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  1. WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!!!!! Here you will find many, many, MANY Nice ponies! If you ever need anypony to talk to, I'm ALWAYS HERE!! Except on Mondays through Fridays... I HATE SCHOOL! Anyway... In all seriousness you should have a good time here because everypony IS nice. YOU LIKE PONIES??? I LIKE PONIES TOO!!!!
  2. Welcome to the forums... It's always wonderful to find a new pony on here every single day! You'll make many many friends here, for everypony here is extremely nice. I should know. Anyway, if you ever need someone else to talk to, I'm ALWAYS available! Not really, school is EVIL! ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The Sky is filled with stars. Good night Everypony.

  4. Hello, StrawberryTasu. Welcome to these forums, it is always a delight to see another new ponies face here, I suppose. I hope you have a good time here, if you ever need anything, you need only ask anypony. Enjoy yourself.
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  6. Welcome to the forums... It is always a delight to find another new Pony, and watch the Brony community grow. Everypony is kind and helpful, I should know, if you ever need anything, you need only ask anypony here. You come here from Carbon Maestro too? *GASP* Well... anyways... umm... welcome to the forums, have a good time.
  7. I would like to replace my OC Morgul with my other Blackbird, here is his link :
  8. Welcome to the forums... It is always a delight to see another new pony and watch the Brony Community grow. I am deeply sorry for you having family issues. If you ever need anything you need only ask anypony, you will have a good time here. I should know, all the ponies here are kind and helpful. Do enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome to the forums... Again I suppose... It is always a delight to see another pony here and to watch the Brony community increase in size. Do have a good time here, all the ponies here are kind, I should know, I hope you know from your previous visit. If you ever in need of something you need only ask anypony.
  10. Welcome to the forums, it is a delight to see another new pony and watch the Brony community grow. Do enjoy yourself while you are here, all the ponies here are rather kind, I should know. If you are ever in need of something you need only ask.
  11. (This is a role-play on my OC's, Morgul's, Return to Equestria. Good Vs Evil deal, pick your sides in the comments. Equestria? The Changelings? The Crystal Empire? The Morgul Flame? Who shall you join? Who will win? The answer, rests on you.) How Morgul began Morgul was abandoned at an orphanage when he was a Youngling, his parents didn't wan him, obviously. He had a gray coat, a black mane and tail, completely black eyes, Bat wings, an Unicorn horn, and 4 horns on his head. The orphanage took care of him, unwillingly, until he would be adopted or grown up. When the ponies at the orphanage found him on their doorstep, they noticed that he eight silver circlets with black gems around his legs. They tried to take them off of Morgul , but they were magically locked onto his legs, they had no idea what the circlets were for, and assumed that they weren't important. Day after day of adoptions, Morgul was never picked due to his appearance and odd race, a Bat Pony with a Unicorn Horn, All the other little ponies made fun of him and he was in the depths of despair. Then, one day, a mare came into the orphanage looking for a pony to adopt. Morgul, now knowing for certain that he would never ever be adopted by no one but his own kind, didn't even look at the mare. Then, he heard hoof-steps trotting over to him, he turned around, looked up, and saw the mare. She was a Pegasus, with a rather wintry look, she had an icy mane and tail with a blue coat, with ict blue eyes with slits for pupils, like a cat. The ponies name was Frozen Heart, her name might not sound nice, but she was of the kindest mares in all of Equestria. So Frozen Heart took Morgul under her wing and raised him as a son in her home at Canterlot. Soon Morgul was reaching adult-hood and was starting to become curious of the foundations of magic. He had a unicorn horn, but no one to teach him how to use it. So Morgul set out to find a magic teacher to take him as an apprentice. Morgul, found a pony he never would have expected... Starswirl the Bearded took Morgul as an apprentice! So Morgul learned so many things as Starswirl's apprentice, but he wanted to learn so much more, he wanted to be the best there ever was. So he practiced. day and night with magic and learned new spells on his own. Then, a day came that would change Morgul's life forever came. Morgul was on his way to Starswirl's home to be taught a new spell that Starswirl said he had never taught anyone else. But when Morgul got to Starswirl's home, he wasn't there. Morgul then tried so very hard to make it out the door, but he couldn't help it, he had to snoop through Starswirl's books to find out more knowledge. Morgul skimmed through book after book and found nothing of use, only things he already knew. So he was about to leave, when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a Black Book in the darkest corner of the room. Out of curiosity, Morgul trotted over to the book to see what it was. When he read the title, it read, "The Origins of Dark Magic and it's Uses." Blackbird had never heard of this, "Dark Magic," but it fascinated him, so he opened the book to see what this "Dark Magic" was. There are so many things you can do with Dark Magic! You can turn invisible at will, change your own species, change your own race! Morgul was so lost in the book, that he didn't even realize Starswirl trotted in. Starswirl's eyes wide with horror, stared at Morgul, all the spells Morgul had cast made the circlets around his legs glow green with a green smoke leaking out of them. As Morgul cast all those spells, it made him feel powerful, but he didn't know if they had any effect to them. He needed a test subject, and Starswirl was the only other pony in the house, so... Morgul cast a spell that would turn Starswirl into a Bat pony, but Starswirl teleported away just in time before the spell's ray of green light hit him. So Morgul ran outside, assuming that was where Starswirl teleported to, and when he got out, Princess Celestia and Luna were waiting for him. Morgul froze for a split second and then took away there horns and wings and Morgul flew into the air making all the ponies inside of Canterlot Bat ponies. Even his mother, Frozen Heart, at this point, Morgul didn't know anyone, they were all worthless to him, the Dark Magic corrupted him, leaving as an Evil Dark Sorcerer. Then, he noticed the two Princesses on a balcony of the Castle, he started flying toward them, preparing to turn them into ash, but then he realized they were wielding the Elements of Harmony. Right when he noticed he started flying away as fast as he could outside of Canterlot, and stopped when he landed outside the gate, then Princess Luna, now with her horn back with Morgul's spell faded, cast a magical barrier around Canterlot that would prevent him from getting back in, and returned all the ponies back to normal. Morgul then hissed at this tried to fly away, but noticed his circlets had opened up and dug into the ground, preventing him from moving. Then the smoke they were producing engulfed him. Slowly, the smoke faded, and a new, dark Morgul appeared. His coat ghostly green, with his mane and tail being green flames, and his eyes turned from from completely black to white. Then Morgul let out a screech of anger, and flew into the Everfree forest. But of course, Morgul wasn't finished with the Princesses, nor was he finished with Canterlot, nor Equestria, he made his way to the Arctic North. He was going to build a mighty Dark Fortress, with an unstoppable army to raid all of Equestria. He prepares to strike Equestria, so they never rise again. Special Abilities Morgul can produce a loud screech to ring the ears of his enemies. Morgul can produce a loud screech to call a dragon to use as a mount or to use in battle. Morgul can produce a loud screech that can resurrect the dead around him. Morgul can become Ethereal and can not be touched, or basically can become a ghost for a short period of time, Morgul can become a green mist that can engulf and corrupt it's victims. Morgul can become invisible at will. Instead of using a healing spell, Morgul can turn into a black liquid and reform to heal his wounds. Morgul can conjure any weapon. Morgul can cast illusions from a ponies worst fear to their greatest wish. Morgul can be shrouded in bats and disappear. Morgul can blind a ponies eyesight with darkness or can show them a vision of the past or future. Morgul can regrow any limbs including his horn and wings if ever lost. Weaknesses Morgul will become severely weak if in the rays of the sun. If Morgul's tongue is lost, he can not screech until it's regrown, which will take time. If Morgul's flame of his tail and mane are extinguished, he will become powerless and defenseless. If Morgul's circlets are smashed, the Dark Magic that made him what he is now will begin to fade. Most Weakened State
  12. Welcome to the forums... It is always a delight to see another new pony here, along with you being a fellow writer and role-player. I commend you Pegasister. You visit Octavia's Hall along with the role-play world. Do enjoy your stay, I know I have. You should submit you OC to the Character database if you have not already.-Morgul
  13. Welcome to the forums... It is a delight to meet another Pony. You will have a wondrous time here, I promise you. I know this from experience. You may add me as a friend if you so desire.