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  1. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Hello every-pony (sings parody of Cartoon Planet theme)

    LOL Balters Gate Anyways welcome Sisy ~turns back to normal~
  2. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Hello every-pony (sings parody of Cartoon Planet theme)

    Lol Hello Cissy, (speaks like Bellatrix when said Cissy) Don't be too silly on here sis you have so much to learn, ~turns into the demon dog from All Dogs Go To Heaven~
  3. ~Tian_Disharmony~


  4. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Open MLP Camp Half-Blood

    Slyvanas Dreamwhisper- Most of the others laughed, she sighed, the only one that wasn't laughing was a colt. She never seen him before, she looked at him, "Aren't you new?" she asked, she smiled at him and waited , still as a statue until lunch, or at least 'till she can go home.. Draces Goldleaf- "This apple will help you" a voice whispered to him, "You may not eat it until your true escape, yes, I will let you escape, take the Cerberus with you" He quickly got his sun-glasses and quickly put them on, then got his favorite cloak, then got the apple. After, he sneaked his way into his step-sister's room, luckily they where eating downstairs without him, (like always). So he grabbed the dog and put the hood over his head, How am I going to do this, I'm not a Pegasus?, He thought... He heard hooves coming, his step-sister was done eating,he did a wing spell and it worked, he went out the window and landed before his wings were gone. He unsummoned them and ran quickly. Safe into the ally now, then eat the apple, The voice ranged in his head...
  5. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Favorite Quotes from Your Own OCs

    "LONG LIVE CHAOS"- Sliver Tiara "Perfect weather for CHAOS" Tian Disharmony "Sorry, she's a Monster High fan"- Sunny Shimmers "We can't give you free cider,then we have to give everyone at the camp free cider" The Skim Sisters
  6. Parts needed A Scrooge (has to fit to his personality): Marley/ Friend: Me Ghost of Christmas Past: Ghost of Christmas Present: Ghost of Christmas Future: New worker: Family of Worker: (3 needed) Unlimited backgrounds....
  7. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    S04:E03 - Castle Mane-ia

  8. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Open MLP Camp Half-Blood

    Draces Goldleaf- He smirked back, "I'M DONE ANYWAYS!" He yelled, droping the shovel he was holding, and quickly went after her, "You know that that dog's really a-" "I thought you where finishing the fence holes" said his step mother. "I am done" He said coldly. "He was going to attack the dog I found on the yard" His step-sister told her, changing the subject. "It was a monster" He responded... "LIES, go to your room, Draces, no food, maybe a small bit of oats.." said his step mother. He went up to his room, he was telling the truth (for once) and went on his bed, a golden apple appeared on his table, he knew he couldn't eat it or he was afraid to.... ((Harsh I know, but it's part of his Backstory)) Sylvanas Dreamwhisper- She smiled, and made her way into the Schoolhouse, Mrs. Cheerlie was already talking about Cutie-marks. She sighed and wished she had one herself, but since the curse, she doesn't believe she'll get her cutie-mark. She raised her hand nervously, "Is it p-possible to not get a c-cutie-m-mark due to a c-curse?" she asked.. "I don't think so, miss Dreamwhisper" said Cheerlie....
  9. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Planning Camp Half-pony RP

    What I was going to say.... XD
  10. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Open MLP Camp Half-Blood

    Draces Goldleaf- He was doing his causal work, a small baby Husky, came in,but to him, it didn't look like a normal dog,it was a Cerberus. He stared at it for a second then went back before his step mother (and father) noticed. The odd dog came up to him, he sighed, "If you want a fight, I'll give you one..." His step-sister came out of the house, "Draces, go back to work, aww cute a puppy" "You think it's cute? It was going to attack me!" "Maybe it hates you" She said with a smirk and picked up the dog and brought it inside the house.
  11. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Planning Element's of harmony new era pony's

    May I join?
  12. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Planning Camp Half-pony RP

    You know the new epoisode on four days again, I think we can start doing refrences to it XD
  13. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Planning Camp Half-pony RP

    Alright, since I said this is based on a fan-fic i wrote, I might allow reference from Princess Twilight Sparkle XD
  14. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Respond with a picture

    Gotta have to agreee..... I am gonna swip it off!! XD
  15. ~Tian_Disharmony~

    Can a Pegasister love a non Brony?

    It's nice to have someone that likes EVERYTHING you like, yet it's impossible to find a Brony where I am, so my RPG loving one is perfect