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  1. I’m always down for Internet garbage like this for the lulz. I don’t want anyone to be hurt, but the memes are a beautiful cacophony of stupid that has brightened my dingy world as I prepare for a final, and I’m here for it. Particularly fond of this one. Especially because it’s before the Facebook event blew up. 390k people. Oh how naive we were. Also, with 737 Max grounded, flights are pretty expensive right now. Hats off to those who are in Nevada for my and the rest of the Internet’s entertainment.
  2. I know it’s been 10 days since you posted this, but I’ve been offline myself. I ignored a stomach ache once and it turned out I was bleeding internally. Not the norm, but it’s always good to get checked out, and hopefully you feel better by now. <3
  3. Valentine's day is always a family member's birthday first, and smoochin' day second. Like yeah, I'm married, but I'm also an adult with things to do, and restaurants are crowded, and I probably have laundry to do. Plus, I have my wedding anniversary, which is way better anyway.
  4. It's an ongoing thing. The 6 month subscriber badge hasn't officially been announced yet, and the end text is sort of a teaser for what is to come.
  5. Tech support at my school just told me to unblock all cookies. I'm so disappointed.

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    2. Troblems


      I'm not sharing my delicious baked goods, whether they be chocolate chip, cross site script, or toffee. Get your own, you mooches!

    3. Rikifive


      And that's the problem - not sharing cookies? no tech support, ain't nobody got time to do that for free. :pout:

    4. Troblems


      The problem is actually that it can open you up to cookie attacks, when they could have told me to just unblock cookies from that specific site instead of globally. I kind of pushed, and asked if that was the only solution, knowing it wasn't, and the guy said it was. I was able to fix it, but I thought it may have been that they broke something on their end. Again. Had I known it was just a cookie thing, I wouldn't have called. I would have just eaten my fig newtons my damn self.

  6. Hibiscus Lacroix. Best flavor, fite me IRL.
  7. EQTV actually has dropped down to every other week now, the next being on the 20th.
  8. JRPGs, alternate reality games, cyber and physical security (my poor house takes the brunt of my experimentations), sewing, and working out. I also kinda like hanging out with my husband, don’t tell him though. It’s a secret to everybody.
  9. Carole and Tuesday is finally out of Netflix jail (the first half anyway), and I’m 1/3 of the way through it. I really like it so far. Particularly how different it looks visually from most anime, and how distinctive the girls are from each other.
  10. Dunno if this counts as an injury, but here we go! I think I was around 22/23 at the time, woke up with pain in my stomach. I had work though, and at that age you’re invincible (or at least I thought I was). Went to work, pretended to ignore it. I don’t remember if it was any worse the next day, but went to work again. Third day was my day off, and my mom and I were going to Disneyland like we did every other week, and I certainly wasn’t going to the doctor on my day off, let alone Disneyland day. That night I had surgery because I was bleeding internally. Pretty heavily, actually. I needed several units of blood. They had to give it to me cold because my blood count was so low. Getting blood cold is incredibly painful. 0/10 would not recommend.
  11. You can shift the color scheme of Obra Dinn. It’ll still be monochromatic, but less harsh. I can post screenshots later, but it won’t be for hours, and I may forget. I bought Tokyo Mirage Sessions to hold me over until Persona 5 came out, as I had already played 3 and 4 about as much as humanly possible, and ended liking it so much more. I really did like Persona 5, it was a lot of fun, but anyone I can get to even consider TMS#FE I consider a win. I’m hoping it’s uncensored this time, and maybe a soundtrack to go with it.
  12. Little Town Hero looks rad. Obra Dinn. If you haven’t played it yet, you need to. GOOSE! One of my favorite games is finally getting rereleased on the Switch. It languished on the WiiU because it wasn’t what was promised, and it came out at the end of the lifecycle. Also weird censorship. Great memes from that censorship, though. I’m so freakin hype. Oh yeah, Animal Crossing is cool too. But Tokyo Mirage Sessions! Now that is something special. <3
  13. I have the same, although probably a different rat, and I think I was 14.