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Status Updates posted by Sig Hoovestrong

  1. Hoho Am alive. Our am i just a ghost? Boooo...

  2. Hmm didn't look like this when i was in edit mod. eegYcKM.png


    1. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      Yeah it does that. That's how mine looks too, though I don't bother with it.

  3. Just got Awarded. And am happy but at same time questions about what it means get reward on here. Never at lest it's nice. :3

  4. Doing blender modeling to day. Happy am slowly getting back into it after this dry strike not doing anything. 

  5. Bored. Don't know what to do with life.


  6. Good morning everypony.


  7. Not being active here for long while i have no idea what going on around the neighborhood. :derp:

    1. Moon Glow

      Moon Glow

      Same! Last time I had an account here it was 2012 :laugh:

  8. Ponies, always ponies.

  9. Going make me some good tasting chicken salad!

  10. Wonderful day out side sun is out and things looking up. Things are good to day. :3

    1. Malinter


      hi sig XD


    2. dreamstream


      *bird poos on you. Hands you a towel as you walk back inside.* Well, I guess you could say the bird crapped on your day. >W< teehee

  11. Buck! 500 Notfactions. Sure know that been away for a while.

    1. The_Gobo


      Oh my.

      Even on a forgetful time I only ever get like 20-30

      Can't imagine having 500!


  12. MLP fim break time. Now what do we do while we wait?

    1. Varrack


      Cry into our pillows

    2. Malinter
  13. Prais the SUN!

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      If I could be so grossly incandescent...

    2. Sig Hoovestrong
  14. Damn. Feels like been years seens been online here on the forums. Wonder if still same place I left so long ago?

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    2. Sig Hoovestrong

      Sig Hoovestrong

      Indeed. Just got thought in my head. Mabye i should get back in touch with MLP forums.


    3. Kyoshi


      Well, happy that you are doing so good buddy. :) I remember your responses to my sig thread way back when and I have been wondering about you ever since.

    4. Sig Hoovestrong

      Sig Hoovestrong

      Well i live on. Still happy with begin all brony. And have allot of new friends seens my time spant in Gmod. :3

  15. How use the scearh option on froum find things and if not how you go about finding the stuff you want to post on?

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      i post usually if i see interesting topic in recently discussedd=)=)=)

  16. Summer cleaning is done. I removed bounch people add me as friend. But never talk with me and that i never know so well. Your just simple not with us anymore. I think it was like 20+ people.

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    2. Sig Hoovestrong

      Sig Hoovestrong

      That even bring legg on lower end computers.

    3. Malinter


      it does, my old laptop would sometimes freeze up because of those >_<

    4. Sig Hoovestrong

      Sig Hoovestrong

      Yea, skype is not always that optimsed.

    1. Malinter


      ah nice XD Just watched the episode myself :)

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