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  1. So I performed my first mix for a party....all they wanted was Hollywood Undead, and mackelmore... I need to moove to a edm town. :'c

    1. Tom Snyder

      Tom Snyder

      Sucks when that happens.

  2. sorry for the lack of replies to all my personal messages, I've been working 56 hour weeks and when I get home I sleep or work on my music, but the point is I will be attempting to make time (probably tomorrow) to respond. thank you for all your feedback/ responses <3

  3. So I just finished A new mix and would like to share it, if you have a mix to spread out there post it here! :3 If you like dubstep you will like this mix.
  4. New Mix :3 for all you dubstep lovers
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    2. skitzotune
    3. Jericho


      ATB has got to be my favorite. :3 its been a long time since I've heard him. love the mix! It leveled me out (because I was alittle mad earlier)

    4. skitzotune


      You're welcome :D

  5. I should be asleep right now @_@ work in 5 hours...

  6. No lauren anymore?! I lost a big chunk of faith... :c

    1. Marcato


      You're about 2 seasons late.

    2. Jericho


      shows my knowlege on the show. that's why I don't spend hours on the history and pay more attention to the show. just saw a post on EQD that was 2 days ago. that's what it was all about :c

  7. I think

    1. age3rcm
    2. Jericho


      I didn't even realize I posted this XD I was so not paying attention.

  8. It has set a very deep impression in my life, and has truly pulled me out of the worst predicaments. I will be a fan for as long as my mind will let me. c:
  9. I respect your opinion Harmonic scoots. From what I have seen from their malleability of the limits of the show, and how well they grasp the attention of such a vast age range I would have to say I am anticipating a very compelling season 4 with a growing number of characters and more of another world rather than a story that continues to grow with each episode. wow we got some low numbers O.o I was expecting a lot higher than the 1-3 full run range. :c to Mr. Critical, I tried to wait for season 4 but with cold weather coming in I am finding it more convenient to stay inside, however less activities thus I resorted to watching the show prematurely. to Pomfritter, I never tried watching it in the morning, might have to try that seeing as I don't have any time in my 10 hour shift days anymore. @.@
  10. Hello, it's been a while since I've posted a topic but I have watched every episode of every season for the last week or two, to be honest this is the first time I have watched every episode (because I told myself I wouldn't watch Magical Mystery Cure, and Equestria Girls until season 4 but everyone kinda gave em away). However I have watched everything else about 3 full runs since I was first introduce to the show last November. So I ask everypony, "how many times have you watched the series all the way through?" and just as a side question (that I feel more people will be engaged on) "what do you expect out of season 4" I love statistics and to see how variant the community is so lets hear it everyone! c:
  11. Just got back from a datsik show! danced with 5 girls, and got messed up! woo woo! >.< my organs are destroid from dat bass. <3

  12. wanna hear my piano composition? (Dont listen to the other song!) >:[

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    2. age3rcm


      i must back away if i hear someone playing a violin...

    3. Jericho


      I own a violin and it's my second favorite >.>

    4. age3rcm


      because... they can make me cry ;_;

  13. wanna hear my piano composition? (Dont listen to the other song!) >:[

  14. I am soooo cold! I complain to much! T_T brrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... I should move to canada where they have all the mapple syrup you can dream about... no wait its cold there too! T_T theres a waffle god and it hates me!

    1. age3rcm


      well... how about brazil then? you could move to its south part, wich is not THAT cold...