarity!" Then suddenly they heard a voice "do try to keep it down dear, Sompony needs to get her beauty sleep." Dont let her sleep, if you do she will be lost in the void forever!" Fenrir Explained, Twilight touched her with her magical horn and restored Rarity's Strength. where are we. "AJ take her back all you have to do is focus on where you were." Fenrir asked "I reckin' I ain't got no other choice lets go darlin'" AppleJack urged. In the distance they heard another voice, "No mama, I dont wanna leave my friends." "That's Pinkie Pie" Rainbow Dash yelled darting ahead into the foggy abyss Twilight and Fenrir Chased after her, "No Stick Together!" Shouted Twilight as a cage fell atop them both, and an army of skeleton ponies each weilding a sword and sheild surrounded it as they faced their new found enemy "Gooo Baaacckk." The creatures chanted Repeatidly in a slow, deep, menacing voice. Fenrir's eyes and pendant glowed, and appeared his hoofchucks brazend with a fire that burned blue yet flowed like water. Rainbow Dash Squaked "So Awesome" "Twilight take them back." Fenrir Pleaded "But. what about you." cried Rainbow Dash "Now!" fenrir demanded, the anger in his eyes returned as strong as ever as the whirling of his hoof chucks shattered bone spinning, twirling, and swirling around his body as to dance with fire. one after the other fell and crumbled with each flowing movement of his legs stepping to the rythm of his motions. "1" he counted "4, 5" he continued "8, 9, 10," on and on till he rested at 15. he looked about looking dissapointed. "Gooo Baackk!" The monsters persisted to attack but only a few advanced as the others stood guard. Fenrir marched towards the horde and was soon surrounded, barely tired. "Huh, your going to need at least 20 more to even consider this a fair fight." Fenrir mocked them continuing to fight while the others were making thier escape. The Return Poof they zapped back into their world seeing everything back to normal as though nothing had happened. only to find Fenrir in his meditave state then waking as though he had sleep for ages. "Did it Work?" he asked, "Yes" fluttershy replied, kissing him on the cheek softly to say thank you "everypony is home safe." Fenrir, wide eyed and quickly turning 3 shades of red lightly touched his cheek staring at fluttershy. coming to realize what she had done caused her to blush as well, Fluttershy Squeaked facing her head down and eyes tightly shut "oh" Twilight started "I am very greatful for all your help. you have truly done us a great favor." "Absolutly, theres no telling what might have happened had you not come to my rescue." Rarity Added "You are like the most awesome of awesome ponies i have ever or maybe never seen. they way you did the thing with the skelotons and the...." Rainbow continued in the background "Well better head on over to Sweet Apple Acres and help out Big Mac do damage control. Thanks a ton there pal'" "So this is goodbye huh? I hate cliches haha" Fenrir joked "I will be on my way, but first, something to remember me by." Fenrir used the necklace to summon a bag laced with a lumenecklace 6 of them. "these arent magical, just bright, so if you ever find yourself in a dark place" he placed them around their necks. "you will always be able to find your way back." "You silly goose, you are always welcome in ponyville, were friends now" pinkie pie pulls out a massive book seemingly out of nowhere "its on page 4,252 of the best friend book of Friendship" "uh-huh" Fenrir nodded in confusion "so this means you can visit anytime you like, you have to, its the rules" pinkie pressed with her hoof on his chest. "Well rules are rules, I promise to come visit soon, bye" pinkie nodded in agreement followed by the others as he walked out the door for the first time, but hopefully not the last. Fenrir's Gift A note found on the inside of the bag he left Read to you all iI give the gift of light, lumensulf crystels 5 for each of you. they will never go out and are more rare then diamonds. do with them as you will, they are indeed worth a fortune, and make a great keepsake. enjoy and thank you for returning my grandfather's Horn to me, this neckace has been in my family since my grandfather crafted it long ago. "oh my Celestia" Rarity was in awe "these will look good on my new dresses" "and just imagine how much reading I can catch up on at night" added Twilight "Yea like those Daring Do Books" Rainbow Dash Remarked "They would make a good nightlight" whicspered Fluttershy "I agree, we could light up the farm with these things" Apple Jack pointed out "oh oh or birthday candles that never go out! so its like a neve ending birthday." Pinkie Pie Suggested. "Well Pinkie Pie, how does the game go?" Twilight asked "Huh , ya know, I cant seem to remember!" Pinkie Pie Scratched her head as the others laughted. not nowing when they would see their new freind again, as for you keep looking for the light in your life." "STOP" "What is it pinkie pie" "i have been hearing this clicking and tapping noise all stinking day!" nice fouth wall ya had there. THE END Written and edited by Cameron O'Quin AKA Fenrir Galloper