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  1. I dont use this chatroom very much, i prefer skyping lol
  2. Grats on getting some advertising out there, its gonna bring in waay more bronies lol Looks Awesome lol
  3. Theres always a troll in anything, but im guessing this is the most frequent. Lol, i havent seen any trolls either, but u never know. I think Quoting them and then their reply wud be at the top of the forum chat or something like that. Im sorry if im a bit of a chatterbox, im just trying to raise from this blank flank rank lol No rhyme intended
  4. I wudnt b embarrassed, but i would try to do my own thing and if they dont like it then they can LOVE and TOLERATE At least you have your bronies to lend in aid and support if things go south!
  5. My friend told me about the same place lol, hes considered my bloodkin so i gotta support him in everything he does, so i have joined the herd! LOL I have no clue about what to tlk about, so i guess i'll start watching episodes lol
  6. Thats awesome, i think rainbow dash is my favorite pony as well because of personality, im a little new to this so im being as active as i can!
  7. Hi, im a little new to this so hopefully i wont be embarrassing lol and that pinkie pie welcome song is hilarious!