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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Hello everyone!! I just wanted to say a few things now that we're ready to start accepting apps for TVWL, and give the thread a little push!. First off, once an application is accepted, it will be added to a 'Accepted Characters' list in the Main Thread. Please do not post in the Main Thread until either Sleepy or I have posted the Intro Post, which will kick off all Roleplay activites. Once your app has been accepted you may post in the OOC Thread. A map of the island drawn by our very own, and very talented SleeplessSketch, along with a list of notable locations found in Hoja Village can be found in the Main Thread as well. Also, regarding the application itself, if you are someone who finds it difficult to write a physical description of your character, you may provide a picture, be it one you've drawn yourself or one you've found online, in place of the aforementioned written description. (But a written one is preferred!) I think that's all i have to add! I'll be posting my own app soon. So with that in mind go ahead and post any reserves or applications. We are open for business!! ❦ T r u m p ❦
  4. The Village We Love❦ A Pokemon Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay ❦Welcome to Nafasi Island! ❦ An island paradise surrounded by beautiful ocean waters and the cool tropical breeze that travels along it. The sun shines radiantly as the rays dance upon the almost fantasy-like varieties of tropical vegetation. This island is littered with geographical wonders such as it’s amazing mountains and caves, not to mention it’s lush tropical jungles and forests. There are so many places to explore, but the gem of this island is probably the village where you live at. This bustling village is the largest of this island and acts as the main hub of all commerce and tourism. As before mentioned, this village is the largest on this island. It is filled with a large variety of different Pokemon that run their own businesses, entertain, and go on their own adventures around the island! Very true to it’s origins and lore, it celebrates it’s traditions and festivals with much reverence as it is the way of life here! The limit of technology that can be found is very simple meaning no modern TVs or Computers, just very simple appliances like Stone furnaces or small devices like Telescopes and super simple cameras traded from foreign lands. The technology of this town may be limited, but the many denizens make due with their simple way of life with full content. There’s so much to do on this island whether it’d be going about your life with peace and contentment, or going on a high-flying adventure into the unknown discovering mysteries! Running a shop greeting new and familiar faces altogether, or delivering packages and tradable commerces, it’s all yours to decide. We will never grow bored with this island nor our village and we wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world, because This is the Village We Love. Settings❦ Overall Nafasi Island Map of Nafasi by SleeplessSketch; Locations❦ Hoja Village - A Village located on the sandy dunes as well as under the waves. In a good sized lagoon maybe, on a large island just off of the main continent. Tuscan Mountain and Outpost- A small village carved into the mountain sides, and built on platforms connected by bridges and tall posts. Considered a branch of Ho. Overlooks the village and provides safe passage in and out of the mountains. Glowshroom Grotto- A small underground lake with caverns that houses beautiful cavern meadows full of lush flowers and berries that are sustained by the glows of unusual Mushrooms that give off a Sun-like blue glow. Amora Guild- Hoja’s Guild Hall. Many vendor and shops line the the streets surrounding Amora Guild, making it a hotspot for tourist and villagers alike. There is also a ladder that leaves into the cliffside cave tunnels that go straight down into the Reefside of the village. Ran by Guildmaster Dusk. General Store- A fairly large shop selling various goods and exploration items. Located in the Main Village a few walks away from the Town Square. Ran by Pastel. Town Square- This is where the statue of Mayor Tortuga is placed. This is a gathering place of quick market stalls and other villagers just going about their day to make idle conversation. It is also one of the main locations where the festivals will be held at as well as the Tree of Shrines. Mayors Lodging- Tortuga and Bonnies home. A small cottage-esk home just outside of Hoja Village, The Reefs ( Hoja Village Reef Farms)- A hub for the subaquatic citizens of Hoja. Many villagers find work here cultivating the abundant masses of coral that grow on the reefs. Various marine gardens can be found here. The Mines ( Mountainside Only)- Separate from the mountains cave system, but still fairly dangerous. The Great Tree of Shrines- The great tree is said to be the current form of Torterra, one of the islands founders. Treefall Forest- A lush veneer of large trees encasing a lake created by a waterfall mysteriously and magically originating from a patch of large trees. There’s a calming yet mysterious vibe from this forest... "From us to all of you, we thoroughly hope you enjoy your time with us here at Hoja Village. Please, come by and see us again soon!" Bonnie smiles, offering a short polite bow to the readers. "I-I may look scary, but i'm not!" The Guildmaster says, a nervous laugh creeping into his voice. He reaches back, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck in a nervous fashion. "Really! I promise." Here's are the links to the Discussion and the OOC chat: Discussion: The Campfire We Love:

  6. Sleepy and dazed Amaya sat up from her cocoon of blankets, "Wuuah...There is no need to throw Innocent, fluffy pillows at me Zoe, I'll wake up" She yawned, stretching her arms over her head and giving her wings a few 'good morning' flapper flap flaps. Letting her her arms fall back to her lap, she glanced over to Zachs bed. Zoe was right. Zach was almost never in the room when she woke up, already up and going. Maybe... Maybe he had a secret morning life. Maybe he was actually a super secret superhero. MAYBE HE WAS Oshaoshaman. .....nevermind. Noticing how dejected Zoe looked, Amaya smiled a small, comforting smile. " Im sure you'll find someway play a trick or two! So don't keep giving me that mopey puppy dog face-" she said, cupping both hands over her heart is a some-what dramatic style," you'll just simply break my little heart!"
  7. Im so sorry about being so late to respond! I got hit pretty hard by my fever and wasn't up to par for writing anything...or doing anything except continuous passing out. Im Sorry!!! Anyways, Ill start writing now
  8. I'm really really really nervous because i figured out i liked someone (god forbid) and i was talking about him super loud at lunch what if he heard or someone told him what if HE WAS NEARBY

    1. Sekel


      Then you're screwed. Sorry, that was mean. What I meant to say was, if this guy you're talking about now knows then he may like you back.

  9. I don't know? Its sort of hard for someone like me to set up something like that
  10. I mean just zip zooming into someones room all like that! what if Rune was NAKED.
  11. Omg, Nik you can't just like, *pops bubblegum* teleport into someones roooom like that!
  12. Silently she pulled the door shut, turning to lean on it with a small yawn. "But, I think today was already eventful enough,wouldn't you think?...Ah, look how late it's gotten after all..." Amaya replied loftily It didn't take much to notice the faint goldish-red light that filtered the open window and fell over the room. The light of sunset and Arceus's way of telling the brats to get to bed soon. Pushing lightly off the door she made her way to her mattress, and instead of her usual three star graceful backwards flopping Amaya slipped under the covers at the foot of the bed, and wormed her way up into the snuggly warmth of too many blankets piled onto one bed. And thus, the small bird was swallowed by the hollow beast. Her small voice peeped up from the mound of blankets. " I'm off to dream soon," a small hand reached out and plucked her cell phone from the nightstand as she said her goodnights. And soon, she drifted of asleep with the tip of her phone pressed against her forehead. The last message she had sent still shone on the small screen; To: Papa Message: I'm not ready for something like that just yet, Papa. That's final. (READDYYYYYYYYYYY)