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  1. I am anti-sleep.

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    2. Cyan Blue

      Cyan Blue

      Aww, feel better.

    3. Koukatsu


      Oh I feel great, now. Like I was overheating, and shutdown for a while, until my CPU cooled. Metaphor, because I'm that Meta.

    4. Cyan Blue

      Cyan Blue

      Good to hear!

  2. Time to piss people off. Pewdiepie=Markiplier in being terrible.

  3. Crazy mosh pit tonight, good night!

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    2. That Horse

      That Horse

      Nyan: Portmanteau of Cyan and Noah

    3. Cyan Blue
    4. That Horse

      That Horse


  4. Another busy afternoon incoming.

    1. That Horse
    2. Cyan Blue

      Cyan Blue

      Not really, I have to play the national anthem at our highschool game, and then go to a concert.

    3. That Horse

      That Horse

      Nevermind then. If only pottery, science, and komputers were happening more. The teachers have lots of problems with computers that I fix.

  5. Long day and I still have work to do, goodnight.

  6. Cyan Blue

    Open The Shocking Turnabout

    Cyan finally woke up. The first thing that came to his mind was the night before. He had to walk back to his house after a gig because his other band mates already took off and left him. He was forced to walk home. As Cyan crossed unfamiliar areas and out of no where, he heard a loud noise. He tried to run away from the noise, but tripped on a branch. Cyan looks down at the cut his leg. "How hard did I hit the ground last night?" He says scratching his head. He can't quite remember what happened after he tripped, but he does remember seeing the victims body laying on the ground in front of him
  7. Whenever I try to fucking argue, I can never get my point across.

  8. I'm surprised I made it in to Jazz Band.

  9. (Character Bio) @@FortyTwo42, Cyan is very clumsy, lazy, and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He can be both funny and serious depending on the situation. He gigs with his band every so often and lives outside of Ponyville. He is a witness of the murder
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