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  1. I love Danny, I really do, I think he's an amazing person who makes really good music and he's a good grump. But there will always be a Jon sized hole in my heart
  2. Hello everyone, I play on the EUNE server every few days, and I would love it if someone joined me. We could also talk through Skype while we play, if anyone wants to do that with me . My summoner name is Twerk Boy. Feel absolutely free to add me.
  3. Yes, all the time. I relaxes me, it's almost like stretching, which I also do a lot. My dad told me it will make me shake all the time when I'm older if I keep doing this, but I don't know if that's true. Either way, whether I want to stop or not it's become a habit by now, so can't do much.
  4. I like water I really like this energy drink we have here called BLU, it's just like redbull only branded as BLU in my country. Also I like this fizzy green mint-taste drink we have. It looks like poison, and my friends make fun of me for drinking it, but I love it.
  5. I don't think I have a lot in common with any of the mane six, I can relate to Sweetie Belle (best pony) much more than any of the mane six, but I'll try. Twilight: I freak out when things don't go as planned. Rarity: I like giving to others what I can. You know, if it's something I can do, and it would make someone else happy, I would love to do it. Rainbow Dash: I'm scared of not living up to people's expectations. Fluttershy: I love animals, especially dogs. Applejack: I love apples... I guess. Pinkie Pie: I like making others happy.
  6. I like rain, we don't get very long winters where I live, even though last year we had a thunderstorm I like the rainy and cold weather, it makes me feel nice.
  7. I don't like fedoras, and I think anyone who wears a fedora either thinks it will make him look cool or he saw some famous artist wear it, so he copied that artist.
  8. Wow.

    1. Legacy Dash

      Legacy Dash

      What the?

      I must share this everywhere!

  9. Tabitha made her sound much more like her character, but Grey still did a great job. Ultimately though, Tabitha wins, it just fits better in my opinion.
  10. When it's appropriate, yes, it does add a certain effect to their looks, but most of the time I would prefer them not weaing any.
  11. I always wanted someone to boss me around. One of my fantasies is being someone's slave. But I guess I would want someone to share special moments with just by appreciating the atmosphere, someone who wouldn't over-think everything I say because I'm a guy and I don't fully think about what I say
  12. Why is diet coke better than regular or zero?

  13. Well, she or he would probably be as confused as I would be, so I would probably take the pony home and try to figure out how is she/he here.
  14. I don't really like Rarity. I can respect her character, she is very well-written, but I I don't relate to her at all. I think that's what most bronies feel like, respect but no relation.
  15. I joined the fandom 3 days after the S2 finale aired. My default state with this community is the drought I just passed the time doing the same thing I always do, surf the internets watching fanart of cute ponies