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  1. I am already a fan of Madoka. It is my favorite anime.
  2. I want to ask you the same question. Why? It's nothing against you or him, by the way.
  3. I love HomuHomu, too. :c Oh well. I guess Charlotte is mine.
  4. It has been an awful long time since I last started a topic on the forums. This literally just popped into my mind. Would you ever consider joining your nation's armed forces? Why or why not? If you are already or have served in the military, what is/was your service and why did you join? I do not plan on joining the United States Military.
  5. Which witch is which? =P Charlotte is clearly my favourite. She is adorable. Her scene in the show is pretty much my favourite scene in the entire show, maybe next to when Homura leaves Madoka from space.
  6. Nagisa: Carefree/Naive (?) I mean, she is obviously the Sweets Witch, so gluttony? I don't know.
  7. I feel like ya'll gonna give me flak for this one. I don't have any desire my own children. They're are alright, I mean heck, we all were that young at one point, but we have our fair share of them in the world. So many of them living today lack quality access to food, education, and other necessities. I would really prefer to go out of my way and assist those children than have any of my own. I won't force any of these beliefs upon people who do plan to have them, though, because it's your life and your choice.
  8. This just might be my new favourite thread on the entire forums because Madoka is such an awesome anime. I'm thinking: if you guys were to become magical boys/girls, without any knowledge of the consequences, what would you wish for? Mine would be a rather, selfish wish.
  9. I'm watching The Rebellion Story a second time, and is it me or does Mami seem like the leader of the Puella Magi Holy Quintet in the beginning? She's always been the big sister figure of the group, no?
  10. Whoo hoo! It's hard for me to make a list right now because The Rebellion Story kind of flipped me over. Before it was: 1) Homura 2) Mami 3) Kyoko 4) Sayaka 5) Madoka I don't count Nagisa, but I do love Charlotte!
  11. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I prefer an artificial tree because they are more conservative that can be reused for several years. However, real trees do have a more natural tone to them, no?
  12. The first time I stumbled across MLP Forums was through Google in late January 2012 while I was on my cell phone, which was already almost 2 years ago. I didn't join until February, which I did out of an act on procrastinating on my homework assignments, as usual.
  13. My least favourite episode of season 4 as of now is Daring Don't. I got a small kick out of Daring Do becoming a real pony, but Rainbow Dash's selfish motives restrained my overall enjoyment of the episode in the end.
  14. I don't watch that show. It's not my cup of tea. One of my friends told me that she thinks that the title sounds like a result of incest.
  15. As someone else said, a lot of guys like Rainbow Dash's tomboy personality, and may not relate to a fashion-lover gal like Rarity. Even though RD is plastered on a lot of merch, I feel like she isn't as liked as some people ought her to be. I know plenty, if not a lot of people who don't like RD.
  16. I was in Japan when the first episode of the Japanese dub aired. I didn't get to watch it live, though. :/ MLP seems most popular in Canada, US, and UK.
  17. This happens in fandoms all the time. I have had them. I have a crush on Makoto Kenzaki, who you probably aren't familiar with, feel free to look her up. Even though that crush is nowhere near as strong as the instances you explain, the question of "why?" varies from individual-to-individual. The guy who "married" Twilight Sparkle was just one poor guy who I aren't concerned with. I really don't give a hoot about his life or anyone else like them. They'll disturb me for a minute or two, and then it's over.
  18. Nope. I disagree. Even though Rainbow Dash isn't my favourite character, I think Scoots is pretty lucky to have her role-model, who RD herself is a girl with idols herself, who has a good connection with her. It comes to show that you can have such a relationship without being real, biological sisters like Applejack and Apple Bloom or Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Sure, they have their differences, but I enjoy their bond, specifically because I don't have any sisters, and sincerely wish I did. :c
  19. I'm an A.P. at Disneyland! I've been over 70 times! I've also been to WDW 3 times. I've seen Tokyo Disneyland in person but didn't get to go inside. :c
  20. No. I liked it. It reminded me a lot of the feel of the season 2 episodes. I also thought Rainbow Dash's character was written a lot better than usual. You can't impress everyone.