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  1. Which would be the better option at this point? 1. ask an admin nicely to change the I into a Y in the first part of my username 2. to make a new account with the preferred spelling of my username
  2. Okay, I understand. Then would it be possible to delete my account so I could have a second chance and to start over?
  3. How do I change both the display and the log in, of my username on my account to Bryght Knowledge? Who do I ask to help me to do this?
  4. Thank you Wheatley, you're very helpful. I'm happy with my avatar. a brohoof for you.
  5. Thank you, I would like to have the first pic of showing all of Princess Cadance as my avatar. But how do I apply it? I right clicked on it, but there isn't a save photo as command.
  6. I wanted to use this picture of Princess Cadance for my avatar, but it seems to be too large to be able to fit in. Does the site have a avatar refitter program installed? Could someone help me to fix it?
  7. Sometimes, you can tell by the pony's name, on what their talent will be. With a name like Apple Bloom, I had at first, guessed that her talent might be an apple related talent, like raising/growing apple trees.
  8. I think this song is so good, that I would love to hear it being sung on stage, by MLP fans. Are there any YT videos of MLP fans singing this song?
  9. My theory is this, I do believe that Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle will get-earn their cutie marks, once they figure out the fact their destiny is to always work as a team and to get along well with each other.
  10. I want to know everything there is know about my favorite place in MLP, Sweet Apple Aceres. Location: Is there a map that pinpoints this farm property? Is it closer to Ponyville, or is it closer to The Everfree Forest? Blueprint map of Sweet Apple Acres: Is there a map that shows every bit of buildings and crop fields on the SAA property? House barn blueprint: Is there a blueprint map that shows each and every room of The Apple Family house-barn? I also want to know if they raise any other crop besides apples, and all of their livestock too.
  11. I have some questions that I want to ask here. Will the MLP staff let Pinkie and Applejack, stay thinking they're cousins, or will the next episode disprove this new revelation? Will Pinkie still live with the Cake Family and work for them, or will she be moving in with The Apple Family?
  12. I get the feeling that Fluttershy wasn't thoroughly cured, will she revert back into a apple vampire pony in a future episode?
  13. I wonder how popular is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? How many countries have fans or bronies? I can imagine Japan loving this cartoon to pieces.
  14. I didn't care at all for that verbal garbage that came spewing out of the mouths of Diamond Tiara and Silver Soon. Seriously, DT and SS should not either be seen or heard, they should get a life and go far away. I liked how Rainbow's speech brought Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle back to their senses, the CMC should always try to be the best of friends. Maybe they could get their cutie marks by becoming a musical sing band. If Scootaloo is concerned seriously about her wings, she could visit a clinic, and have a doctor examine her wings, or to give her a special wing growing/enhancing medicine.
  15. When I seen the square box with the 6 keyholes, it made me think up a new theory. The mane 6 ponies will become alicorns. Celestia says "the box has 6 lockes that needs 6 keys" I remember seeing Celestria using her horn to unlock a magically locked door. I have a feeling that the box that sprouted from the Harmony Tree could only be unlocked by alicorn horn magic. And how long has Princess Celestria, Princess Luna, and Discord been around? Is Discord an evil vilain, or just a jerk-troll?