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  1. Editor[3].mp4 this is the new finished comission for koldkilla
  2. Happy Birthday, age3rcm!! :D 



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      you where the only soul that posted the video i where expecting the most!

  3. hi

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      you can ask me!

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      Which season is your favorite OR how would you rank each one?

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      season 2 and season 7 are my favourites

  4. with your response i was able to make a meme!
  5. i am going mad over it, i need to know wich episode is this from, so i can make a dank meme
  6. this where an animation i made for a dead project of fighting is magic
  7. renember: equine hair is thicker than human hair
  8. even up to this day i still wonder if i did the acting right 7_VP8.webm
  9. yaasho14/10/2018 I'm Yaasho. I'm 25 years old. Outside of the Brony community, I work a full-time job as a graphic designer. Things I like to do in my down time is playing games such as League of Legends and World of Worldcraft. I've been a huge Warcraft fan for almost 9 years. The story is rich in lore and it's something I've been passionate about other than animation. I also like to study things such as video editing and character modeling. I'd say I'm a pretty relaxed person and love meeting new people. If you would like me to add more to that question I can. age3rcm14/10/2018 did you receive any help editing doors 3 from people on your job? did they see ponies or you kept it secret? yaasho14/10/2018 The only help I received in editing was just from my friends in the fandom. My boss, as well as one of my co workers, knows I am a Brony and they're okay with it. I don't tell what I do in the fandom, but they just know that I like the show and that I had went to BronyCon this year.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 how much the ponies affected your life in general? (editado) yaasho14/10/2018 Ponies has helped me change as a person, for the better good. When I first joined the fandom in late 2014, I was really in a low point in my life. BronyCon 2015 was my first convention and I had driven 10 hours by myself. I didn't really know anybody, other than some names I knew of from the SFM community. I ended up meeting people who to this day are friends with me. Learning how accepting this fandom was helped me dig myself out of the hole I was in. Over the years I have met more and more people with similar interests as me. Some of these people I have become really close with and consider family. Without this fandom, I don't know where I would be right now.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 are you more interested on the community or you think more about "pony" when thinking about the brony fandom? yaasho14/10/2018 The community 100%. Sure, I still love the show and what they do with it, but the community is what keeps the fandom together. There is so much talent spread across it, and I believe it's one of the most talented fandoms in existence. The people you meet can have a big impact on your life. The show is what brought us together, but the community keeps us strong. age3rcm14/10/2018 and now, the million dollar question: who is the best pony? yaasho14/10/2018 Who else but The Great and Powerful Trixie. Was there any doubt? age3rcm14/10/2018 what where the pre-requisites for Trixie Lulamoon to become the ideal special somepony for you? what made her stand against the dozen others? yaasho14/10/2018 If you like ponies who are entertaining and a very appealing color scheme, then Trixie Lulamoon is just for you. I would say what made Trixie stand out against other characters is that I feel that she is the most relatable pony to every day people. During the time in the show she has struggled to fit in with everyone else. She just want to be accepted for who she is and tries really hard to prove herself. She may seem like a smug antagonist, but deep down she is very caring. age3rcm14/10/2018 did you see her a lot in doors3? did you like how that pony was portrayed? yaasho14/10/2018 I saw her a couple times. I'd say my favorite scene she was in was where she was balancing the tea cups in the water, lost focus, and fell in. It was kind of funny.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 about doors 3 video editing: could you put in short words your process made to build it? how long did it take to finish everything for bronycon and then for youtube? yaasho14/10/2018 Timing is everything when it comes to this type of collab. You want to make sure the clips flow together one after another, as well as time key points in songs (such as breakdowns or choruses). It makes what your watching more immersive as well as not as boring. For the time spent to finish what we have for BronyCon, I can't confirm since that was during the time Digivee was editing the video. When I took over in mid september. I spent a good 5-7 hours each day. My time spent included fixing some transitions, timing, as well as adding on the last two songs, and the credits. The two people that helped me a lot (Genma and RedAce) also spent a lot of time working on the intro of the video, as well as the intermission. For myself, I would say I probably spent about 50+ hours working on the project, and I would say about the same with Genma and RedAce. age3rcm14/10/2018 has the doors project gained any popularity outside the community? yaasho14/10/2018 Other than the Hyun's Dojo community (The original creators of the Doors collab), I am not sure. age3rcm14/10/2018 what are your feelings towards the animation community in the bronydom? (editado) yaasho14/10/2018 There's a lot of great people in this part of the community. We all have a common purpose - to create things the fandom will enjoy. I'm glad I'm able to apart of something like this, and I wouldn't change it. The reason why I love it so much is because fan animation was the first Brony content I was introduced to before I even started watching the show. There were amazing 2D as well as 3D animations I saw, and it inspired me to want to try it out myself. Collabs like Doors help bring us all together and show what we can do. Looking back, I wouldn't change which part of the community I joined, because I feel that this place is my home.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 can you talk more about it please? also, there is just 2 more questions, in case this has been tiresome also, there could be a break if you wish yaasho14/10/2018 sure i can say more about it let me edit my answer age3rcm14/10/2018 soo, a break it is. i will come back after a hour or 2. you can edit the answer, since i will be translating it to brazilian after we are done. have i told you that it will be shared in brazil's brony community right? yaasho14/10/2018 correct yaasho14/10/2018 alright, I edited my answer some. age3rcm14/10/2018 hello again! time for the second to last question: doors3 has been a multi-national project? where you surprised with where some submissions came from? yaasho14/10/2018 As far as I know, since the first Doors people from different nationalities have participated in project. But I believe in Doors 3 this has been the largest diversity group of contributors yet. From China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world. I would say the most surprised one I could say is China, since I don't really know any Bronies from there. age3rcm14/10/2018 know any famous brazilian bronies yourself? have you wondered how did the brazilian bronies impact the community as a whole? yaasho14/10/2018 I personally don't know any Brazilian Bronies myself, nor know a lot about their side of the community. I'm sure it's filled with just as great people like the rest of the fandom! age3rcm Alright then, thank you for your dedication for the interview Yaasho. do you want to say something that i did not ask or have a word with the ones watching this video? thank you to everyone who has supported the series over the years. We're glad everyone enjoyed the finale
  10. this is a Opentoonz puppet rig of a mare i am developing
  11. this opentoonz puppet is free to use. even making money on top of it where do i put it on the forum as a resource?