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  1. Most cutie mark crusader episodes are meh to me... this one it particular was okay. I didn't like the sudden princess recognition. It seemed forced and out of no where. I like seeing the crusaders doing something that might be nudging them in the direction of their cutie marks.... the episode was sensicle and simple enough so I guess it was good.
  2. It was okay. I enjoyed the premise and it seemed believeable. There were many funny moments but I will admit the whole bringing flutterguy back was a let down to me. It feels like the writers are taking the jokes bronies like and reusing them and it is really annoying to me
  3. my boyfriend and I thought it was the worst episode. There were just so.. many... things.... that I hated about it >_<
  4. well said. I always thought the baby (teen) dragon and adult pony relationship tease was kind of awkward.
  5. This might be just hopeful thinking but it could also be a sign that spike is letting go of his one sided love interest and accepting the good friend status instead? maybe his heart is moving on?
  6. Using similar ideas is not a sign of running out of story. Every writer knows there is no such thing as an original idea. only an already thought of idea that's been spruced up and touched with a different flair. When you boil any story down to the simple truths of its plot or character then everything will seen unoriginal. But that's because that is the nature of story telling.
  7. Zev_zev. that was so nerdy I loved it. The way I view the races are based on personality characteristics. Earth pony being the down to earth, being practical type. (dunno about pinkie pie) Pegasus being the free spirit, adventurous or whatever. i think all the pegasi so far represent that. Unicorns being a more regal, high class character. Twilight is that as well. being well read and taught in a good school.
  8. Rainbow Dash is the element of Loyalty Applejack is the element of Honesty. Here is why I do not think these ponies represent their elements very well and why, in fact, I believe their elements should be switched. Rainbow Dash is not loyal. Counltess times throughout the show she demonstrates that she is egotistical and self centered. Often times she cares more about how something will effect her compared to the other ponies or the group as a whole. In the newest episode when Discord was sick and was looking for a caretaker, Rainbow Dash bolted and left the others to care for him. That's not very loyal of her. In the bats episode she only cared about the bats' distruction because it affected HER beloved apple cider. That is very self centered and doesn't represent a loyal attitude. In general, she almost never pitches in to help unless it causes her personal gain. In the moments where she does demonstrate loyalty I feel it is very forced by the writers and wouldn't occure naturally by a pony with Rainbow Dash's personality. A character more focused on her happiness or well being would fit an honest person better... in the fact that she is more concerned with ponies knowing what she wants... without concern of how her opinion or words might effect them. She is a very blunt pony in general as it is, quick to inform people of how situations effect her personally without apology if she hurts someone's feelings. Applejack isn't honest. In the episode where Pinkie might be related to the Apple family, Applejack nondirectly lies to Pinkie about the happy-go-lucky and perfectness of her family through charades and a false attitude. In the episode where she runs away when she lost the rodeo she lies when she pinkie promises to talk in the morning as well as the countless times she said "nothing is wrong, I just felt like a change of scenery". I oftentimes notice her say little white lies behind her teeth in order to not hurt somepony's feelings. This shows she is concerned of what she says and how it will make other's feel... but also makes a liar out of her when she does it. In exception to her running away in this episode I believe she is a much more loyal pony, trying to be there for people when they need it. For example in the dragon code episode she stuck to Spike's wishes despite causing her strife and discomfort which is a great demonstration of loyalty. and the very start of the series when Twilight is falling and she tells her it will be alright and she (somehow) held her by the hoof represents, in my eyes, loyalty by staying with her and doing what she could to help a little bit more than honesty. In an additional thought. Because I think Rainbow Dash so poorly demonstrated loyalty... I feel like Rarity shouldn't be the only pony to be getting crap for not representing her element. XD Any thoughts?
  9. Gir Pinkie is best Pinkie.

  10. I think one of two things would happen. 1. she would be one of the most obnoxious, diva princesses ever. She would completely geek out on being royalty, would embrace her ability to be freely spoiled and it would be annoying. 2. She would expect 1 to happen but would either be put to shame by what it causes her to be and breaks free from it or the responsibilities of her job (especially the looking after other people part) would crush her. That's my analysis. i for one think that it would be best for her not to be a princess unless they use it as a horrific teaching method to break her of her spoiledness
  11. Twilight sparkle. I have a weak spot for nerdy characters and smart people. She is also sensitive to the feelings of her friends and acts almost like its her job to look out for them. Sounds like great relationship material to me =)
  12. I actually really like rarity. When I first started watching the show i disliked her but she grew on me and I love her selfishness and melodrama because she doesn't mean anything bad by it, she just gets caught up in the moment. I like her a lot. she is a great character. Rainbow dash is my least liked character. which is funny because before I actually watched the show I thought she was going to be my favorite. But I greatly dislike her ego. It's always so in-your-face and artificial. the whole oh looks she's really insecure she's jist trying to act tough most of the time thing is really annoying. I hate artificial personalities and that seems to be the base of her character.
  13. I doubt any money-oriented company would end a show with this huge of a fanbase so prematurely. it would be an insanely stupid marketing move. I wouldnt worry about it.
  14. Twilight teleporting and leaving Spike to splat onto the window. XD Also I agree, Spike checking off the checklist in his sleep. XD
  15. I have 10 tattoos =) I have 6 seperately patterned hearts on my left arm. (3 around my wrist: an 8 bit heart, a blue heart and a purple striped heart. and 3 around my shoulder: a checkered heart, polka dot and smiley face). some day I will have a whole sleeve of hearts. I have Gir in his dog costume on my outer left ankle and Gir with his hood down on the inner left ankle. I have a musucal note heart on my right foot. (a friendship tattoo with my best friend) I have the "cruelty free and vegan" logo on my chest. I would show pics but I was having issues =P I have a whole list of tattoos I still want to get =)