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    Well hello there everypony! I'm Flitter, but you're welcome to call me Aleshia if you wish.

    I'm an eighteen-year-old female living in Northern Ontario, Canada. I am a blank flank, I'm not sure what in the hay my talent would ever be! I don't really specialize in anything other than photography and digital editing. But I guess I'm on a crusade for my cutie mark too!

    If you know Cloud-Chaser on the forums, I'd be glad to announce that he happens to be my boyfriend of soon-to-be three happy-as-hay months. He's rescued me from my torturing past and is helping greatly with my depression. I love him with all that my filly heart can, and more. x') < 3

    Lastly, I'd like to say that I'm glad to be a part of this community and fanbase. MLP:FiM has played a huge role in the way I am today and in my life, and the community is full of great support. Thank you.

    - flitter. xx

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  1. _Flitter

    How can I destroy a laptop?

    Unfortunately I don't have a gun xD But my boyfriend does have a sword. ;D I will keep that idea in mind. And if Derpy could gladly come over in about a week, I'd love to use her as way to damage this xD
  2. _Flitter

    How can I destroy a laptop?

    I always find creative ways to use things :3 I'm going to keep the letter keys that are left and use them for something x'P Just not sure what yet.
  3. _Flitter

    How can I destroy a laptop?

    Didn't they end that series though?
  4. _Flitter

    How can I destroy a laptop?

    Good old Nokia < 3And yush, I was planning on saving some things inside first ;3 It's not going to work when I destroy it ~ Also guiz xD It's really NO GOOD for re-using for anything. I mean, storing files is okay but it even freezes opening/closing folders. xD Plus I have a hard drive and many flash drives :3 I wanna have some funnn >
  5. _Flitter

    How can I destroy a laptop?

    Not really WONDERING xD But it WAS fine in the beginning days regardless of the broken fan Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo. aka noooopeRAM: 2038 mb xD HP Pavillion, also. Even my NEW Nokia is pretty indestructible XD
  6. Ohai, long time no see :3 I need your guys' help again, but this time, not for advice. ^-^ I want to destroy my current laptop. Now before you get all, "but Flitter! You're going to destroy a poor innocent creature? What did it ever do to you?" The answer is simple... it's not a poor innocent creature >:c!! This laptop is the mechanical spawn of Discord and I will be replacing it soon! I have had this laptop for nearly six (6!) years. It's held tight, yes, but sometimes I think it's only because it loves to torture me. The video card fried a LOOONGG time ago, so there are many lines throughout the bottom portion of my screen. My fan was broken upon buying it. Every so often, since purchase, my computer would BSOD when I used to webcam. It is hanging on it's left hinge because the right one is out of the socket and pulled up the cover which helps it stay in. Keys are missing and some won't un-stick no matter how often I clean the keyboard. It is slow as heck and the amount of reformatting done to this is insane. Wordpad crashes and the entire thing freezes upon closing a folder. I can never play music or else it freezes, and watching shows is a challenge. So since I will be getting a new laptop next weekend, as mother promised, I have decided to destroy this one in the most creative or insane of ways. My ideas so far consist of: Putting a leash on it and taking it for a walk, and trying to fry an egg on the battery pack since it gets so burning hot. ( considering dressing it up like a pancake in butter and syrup :3 ) This is where you guys come in! I'd love for you to help me with creative ideas. I will be making a video of this to put on YouTube and Tumblr c': I know you guys are creative geniuses, no idea is stupid also.I'm stumped. What else should I do to this demon? ^-^ < 3
  7. _Flitter

    Derpy Hooves Screensaver [Beta]

    Best screensaver is best! I just wish there wasn't a shadow under Derpy But it really doesn't matter. Using this anyhoof! < 33 My computer has Derpy everything xD So I applaud you for fixing my screensaver ;3 10/10 moofins for thou! < 3
  8. _Flitter

    So your friends know you're a brony...

    I don't know if my actual family knows since I live so far away from them. My brother knows that I'm a brony, as does my youngest stepsister. My brother says that he will not watch it because it's immature and for girls, and my stepsister is just way too cool for it. She says I'm obsessed xD The family that I live with though, I'm pretty sure they figure I spend most of my time on the forums, watching the show, on dA, making fan art and whatnot. A lot of my money's spend on pony merch too. I guess they just figure since I love it so much xD
  9. _Flitter

    Derpy Fan Club

    I use "derp" as in something silly. I don't see it as an insult at all! But I guess society can morph anything into an insult. You could call anypony a chair, and that could simply mean something like their dull, they are stiff/stubborn, they are that colour or make, etc. It's extremely upsetting... Derpy Hooves was an inspirational character for me. Still is, I suppose. I just wish nopony made such a big fuss over her. I'd love for her to become a mane character rather than just in the background. < 3 She shows, in my opinion, that we're all different. Some are clumsy, some have different eyes, some have different speech, but we're all loved no matter what. Isn't our motto, love and tolerance? I don't think we, as a majority, loved and tolerated Derpy in any way to keep her on the show. D: I dunno.
  10. _Flitter

    Mega Thread Ever meet any other Bronies in RL?

    Besides my friends who are bronies, there is a guy who takes my usual night bus a lot (9:30 leaving the mall), and one day I was a few people behind him in EB Games. His ringtone went off and it was "Discord" by Eurobeat Brony/The Living Tombstone. I freaked out and yelled "BROHOOF" but he didn't respond. :/ I can't wait to get my actual pony shirts in the mail, so maybe one day on the bus he will see it and comment. :3 Then I made another brony friend! I'm too chicken to say anything LOL, plus it'd be kind've creepy since he wears no pony merch. xD
  11. _Flitter

    I can't eat my pony chocolate!

    The shipping's free if you buy 2+? o: My friend told me it wasn't T__T gr. Shall order that Bronies before Hoenies sweater soon then. ;D but FLUTTERSHY D: 'nuff said.
  12. _Flitter

    what's your fashion style?

    Ohum. Hm. Let me think... At school, we have to wear uniforms. It's either black dress pants or black shorts - however the shorts have to be the same material as dress pants, and both have to me from a store in the town. It's required. The uniform tops I choose to wear are the maroon golf tee, and if it's cold, a maroon long sleeve. It's better than the rugby.. have one, hate it. I'll also wear many bracelets (I need them to cover up my old scars anyways), and four rings, complete with a simple necklace (usually a small heart or something of the likes). When I go out, I'm usually in skinny jeans and a top. It depends where I go or how I feel, though. Sometimes, I'll be in the mood to wear a t-shirt, other times, I'll wear a hoodie, and other times, I'll feel like wearing one of my more fancy tops. I've been getting more feminine recently, starting with a dress about a month ago that my boyfriend bought for me. A little embarrassing but it felt good to wear something like that again. Short-shorts have been my recent buy. The fancier tops that I wear are usually really lose, but look good. My best-fitting colour is purple, so I will try to stick to that as well. I have a long-ish purple "crop top" (I guess?) that I absolutely love. It shows a teeny bit of my stomach and is longer at the back. Another is a loser dark pink long-sleeve with a hole in the back. My stores are Garage, Urban Planet, Urban Outfitters, RedBubble, HMV, and the like. My moods change a lot though. I dress fancier when I have a slightly higher self-esteem.
  13. _Flitter

    Hasbro and Youtube

    I haven't really noticed, you could say, as I torrented the episodes (I'm a terrible pony, I know). I don't really use Youtube for FiM except for the new episodes when they come out. Then I download 'em. But it doesn't sound so nice. IMO, if you're going to start with a certain attitude, you should try and stick to that. You can't change from laissez-faire to participative and whatnot. It just.. it's too much of a change. That's in my opinion. BUT it is theirs. They can do whatever the hay they want to do with it. I don't think it seems fair to non-NA fans though. :c
  14. _Flitter

    I can't eat my pony chocolate!

    xD Nah. This is a rip-off one. Kind've the same but mucho different 3: :'P redbubble.com, if you search for MLP stuff, there's a bunch of designs made for you. :3 Pretty cheap, I suppose. 4 or more, you get free shipping 83I also have another that's cream, blank on the front and has pegasus wings on the back C: not enough though.
  15. _Flitter

    I can't eat my pony chocolate!

    Dat shirt?: Redbubble.com 8D Dat chocolate?: The Great Canadian Superstore :3 klfgj;ol and I didn't expect compliments ;u; but thank you everypony < 3