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  1. Awww. Shes adorable! Love her design.
  2. _~Soaring Heart~_

    Open Love's Flowers Bloom

    Soaring smiled. "I would go anywhere." She gave him a huge grin. "Of course, we won't burn our meals with some insane magic, will we?" She laughed. Soaring shifted her weight, wincing slightly. "And we'll take it easy?" She queried nervously. (Let us continue until the world ends! )
  3. Bravo! I love this! Bravoooooo!
  4. _~Soaring Heart~_


    I dun really know what to say to this, since I was expecting something to make me D'aawabetic. But I'll do it anyway, since it is cute. D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW
  5. Okay. I made Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Are they bad?
  6. _~Soaring Heart~_

    Open The Warped Mane Six RP

    *Sob* I'm so sorry. My inactivity... Ah buck me. Nah, it's fine if you take over, I'll just do whatever it is I do. Buh-bye, Flutters/Butters. Damn fillers: bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo
  7. Bravo, I say, bravo, Tavi would be proud you made her so cute.
  8. Wanna give it a few more posts, pull a time skip, and add a few more posts?
  9. _~Soaring Heart~_

    Open Love's Flowers Bloom

    "For once, I'm out of ideas." Soaring admitted. "Have you got any?" She asked stretching a bit as well. She brushed her mane out of her face. She felt like royalty, she was so lucky. She had the best stallion in the world right beside her. (Probably the last post of the day, going to a friend's house. Bye-Bye!)
  10. Lol. Soaring would be over the moon. XD
  11. Oh, whew. I think foals should happen later on.
  12. _~Soaring Heart~_

    Open Love's Flowers Bloom

    "Oh, you've told me." Soaring laughed, leaning into him gently. "And you are everything I could've asked for, too. I'm just afraid of losing you." Soaring whispered. "I want you beside me forever." She said softly. She glanced down the hill, watching other couples picnic or cuddle. She faintly smiled.
  13. Okay! Enjoy your time in the RP!! :3 This is what I think Soaring and Guardian's foals should look like. I haven't come up with names, though. Are they bad?
  14. _~Soaring Heart~_

    Open Love's Flowers Bloom

    Soaring began to laugh. "No, no, stop!" She squeaked. "Nah, please!" She said, pulling away. A huge grin spread across her muzzle as she gave him a gentle shove. "Don't tickle me!" She said, still laughing. "I'm the only one who can tickle ponies." She joked. Her pink optics glittered with happiness.
  15. Could I join with my OC Gumdrops? She doesn't have a profile yet so I'll just describe her. Soft pink coat with a gentle green mane and tail (kind of in Bon-Bon's style) and magenta eyes, she is a Pegasus, and a wavy magenta stripe in her mane and tail. She is fun-loving, hyper, random, and positive. Her cutie mark will be 4 green gumdrops (her talent making gummies of all sorts)
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